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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-03-23


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • cds: ClairShaw
  • puneet_batura: PuneetBatura
  • CyberSpy: LeeJoseph
  • gregdek: GregDeKoenigsberg
  • MrTom: ThomasCanniot
  • ke4qqq: DavidNalley
  • JohnAlvero: JohnAlvero
  • mjbrej: MartinBrej
  • rwhetsel: RobertWhetsel
  • abompard: AurelienBompard
  • mariogamboa: MarioGamboa
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • greendisease: JackAboutboul
  • JorgeTorres: JorgeTorres
  • FrancescoUgolini: FrancescoUgolini
  • josetarazona: JoseTarazona
  • tchung: ThomasChung


  • SankarshanMukhopadhyay
  • ChitleshGoorah



Before the Meeting


  • AlexMaier reports
  • no private conversations in the chat
  • please keep your hellos to the times outside meeting
  • simply watch what others are doing and do not interrupt
  • if you want to ask someting type "?" and wait
  • mjbrej: fedora unity project has a good set of groundrules on their page...
  • lxmaier: famsco is considering a set of rules
  • lxmaier: we will publish when we're done

Priority 1 - Item 1: FAMSCO Updates


  • AlexMaier reports
  • we have a budget
  • Total Fedora Marketing budget for 6 months: 46 K
  • DVD production: 15K
  • Schwag production: 7K
  • Video contest: 5K
  • Ambassadors budget: 20K
  • Large events: 5K
  • Small events/local initiatives: 5K
  • Travel/incidentals: 5K
  • Reusable kits: 5K
  • Famsco will be responsible for the Ambassadors part of the money
  • e.g. 20 K (Ambassadors budget)
  • famsco is working out guidelines for spending money
  • we will publish once we're done
  • the budget group anticipates to publish the guidelines next week
  • we will have a set of rules for requesting money
  • and for getting reimbursed
  • all amounts are in USD


  • AlexMaier reports
  • we have decided to go with binary-only, single-sided DVDs
  • greendisease: what was the decision behind binary only dvd?
  • lxmaier: there was a discussion on the list
  • lxmaier: and it appeared to be the best solution for the limited money we have
  • gregdek: Basically:
  • gregdek: Time ran out to figure out the BEST answer for no source for FC5 DVDs.
  • gregdek: Instead...we'll having single-sided FC5 DVDs with binary only.
  • gregdek: We have 10k burned.(Or will soon.)
  • gregdek: 3k will be at FUDCon Boston...and the other 7k will be warehoused and shipped to events worldwide on demand.

Priority 1 - Item 2: Review upcoming events

  • Review the FedoraEvents for upcoming 3 months.
  • Mar 25, 2006 FLISOL 2006 DF, Brazil - HugoCisneiros
  • HugoCisneiros not present Stop (medium size).png need to follow up
  • Mar 25, 2006 CLUG Installfest Cincinnati, Ohio - PatrickMcKelvey
  • PatrickMcKelvey not present Stop (medium size).png need to follow up
  • Apr 3-6, 2006 LinuxWorld Boston 2006 Boston, MA, USA - MatthewMiller, JackAboutboul
  • JackAboutboul reports
  • okay everything is all finalized for linuxworld
  • we will have 2 booths
  • the fedora booth in the .org pavilion
  • and then the install pavilion sponsored by us and pogo linux
  • basically a big install fest
  • we also have a fedora BOF session on april 5 at 5:30 i believe
  • BOF (birds of a feather) session: its basically when anyone interested in a
  • topic gets together in a room and hangs out and talks
  • we usually provide donuts and soda, in true geek food fare fashion
  • Apr 7, 2006 FUDCon Boston 2006 Boston, MA, USA - MatthewMiller, JackAboutboul
  • JackAboutboul reports
  • okay, so everything is set for the conference
  • we have all the speakers set
  • and we are updating the schedule though
  • check the page for anything you need
  • transport updates
  • we are also working on the streaming video
  • hopefully we will have good quality video and be able to produce a dvd afterward
  • i would like to find out if other ambassadors are planning on coming
  • Apr 11, 2006 Local LUG, Campux Lille, France - ThomasCanniot
  • ThomasCanniot - nothing to add since last time
  • April 12, 2006 Fedora Talk Uttar Pradesh - PuneetBatura
  • PuneetBatura reports
  • talking basically on FOss at my school
  • a presentation on FC 5
  • with how user friendly now it is
  • and one to one interaction with the students
  • on their respective queries since its my school
  • so auditorium is ready for the presentation
  • Apr 19-22, 2006 FISL 7.0 Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil - RodrigoPadula
  • RodrigoPadula not present Stop (medium size).png need to followup
  • gregdek: I don't know anything about the event...
  • gregdek: ...but I'm concerned about the prospect of losing schwag in customs...
  • lxmaier: gregdek: you are right, we had this problem before
  • gregdek: ...and I'm wondering if it makes sense to try to get DVDs burned locally and reimburse.
  • lxmaier: would you mind contacting RodrigoPadula about it gregdek?
  • gregdek: Will do.
  • June 23-25, 2006 Journe du Libre 4 Strasbourg, France - ChitleshGoorah
  • ChitleshGoorah not present

Priority 1 - Item 3: Promotional material for Kadischi

  • DavidNalley reports
  • ke4qqq: Videos were reworked for FC5, and posted, nothing further

Priority 1 - Item 4: FC5 Tours

  • RahulSundaram, FrancescoUgolini not present

Priority 2 - Item 1: Video contest

  • AlexMaier reports
  • will run an Open Video contest to promote open format media
  • support in Fedora, and we asked CC for some help on this.
  • Here is a brief description of what we plan to do:
  • We want to run the contest and we have about 5K USD to run it.
  • We want to give small prizes to all submissions, and have one big prize for the winner.
  • Small prizes will most likely be blue/white flip-flops
  • with a tagline "Runs on Fedora" or "I run Fedora" or "I run on Fedora" or something similar.
  • The big prize has not yet been decided upon yet.
  • We could use a good idea from CC (Creative Commons)
  • All submissions shall be:
  • 1. in OGG format
  • 2. about Freedom, Openness, Collaboration
  • 3. CC-licensed
  • 4. not necessarily advertisements
  • We have the bandwidth to host the contest and the archive once the contest is over.
  • tchung: I just want to point out it's not "Fedora Video Contest" but "Open Video Contest" now
  • cds: Maybe a fedora server/computer for video production would be a good prize?
  • tchung and lxmaier invite everyone to help out
  • greendisease: you can have nike sneakers custom made with text on them for like 150 bucks
  • lxmaier: i will introduce the discussion about the prizes on the list


Priority 2 - Item 2: Schwag pipeline and a Standard Ambassadors Survival Kit

  • GregDeKoenigsberg reports
  • Re: Ambassadors survival kit...
  •'s in production now, but will come out after DVDs, since they're highest priority.
  • Looking at mid-April store availability. (CoolStuff Store)

Priority 2 - Item 3: Presentations for Ambassadors

  • RahulSundaram not present
  • gregdek: I propose OPL w/o restrictions for slide decks.
  • gregdek: Just like wiki and docs.
  • tchung: +1
  • lxmaier: +1

Priority 2 - Item 4: FedoraLibraries

  • ChitleshGoorah not present
  • ke4qqq: did we ever get the ISBN number for the dvd?
  • lxmaier: not that i am aware of...
  • lxmaier: ke4qqq: want to raise this issue on the list to revive it?
  • ke4qqq: I will

Priority 3 - Item 1: Fedora Community Free Media Project

  • ThomasChung reports
  • Basically it's a a volunteer initiative by local Fedora Ambassadors or Fedora Contributors
  • who's willing to burn DVDs and ship them with their own expenses.
  • we already received over 100 Free media requests which is well over our limit at this point
  • so I had to close the request form for now.
  • CyberSpy: I have a standalone duplication system and cases of blank media, I want to work very closely with that project
  • tchung: great. talk to me after the meeting
  • ke4qqq: any chance of moving this to sending out the pressed media once it becomes available, in the official jacket?
  • lxmaier: ke4qqq: i doubt we have enough money to do this...
  • lxmaier: but we might ask the individual ambassadors to send out the DVDs once we send DVDs to them in bulk
  • gregdek: The cost of sending out individual DVDs may be pretty high.
  • gregdek: The plan now is to send them in lots of 50
  • cds: Nice idea, about sending out the pressed CDs, but our supply & budget is low,
  • cds: and is pretty much why not just "anyone" can get Swag.
  • gregdek: I'm *really* happy to hear *any* creative ideas on this topic, for what it's worth. :)
  • tchung: our list for this topic is