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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-05-18


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • tchung: ThomasChung
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • mjk|wrk: MikeKnox
  • kital: JoergSimon
  • BobJensen: BobJensen
  • rwhetsel: RobertWhetsel
  • rMenezes: RodrigoMenezes
  • tscherf: ThorstenScherf
  • RodrigoPadula: RodrigoPadula
  • mjbrej: MartinBrej
  • FrancescoUgolini: FrancescoUgolini


  • RussellJohn
  • ThomasCanniot
  • RodrigoMenezes



Famsco Update

  • lxmaier reports
  • last meeting's summary was posted on
  • the meeting took place on monday
  • famsco discussed ways to engage the ambassadors more
  • we also followed up on some action items
  • gregdek will be following up with florian and gerold, to perform kinda post-mortem for LT
  • mspevack will update the budget table on
  • Note.png tchung reports offline
  • As of 2006-05-15, we now have 70 approved (signed CLA and joined) ambassadors officially.
  • GeroldKa:
  • my report on (LinuxTag) is ready and in review at Florian;
  • imho it makes sense only to have one report instead of three oder four different we'll send / post it asap

Projects Reports

  • FreeMedia: tchung reports
  • As of today, we have fulfilled 82 out of 116 free media requests.
  • For the moment the request form is closed for a week to wait for shipping materials.
  • VideoContest: lxmaier reports
  • there has been a change in the contest logo, the designers at CC are re-working it at the moment. as soon as this part is out of the way, we can rock'n'roll
  • Presentations: RahulSundaram not present
  • Kadischi: ChitleshGoorah not present


  • May 20, 2006 Multimedia Day France Cambrai FRANCE
  • lxmaier reports for ThomasCanniot
  • "Here is my report about the Proville meeting I was preparing for saturday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go there and make the presentation. I found a job last week and I will be working that very day. I called the man who organized the event and sincerely apologized for cancelling everything 3 days before the event. Fortunetaly, he is one of my mate and understand the situation and is not panicking about the organisation of his event, things like this happen quite often it seems, but I'm deeply sorry that it is my turn this time."
  • June 9-10, 2006 CarolinaCon Raleigh NC
  • LeeJoseph not present Stop (medium size).png need to follow up
  • June 10, 2006 UCLUG installfest Greenville, SC
  • lxmaier reports for DavidNalley
  • "I am unable to make today's meeting. Flyers and press releases are out for this event."
  • June 23-30, 2006 Fedora, Friends and Fun Virginia Beach, VA USA
  • tchung reports for BobJensen
  • "there will be a Fedora Fiends and Fun update this weekend we are havng a planning meeting on Saturday"
  • July 22-23, 2006 LUGRadio Live! 2006 Wolverhampton, UK
  • JonFautley not present Stop (medium size).png need to follow up
  • July 24-28, 2006 OSCON 2006 Portland, OR, USA
  • RichardTuttle not prsent
  • tchung reports for BobJensen
  • "I will send an email to both him and Jack"


  • RodrigoPadula:
  • we will have more 2 important events in Brazil this year in The North and Northeast
  • - Encontro de Software Livre da Bahia
  • - ESLAM - Encontro de Software Livre do Amazonas
  • We are in organizing to present a lecture on the fedora project and one on the Fedora Core
  • I will publish news in wiki soon
  • lxmaier:
  • Great, thanks RodrigoPadula, please do not forget to add your scheduled events to

Schwag pipeline

  • GregDeKoenigsberg reports
  • New date: this Friday (5/19) Will post to the list when the gear is available.

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