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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-03-09

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  • AlexMaier (lxmaier)
  • GeroldKassube (GeroldKa)
  • ThomasChung (tchung)
  • DavidNalley (ke4qqq)
  • ThomasCanniot (MrTom)
  • DamienDurand ([splinux] )
  • FrancescoUgolini (FrancescoUgolini)
  • GregDeKoenigsberg (gregdek_home)
  • PuneetBatura (puneet_batura)
  • BobJensen (BobJensen)
  • PatrickBarnes (nman64)
  • TonyGuntharp (fusion94)


  • JackAboutboul (greendesease)



Schedule posted on:

Review upcoming events (90 days)

Mar 12, 2006 Local organisation, AREL France, Revin

  • Explanation of "what is a free software?" + Demo of FC5 with Kadischi + Flyers.
  • This event is announced here on the agenda du libre website
  • Owner: ThomasCanniot
  • Status: Everything is ready from the event organizer
  • MrTom: well i just learned about this event this week... but everything seems to be ok for the moment.
  • i won't be able to take my computer and i will only be able to show fedora through livecd.
  • i will use the flyer in french, for the media it's far too late.
  • it will be a booth for a complete organisation, not only for fedora.
  • the organisation will promote free software and i will promote fc among them
  • MrTom: the local lug does not exist yet on this area in France, but people are working on it
  • MrTom: AREL is an organisation that works for education and entertainment.
  • they are organising the event on sunday, which will bring many organisation of the area
  • MrTom: i'll take photos as in FOSDEM, as much as i can

Mar 13-16, 2006 Jornada de Divulgacion Bogota, Colombia

  • A whole day organized for an Recognized University in Colombia for conferences on subjects related to Open Source Software as well as telecommunications, medical artificial intelligence and computer science. It will have universities of the country and the world.
  • and
  • Owner: JoseTarazona
  • Owner not present

Mar 18-19, 2006 Fedora Core Open Days

  • The first event of this kind in Poland.
  • It will be a conference connected with users and sympathizers meeting, setting Fedora promotion as a main goal.
  • Rybnik, Poland.
  • Owner: MateuszHalaba, PawelSadowski
  • If anyone is interested in participating, please contact one of the ambassadors involved.
  • Official site:
  • pawel and mattheusz both not present

Mar 18-19, 2006 glugc FLOSS Meet 2006

  • GNU/Linux Users Group Calicut (glugc)
  • glugc has been working inside the campus to promote FOSS.
  • glugc successfully conducted FLOSS Meet 2005, a seminar on Free/Libre and Open Source Software.
  • NIT Calicut is participating in FOSS Month 2006 (glugc FLOSS Meet 2006 will be a part of the FOSS Month celebrations).
  • Owner: KushalDas
  • Kushal will conduct the BoF
  • kushal is not present

Mar 25, 2006 FLISOL 2006 (Brazil - DF)

  • FLISOL stands as Latin-America's Free Software Installation Festival
  • it aims to install as many systems with Linux and free software.
  • Also, there is minu-courses and speakings.
  • It happens in many cities and countries and happens in the same day.
  • Owner: HugoCisneiros
  • HugoCisneiros will present a talk about the Fedora Project and will distribute Fedora LiveCDs in Brasilia, DF (local page)
  • Owner not present

Apr 3-6, 2006 LinuxWorld Boston 2006 Boston, MA, USA

  • LinuxWorld US: See ["LinuxWorld/LinuxWorldBoston2006"] .
  • Owners: MatthewMiller, JackAboutboul
  • Owners will contact JesseKeating or local PC vendor about hardware needed for the booth.
  • Matthew will conatct JackAboutboul about registering for free booth.
  • Owners not present

Apr 7, 2006 FUDCon Boston 2006 Boston, MA, USA

  • Sequel to the first FUDCon: See ["FUDCon/FUDConBoston2006"]
  • Owners: MatthewMiller, JackAboutboul
  • We're still looking for speakers and papers. (update: CFP has been ended)
  • Help wanted. Greg and Alex will support wherever they can.
  • In absense of owners, gregdek_home will give an update
  • gregdek_home: We've got a full slate of speakers. Just need to update the page accordingly and start advertising. If Jack doesn't pick this up in the next day or two, I've got it. LWCE is all set too.
  • tchung: I've been working with Jack on Wiki page so I'll contact him again for the Schedule

Apr 11, 2006 Local LUG - Campux France, Lille

  • Owner: ThomasCanniot
  • Have to translate presentation, and don't think i need any schwag.
  • 20-25 people will be attending.
  • MrTom: ok, aurelien bompard send me his french presentation.
  • i will certainly switch to the new template we had on the list.
  • i don't think new fc5 media will be ready for this date, if they can, i may ask for some.
  • however, it will be the same receipe, flyers, livecd ... :)
  • if media are not available i'll burn some dvd myself

Apr 19-22, 2006 FISL 7.0 Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

  • 7th International Free Software Forum: This is the biggest conference for IT Infrastructure and Developers in Brazil.
  • See ["FedoraEvents/FISL"] for more description.
  • Owner: RodrigoPadula
  • See ["FedoraEvents/FISL"] for status.
  • rodrigo isn't present and nobody from his region is

May 3-6, 2006 LinuxTag/FUDCon Wiesbaden 2006 Wiesbaden, Germany

  • LinuxTag Germany: See ["FUDCon/FUDConWiesbaden2006"]
  • Owners: GeroldKassube, FlorianBrand
  • Help wanted and needed
  • GeroldKa: we don't have the booth really approved by Linuxtag, and I'm not really sure; we should attend
  • lxmaier: linuxtag is putting us under pressure to make sure red hat pays up.
  • we are working to some funding from rhat.
  • and also i have a contact to a large corporation, hope they will throw us a chunk of money too
  • lxmaier: There is some good new though:
  • I have a tentative okay for holding the FUDCon at the Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf--which leaves us with more options, shall LinuxTag decide to be uncooperative.
  • GeroldKa: for me it's very difficult to have the contact to Linuxtag, because they don't know me and they want to see money from Red Hat.
  • and I belive if they don't see money from Red Hat they'll say "you're not a free project."
  • gregdek_home: We need to make a call. And it sounds like LinuxTag is going to be an Ubuntu love fest anyway.
  • Would we rather try to put on a Fedora-only event?
  • ke4qqq: typically in the US when con organizers behave badly like that forking the event normally takes care of things.
  • gregdek_home: We should not have our event on the same date though.
  • We don't want to make the community choose--but we do want our own event, our own way, and I don't think we should submit to being blackmailed.
  • GeroldKa: debian is also not at Linuxtag, and opensuse will also not be registered till today.
  • They have invited 50 open source projects, but not OpenSuse, Novell, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat

May 15-16, 2006 LinuxWorld Italy 2006 Milan, Italy

  • LinuxWorld Italy
  • Owners: FrancescoUgolini, AndreaMaurizioGnerre
  • Andrea has contacted the organization of the event.
  • They moved to a sponsorized event format.
  • I have prices for that if anybody is interested.
  • FrancescoUgolini: i've talk with maurizio, i don't know some of specifics, i've only started to talk about the problem, but we are discussing about this event.
  • i will tell about this event in the m-list in a few days

Idea.png lxmaier: we are finished with the events for the next 90 days

Promotional material for Kadischi

  • Owner: DavidNalley
  • Time-critical. Within 10 days maximum.
  • Will have to be ready for FC5 Compilation of material like presentations, help and videos would be good
  • ke4qqq: 2 videos are done.... and the balance should be up tonight.
  • additional promotional materials for inclusion on the livecd will hopefully be up for review tonight/tomorrow morning

A tour of FC5

  • Owners: RahulSundaram, FrancescoUgolini, and anyone interested
  • Time critical. Within 10 days maximum. Will have to be ready for FC5.
  • FrancescoUgolini: i have post the banner in the m-list, i'm working on it.
  • If is possible i would to know if it's the good way.
  • I will publish my graphics on the wiki after i finsh to install the system update

Video contest

  • Owner: AlexMaier
  • Shortly after FC5 release: Announce and conduct a short video contest.
  • What we need to figure out:
  • Format (currently OGG, all agree?)
  • Max file size (currently 10M, all agree?)
  • Submission guidelines (AlexMaier needs to draft)
  • Prize (no idea, but needs to be spiffy and not too expensive)
  • lxmaier: i have a half-finished draft i need to finish and submit to the list.
  • A discussion about movie requirements was held--to be continued on the list

Schwag pipeline and a Standard Ambassadors Survival Kit

  • Owner: GregDeKoenigsberg
  • End of March 2006: Need to make sure that the schwag pipeline is functional.
  • This is separate from the actual stuff we send; this is just making sure that the stuff we send actually gets to the places it needs to go.
  • We need a standard "kit" for all Ambassadors; DVDs, promotional materials, and schwag
  • gregdek_home stepped out

Standard design elements for all Fedora pages

  • Owner: AlexMaier
  • April 1, 2006
  • Need to create a set of design elements such as backgrounds, icons, CSS style sheets, etc for use across all Fedora-affilliated pages to improve the brand identity
  • lxmaier: i have it all almost done. we will soon have photoshop files for a set of unified icons and buttons and backgrounds and such for use on all fedora pages.
  • we will edit them and store on our site for download as pngs or so. we also plan to create a suggested css style sheet.
  • BobJensen: what does this have to do with Ambassadors?
  • lxmaier: it has to do with ambassadors who run fedora pages on their own, soon they will be able to make their pages look like fedora
  • BobJensen: shouldn't such a project be addressed by the marketing list for input?
  • lxmaier: okay, we'll move this to the list

Idea.png lxmaier: we have covered all topics for which the owners were present.

Idea.png the meeting is officially adjourned at 18:05:48

  • Meeting Minutes summarized by AlexMaier
  • Meeting Minutes posted by ThomasChung