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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-03-16


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • [sasquatch] : JonFautley
  • puneet_batura: PuneetBatura
  • CincyPat: PatrickMcKelvey
  • MrTom: ThomasCanniot
  • rMenezes: RodrigoMenezes
  • nman64: PatrickBarnes
  • iWolf: JeffreyTadlock
  • mjbrej: MartinBrej
  • abompard: AurelienBompard
  • AutOPSY: JasperHartline
  • mether: RahulSundaram
  • gja: TejasDinkar
  • ruimoreira: RuiMoreira
  • ChitleshGoorah: ChitleshGoorah
  • AlphonseBrown: FilipTsachev
  • ke4qqq: DavidNalley


  • tchung: ThomasChung



Item one: Review upcoming events for the next 90 days


  • Mar 13-16, 2006 Jornada de Divulgacion Bogota, Colombia
  • A whole day organized for an Recognized University in Colombia for conferences on subjects related to Open Source Software as well as telecommunications, medical artificial intelligence and computer science. It will have universities of the country and the world.
  • and
  • Owner: JoseTarazona
  • Jose sent an update: "I was solving a problem with the event here; the organizers of the event has change the requirements for our conference, they want to deliver the material (DVS, CDS and T-Shirts) before program the conference officially in the schedule.
  • I believe that's not good for Fedora, we are not the free providers of materialin order to "pay" for a place to show our distibution.
  • I won't accept that last minute change and I will decline that event in a few minutes.
  • I will get in contact with JorgeTorres, new ambassador in medellin Colombia in order to organize another event more serious and less unpredictable.
  • gja: JoseTarazona++ we don't need such events
  • lxmaier: gja: yes, and this is why we will also be canceling LinuxTag
  • lxmaier: this event will be removed from the list
  • Stop (medium size).png ThomasChung removed the event from FedoraEvents


  • Mar 25, 2006 FLISOL 2006 (Brazil - DF)
  • FLISOL stands as Latin-America's Free Software Installation Festival (, and aims to install as many systems with Linux and free software. Also, there is mini-courses and speakings. It happens in many cities and countries and happens in the same day.
  • Owner: HugoCisneiros
  • HugoCisneiros will present a talk about the Fedora Project and will distribute Fedora LiveCDs in Brasilia, DF ( local page)
  • rMenezes: I'll get an update with him and post in our list. I don't know what he needs for this presentation but we can provide some stuff. we still have some DVDs from FC4 here, but I really don't know what he needs


  • Apr 11, 2006 Local LUG - Campux France, Lille.
  • Owner: ThomasCanniot
  • ThomasCanniot has to translate presentation, and doesn't think he needs any schwag. 20-25 people will be attending.
  • MrTom: hi all, well, nothing to add since last time :)


  • lxmaier: Apr 19-22, 2006 FISL 7.0 Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
  • 7th International Free Software Forum This is the biggest conference for IT Infrastructure and Developers in Brazil. See ["FedoraEvents/FISL"] for more description.
  • Owner: RodrigoPadula
  • rMenezes: this is the biggest event in Brazil. we have a presentation, a stand and a event. we are preparing the presentation for the comunity event, and the main presentation is ready. we'll need a lot of DVDs and swag. we are getting the prices for a banner, some folders and rent 2 laptops. we are thinking in 2000 DVDs for this event, but we're waiting for FC5 release.


  • June 23-25, 2006 Journ�e du Libre 4 Strasbourg, France.
  • This event is intended for the promotion of open source softwares and linux. There will also be conferences about various open source topics
  • Owner: ChitleshGoorah
  • Chitlesh: First, it coincides with my trip to Mauritius. It is possible to sell Fedora goodies (T-shirts for example) for fund raising. Alone it will be difficult for me to handle. Booth Reserved. I'm responsible for .org booths. so fedora will have a booth for free what other lugs members said. but the problem here lies that there aren't enough sponsors and not enough commercial booths. we, (local members) have decided that we should at least have 10 commercial booths to continue with this event.
  • if ever the event will take place, gerold and co can come can make this event a Fedora Event :) I'll be with a fedora fan at the booth.
  • during this event there will be conferences, I can't do both (booth and conference). if anyone wants to join in for the conference. i'll set things up :)
  • MrTom: i may attend as well ChitleshGoorah :) if i can come i'll be on the booth it's not a problem for me

Item two: Famsco Update

  • Owner: AlexMaier standing item
  • A quick update on the progress of famsco organization, budget etc.
  • lxmaier: Every meeting I or one of Famsco members will give an update on the stuff that Famsco does. besides the Famsco meeting transcripts, which can be found here:
  • update number one: famsco has received money from red hat to spend on the ambassadors program. at the moment, we are working on the following:
  • 1) what priorities we have in the upcoming months, and what to spend the money on
  • 2) guidelines for the Ambassadors to request support from famsco in order to be reimbursed
  • 3) guidelines for famsco to distribute the resources between the different initiatives that Ambassadors start
  • I would like to stress: we are not only talking about events here. anything you guys can think of to help spread Fedora and to involve more people in the community--go ahead and DO it! famsco will try its best to support you with that

Item three: Promotional material for Kadischi

  • Owner: DavidNalley
  • Note: Time critical. Within 10 days maximum. Will have to be ready for FC5. Compilation of material like presentations, help and videos would good
  • ke4qqq: anaconda broke kadischi, so I was delayed a bit, but the videos are done, and I will upload after the meeting

Item four: A tour at

  • Owner: RahulSundaram and FrancescoUgolini
  • Note: Time critical. Within 10 days maximum. Will have to be ready for FC5
  • mether: will post to list in the weekend. work in progress

Item five: Video contest

  • Owner: AlexMaier
  • Note: Shortly after FC5 release, we will announce and conduct a short video contest.
  • lxmaier: i will try to get some support from Creative Commons in order to increase the impact. i hope we will be able to solicit a few hundred short videos about freedom, openness, and so on through this contest. tchung says bandwidth shouldn't be a problem. what we need is to help spread the word and a first prize ideas.
  • please submit ideas on the list if you think of something!
  • Stop (medium size).png ThomasChung updated the wiki - ["VideoContest"]

Item six: Schwag pipeline and a Standard Ambassadors Survival Kit

  • Owner: GregDeKoenigsberg
  • Note: End of March 2006
  • lxmaier: greg is not present, but my understanding is that everything is going well and we will have schwag available soon

Item seven: Decide on format for new DVDs

  • Owner: GregDeKoenigsberg
  • Note: Before FC5 GA We need to decide what 'format' we want the new DVDs in. We have a requirement to have the source provided on/with the DVDs we distribute. Need to decide how we're going to do this - current feelings are for a double-sided DVD, but this means the loss of the Fedora logo.
  • rMenezes: I don't think a double-sided dvd a great idea
  • ruimoreira: rMenezes: i agree ...
  • puneet_batura: rMenezes, i agree too, but what's the alternative?
  • ke4qqq: puneet_batura: double layer
  • lxmaier: double-layered are more expensive then binary-only, but if we were to produce 50/50 binary/source dvds, it would be more expensive still.
  • lxmaier: let us move this to the list, so gregdek_gone and the rest of the group who is not here can participate.

  • 10:00:17 - adjourned

  • Meeting Minutes summarized by AlexMaier
  • Meeting Minutes posted by ThomasChung