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December Meetup

Restart of monthly meetup.

(If you have activities to add / contribute, feel free to edit this page and add it)

When and Where

Date : 4th December 2010

Place : Inigo Consulting Sdn Bhd - B-06-08, Subang Empire SOHO


Bug Squashing (if you are thinking of squashing bugs, list the bugs you want to squash here)

  • clamav-server lack of sane default config and initscripts (User:Izhar)
    • will need to create a package which only provide these, because the maintainer of clamav seems to not wanting to fix this in his package ( )
    • and submit it to review, else store in a private repo
    • (seems like clamav-scanner and clamav-scanner-sysvinit provided this)
  • package heimdall kerberos
    • heimdall kerberos uses a free-er encryption and is the primary kerberos by most linux distros including BSD
    • however fedora doesn't have this

Development (if you want to hack something up, list the projects here and the tasks)

  • need compat-python26 package (User:Izhar)
    • compat-python24 package should be simple enough as a base
    • submit for review, if rejected, store in private repo
  • better yum-plugin-fastestmirror
    • yum-plugin-fastestmirror algorithm is broken by design
    • write a new plugin, and submit for review
    • the new plugin should time the download speed of a single file from the mirrors, and decide based on the download sped
    • the new plugin should only time the mirrors on demand, rather than on every run

Tasks which are not done shall be pushed to the next meetups