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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2005-12-01

Next meeting

Thursday December 8, 2005, 14:00 UTC (Thu 09:00 New York, Thu 15:00 Berlin, Fri 00:00 Brisbane, Thu 19:30 Mumbai)


AlexMaier, DavidBarzilay, GeroldKassube, PatrickBarnes, BobJensen, KarstenWade, ChitleshGoorah, ElliotLee, RikvanRiel, ThomasChung


Review upcoming events

Idea.png We need to find people to go to all of the events we can find and to represent fedora there. At the moment this page lists all events, big and small. We can add more depth to these pages later, once we are covering enough events. We need to become disciplined about attending events first.

Idea.png If we cannot cover an event, but a new community contributor visits the website to find out about it. can't he suggest his participation there? As long as we have a name in the "ambassador" column on the FedoraEvents page, it does not make a difference whether the person responsible for running the event is an ambassador. We just need to make sure to coach them on messaging.

FedoraEvents page

the ambassadors should: 1. update the page 1. send out an alert to ambassadors-list 1. go there and find people to help out OR 1. just find people to help out, if you can't go yourself

Idea.png You can add all events, no matter how small, to this list, as long as you actually GO there. The events that do not have an owner yet need to be removed from this page to HelpWanted/Events (PatrickBarnes will take care of that). They will remain on this page until they have an owner. -- PatrickBarnes

February 14-17, 2006 LWCE Mexico City -- open will remain open BobJensen knows a couple fedora users in MC, and will encourage at least onc of them to join us. Will post any progress on the ambassadors list.

March 28-30, 2006 LWCE Australia Sydney -– DavidBarzilay (tentative) DavidBarzilay is tentative owner, until spoken with JoshuaWulf

April 3-6, 2006 LWCE Boston Boston, MA, USA -– MatthewMiller (tentative) will be right before FUDCon Boston 2006 GregDeKoenigsberg and AlexMaier will be helping whoever volunteers. MatthewMiller] is tentatively assumed to be owner. ThomasChung will contact MatthewMiller if he's interested in being Fedora Ambassador or just being team lead for fudcon.

April 19-22, 2006 FISL 7.0 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil -- RodrigoPadula 7th International Free Software Forum This if the biggest conference for IT Infrastructure and Developers in Brazil. Lot of developers communities in this meetings and many lectures, in 6 auditoriums. In 2005, FISL 6.0 had 4,414 attendees from 11 countries and almost every Brazilian state. We have 4 Amabassadors in Brazil. it's obvious this is one conference we really, really need to pay attention to. much more so than LWCE. RodrigoPadula will go. DavidBarzilay and Co are currently finalizing the proposal for the presentation. Not sure if any other ambassadors did this, but RodrigoPadula has already put his name as presenter. KarstenWade: IMNSHO, Red Hat should fly in a prominent Fedora somebody, maybe one who speaks localeze? lxo or RikvanRiel come to mind

RikvanRiel is sitting next to AlexMaier and he says it's tempting.

RikvanRiel entered the room. RikvanRiel: since you were talking about me ... ;) RikvanRiel: for the record, I agree that FISL is an important conference. the last one I was at had about 6000 attendees. all going to the conference tracks. the trade show was absolutely minimal.

Schwag pipeline

-– AlexMaier

Need to make sure that the schwag pipeline is functional. This is separate from the actual stuff we send; this is just making sure that the stuff we send actually gets to the places it needs to go. this one will need to stay with AlexMaier for a while, because she is figuring out a fulfillment channel for us. AlexMaier requested a quote and should have it in about a week. will keep ambassadors posted when something happens.

Business cards

-- AlexMaier

We need business cards for Fedora Ambassadors. That is our +1 need. Even though the logo is still with legal, we can begin thinking about this and prepare the layout so that we can print them right away. We are working on these and will be ready to go soon. AlexMaier will keep posted.

Email addresses at

-- ElliotLee

SethVidal and ElliotLee are working on a good way to streamline this process and make it part of the account system and/or the wiki, but we need to keep up with it here Make it like a business card--something that shows you belong. Someone needs to be accountable for creating criteria, process, and joining that with ElliotLee's tools The changes needed are on SethVidal's end mainly, but coordinating that is important, too.

  • ALL* ambassadors should get official email address, along with other contributors.

Email is cheap to provide, and does have a nice status, it -is- the calling card of the Web It just needs action by SethVidal, which ElliotLee continues to prod for, but don't expect to happen RSN. There's not much we can do without SethVidal - it's his computer system and nobody else has the access or knowledge necessary. KarstenWade will sidebar the discussion with ElliotLee about getting someone to help Seth.

Standard Ambassadors kit

-- BobJensen

We need a standard "kit" for all Ambassadors; DVDs, promotional materials, and schwag. We need to figure out what the kit will contain and such. BobJensen is willing to help with this

Presentations for Ambassadors

-- BobJensen

We need to provide Ambassadors with some slide decks for various presentations. We should probably aggregate the ones we already have and make them available. We should also figure out our policy for licensing these presentations! Presentations layout and Demos: ambassadors should have the graphical interface similar to the screenshots made by osdirs for fc while presenting publicly, just as with documentation. In the documentation project it is outlined what the desktop should look like. If you are presenting publicly, you might just create a user "demo" on your machine, make it look standard, and use this profile for all public demos and presentations. BobJensen will get some stuff pulled together from the Docs Project example before next week

Funding for attendance

-- AlexMaier

We will continue to discuss fundraising options for shows. We have about 3000 for the coming quarter, so we will be able to spend some of this money on flying people around. We might not be always able to cover 100% of your cost, but we'll try and do our best. AlexMaier is doing some reading up on the non-profit fundraising and will begin a thread on the ambassadors list. Everybody will research their local guidelines and post it to the list, so that we can be sure to be legal and not get the foundation in trouble. Please research local laws and post to the list.

AlexMaier <>