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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-03-02

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  • AlexMaier (lxmaier)
  • ThomasChung (tchung)
  • GeroldKassube (GeroldKa)
  • DavidNalley (ke4qqq)
  • ThomasCanniot (MrTom)
  • JonFautley ([sasquatch] )
  • TejasDinkar (gja)
  • AurelienBompard (abompard)
  • KushalDas (kushal)
  • JeffreyTadlock (iWolf)
  • ThijsHulshof (Thijs_H)
  • JorgeTorres (JorgeTorres)
  • FrancescoUgolini (FrancescoUgolini)
  • ThorstenLeemhuis (thl)
  • JackAboutboul (greendisease)
  • GregDeKoenigsberg (gregdek)
  • PuneetBatura (puneet_batura)
  • PawelSadowski (McGiwer)


  • SankarshanMukhopadhyay



Mar 13-16, 2006 Jornada de Divulgación Científica y Tecnológica

  • owner: JoseTarazona
  • owner is not present

Mar 18-19, 2006 Fedora Core Open Days

  • Owners: MateuszHalaba PawelSadowski
  • PawelSadowski has submitted an update
  • Fedora Core Open Days are on 18-19 March.
  • Pawel and Filip Klebczyk
  • (one of the main co-organizers) are already planning to organize next event like that in the future.
  • Pawel was recently at Network Security GigaCon in Poland
  • (didn't have a speech, it was rather event in which companies were advertising themselves, but maybe next time at Linux GigaCon he'll try to make something ;)) and he would like to ask -- if I'll be on next event like that, can I write the Fedora Foundation as my company? (they require to write the name of company that you are from).
  • lxmaier: yes, you can say you are a member of Fedora Ambassadors Project

Mar 18-19, 2006 glugc FLOSS Meet 2006

  • owner: KushalDas
  • kushal: talked with sankarshan, he will give kushal some handouts & tshirts
  • kushal: Still need FC5 cds (at least a live one). That I need most.

Apr 3-6, 2006 LinuxWorld Boston 2006

  • owners: MatthewMiller, JackAboutboul
  • greendisease: okay, so we have secured the .org booth.
  • actually we have secured it for both boston and san francisco.
  • they like us so much, they offered me advanced booking and i took it.
  • we will have a number of people there already, seeing as that the westford office is right down the road and we will have machines from pogo linux. and spot's mac mini. otherwise, gregdek, should we make a new banner with the new logo? as far as our install pavilion, i have a meeting with the expo people at 1 to design a setup that comes in under budget. i was thinking 2 large tables, 10 chairs, some carpet and electricity, etc. i am personally not planning on presenting. although i do have a projector we could use against the backdrop. and we will have one large 24' lcd in the booth. Our BOF (Birds of a Feather) is on the schedule, they havent given me the date yet.
  • someone (warren) usually does a fedora presentation at the rh booth and points people to us; we did a few presentations on Fedora booth last time in SF, and it didnt work so well. in the install booth though, we should be able to.
  • the problem is, no mics allowed in the .org section. but the install pavilion is anything goes. The space in the .org area is limited and having 40 people listening to your presentation starts to block traffic. idg complained. i think it is wiser to do presentations in the install pavilion.

Apr 7, 2006 FUDCon Boston 2006

  • owners: MatthewMiller JackAboutboul
  • greendisease: yeah, so all is well.
  • logistics are complete. we have rooms and schedules. the cfp went well.
  • we got about 15-20 topics. and we will try and choose the best 15 or so. 2.5 tracks, since one is the morning and two in the afternoon.
  • we will be having some great talks.
  • registration opens on Monday Mar 6.
  • the presentations we have so far come from xiph foundation, levanta, pogo linux, mysql, the catalonian government, mit opencourseware.
  • the schedule we have will go up and the announcement will go out on monday. and we are pretty much all set. the last few things to figure out are the AV equipment and do a test stream. and we should be golden.
  • ThomasChung will help JackAboutboul to update wiki page - ["FUDCon/FUDConBoston2006"] for Schedule

Apr 11, 2006 Local LUG - Campux France, Lille.

  • owner: ThomasCanniot
  • MrTom: i have to work on the translation, but it's no big deal.
  • i'm used to talk to these people in France :)
  • it will be a "small" event then. and all the french community will have news about it on French websites.

Apr 19-22, 2006 FISL 7.0

  • owner: RodrigoPadula
  • not present

May 3-6, 2006 LinuxTag/FUDCon Wiesbaden 2006

  • owners: GeroldKassube FlorianBrand
  • GeroldKa: sorry for this: we have no more informations about the organisation team and his decission.
  • Florian stays in contact with the founder to get the decission as soon as they made them.
  • In the meantime we are planning in the background :-)
  • Another question in that case: Which Ambassador will attend the Linuxtag in Wiesbaden?
  • I know from ChitleshGoorah, FlorianBrand, JensKuehnel, ThorstenLeemhuis and me. Anyone other????
  • lxmaier: depending on many factors I might be able to come to linuxtag

May 15-16, 2006 LinuxWorld Italy 2006

  • owner AndreaMaurizioGnerre
  • FrancescoUgolini: yep, i've to sad one thing about this event.
  • i have an update for the italian may event, i will not available.
  • I wish that the things can change and i will be free for this event, but for the moment i'm blocked.
  • i've send Andrea an email, now i'm waitng for a reply.


  • Owner: ChitleshGoorah
  • Description: Inform about this project. Bring up with some ideas.
  • What do we lack for this project
  • Owner not present

Promotional material for Kadischi

  • Time critical. Within 10 days maximum.
  • Will have to be ready for FC5 Compilation of material like presentations, help and videos would be good.
  • lxmaier: i was not the one who added this to the list, and i am not sure i want to take responsibility for this project.
  • do we ahve anyone who would like to coordinate this effort?
  • ke4qqq: I'll help... I'll start with pres, and help...... videos after that.
  • FrancescoUgolini: i've an ideas of a possible promotional video (30s) that talk about how the world is Open from the begging to the simple things and this is the reason to choose fedora. it's based on black background and white text,
  • lxmaier: FrancescoUgolini, ke4qqq, would you mind building a team together and covering this whole area, Kadischi, FC5 virtual tour and all?
  • ke4qqq: that would be great from my perspective....
  • puneet_batura: i will be also developing a video for fedora5....

Fedora Tour

Schwag pipeline

  • Owner: GregDeKoenigsberg
  • Targer Date: End of March 2006
  • Description: Need to make sure that the schwag pipeline is functional. This is separate from the actual stuff we send; this is just making sure that the stuff we send actually gets to the places it needs to go.
  • gregdek:
  • 1. DVDs. Looks like we're going to be burning 2-sided, with source on one side and binaries on the other. This is:
  • (a) because people can't play with source if they don't have it, and
  • (b) helps get the FSF off our back a bit, which is good.
  • The cost will go up, which means that there will be fewer to go around -- but it's The Right Thing, so we'll deal with it.
  • 2. Cost of kits is established, I'm meeting with our logistics guy today to get the final timeline on store availability in the US.
  • Regions outside Americas will lag by 2 weeks to a month.
  • For emergencies, though, we'll just ship from the US store for events. We'll take the cost hit.
  • Here's a fact of life: we will *never* have mass DVDs within 2 weeks of the FC release. *Ever*.
  • So at release time, we *must* figure out how to burn and distribute locally.
  • So that's my update. More and better news next week, I'm sure.

Presentations for Ambassadors

  • Owner: AlexMaier
  • Description: We need to provide Ambassadors with some slide decks for various presentations.
  • We should probably aggregate the ones we already have and make them available.
  • We should also figure out our policy for licensing these presentations!
  • lxmaier: i will remove my name from there. i do not really lead this effort, but someone can volunteer to do that.
  • gregdek: Proposed policy is OPL, right? I mean, we're basically doing this, aren't we?
  • tchung: lxmaier, I think mether would be good
  • lxmaier: yes, we are all for OPL :)

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