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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2005-12-29

Next meeting


Today's meeting (listing active participants only): Attending: ChitleshGoorah, rwhetsel, nman64, GeroldKa, mether


1. Steering committee members confirmed:

  • PatrickBarnes (nman64)
  • ThomasChung (tchung)
  • GregDeKoenigsberg (gregdek)
  • AlexMaier (Chair pro tem) (lxmaier)
  • RahulSundaram (mether)
  • RobertWhetsel (rwhetsel)

We are still one or two (depending whether Greg can be an active member) members short, so if anyone hears the call of duty, please step up.

For the first week or so Alex will continue to lead this group after which the Committee will either confirm her as permanent Chair or have one of the members step up himself.

The SC is there mostly to decide on priorities, such as what event to spend the money on, and to make sure we set the goals for the group and decide on the guidelines if necessary.

2. More ambassadors should be contributing to the

3. Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2006 Solutions Linux 2006 Paris, France we seem to have missed the deadline to secure a spot for fedora, so aurelien will be representing us on the local LUG booth. it is suboptimal but better than nothing. Chitlesh Goorah estimates he will need EUR 160 to be able to attend Solutions Linux. SC will decide whether we can give Chitlesh money and if yes, how much?

4. Feb 8-10, 2006 LinuxAsia 2006 New Delhi India Rahul has provided a draft presentation under: Please everyone take a look and give constructive feedback and/or learn from Rahul (mether) if we can get shwag flyers cd/dvds etc that would be nice. Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay (sm|CPU) needs to talk about that, since he said he might be able to arrange it himself

ChitleshGoorah: if these flyers can be posted online it would be useful to me during the install parties

5. Mar 29 - Apr 2, 2006 Minibit Loerrach Loerach, Germany GeroldKa has got the booth for his LUG 6 x 2 sqm (20x10 square ft) Would be cool to have some schwag and maybe a flag or a banner for the show. It all depends on the fulfillment for Fedora.

7. Alex will re-confirm fedora budget with Red Hat and submit it to the SC and later, once SC goes over it and approves, we'll post it to the list.

8. as both gregdek__ and lxmaier have day jobs, we cannot guarantee timely delivery before we have a working fulfillment system. We were hoping we would have a working automated fulfillment system for ambassadors sooner... but it is not as easy as we all hoped.

We are considering two fulfillment companies who can produce DVDs, CDs, t-shirts, pens, and anything else that can be manufactured, on demand for us.

9. it seems to be easy to do, but someone has to do it... and in all likelihood it will be sopwith :) That's largely waiting on a Fedora Infrastructure project to be completed. Elliot I guess hasn't returned from the holidays yet.

10. We have seen a lot of new recruits in the ambassadors team lately. We should encourage them to show up at the meetings. Please see for minimal requirements. All newbies, please be sure that if you are not active during your probation of 30 days, your status will remain "inactive" after this time, and no schwag will be sent to you until you begin to contribute actively to meetings, discussions, and wiki. One good place to contribute is in your local language. We need more articles on this page, and I know they are out there!

11. Alex has also pinged a few remaining folks without wiki pages to build them. We need to make sure all ambassadors are easily reachable by public, and a wiki page is essencial for this.

12. A note for the new ones in the meeting, the meeting times alterate each week, by 8 hours--to accommodate ambassadors in all the regions So the next meeting will be at 14:00 UTC, on thu, Jan 5 14 UTC = 9am Eastern = 15 CET