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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-07-20

Meeting Time


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • tchung: ThomasChung
  • mspevack: MaxSpevack
  • kital: JoergSimon
  • iWolf: JeffreyTadlock
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • ChitleshGoorah: ChitleshGoorah


  • ThomasCanniot



(10:04:40) lxmaier: so, the comrehensive notes from the last meeting are linked from , as usual
(10:05:17) lxmaier: at the last meeting we have covered jack's progress with the even kit
(10:05:34) lxmaier: and also discussed opportunities for Ambassador event training
(10:06:20) lxmaier: where an experienced event organizer will be organizing an event and a few "newbies" will be helping and thus learning from the "pro"
(10:06:52) lxmaier: then they will go and be all experienced themselves and can teach others how to organize events
(10:06:59) lxmaier: kind of viral education :)
(10:07:28) lxmaier: further, we have looked at the budget remaining for Ambassdors activities
(10:07:46) lxmaier: mspevack is doing a great job keeping our finances transparent
(10:08:06) lxmaier: offers a snapshot of our budget
(10:08:36) mspevack: if you look at that stuff and have questions, please email me
(10:08:48) mspevack: though i will not be around next week, EOF
(10:08:52) lxmaier: we have decided to contribute some of the DVDs that we have in store with Brand Fuel to the Free Media project
(10:09:16) lxmaier: alright, this is it
  • FreeMedia update - ["Distribution/FreeMedia/FC5DVD/July"]
(10:11:46) tchung: Regarding FreeMedia...
(10:12:08) tchung: We are on target again this month.
(10:12:26) tchung: So far we fulfilled 86 out 102.
(10:12:28) lxmaier: woohoo!
(10:12:35) mspevack: that's great
(10:12:54) tchung: And we're considering increasing the limit to maybe 200 for next Month.
(10:13:12) tchung: As soon as we receive Media donation from famsco. :)
  • Fedora Event: Port-Louis, Mauritius - ["ChitleshGoorah/MLUG"]
(10:15:36) ChitleshGoorah: you know that i have an event soon, and i took the opportunity to make a general presentation document
(10:15:50) ChitleshGoorah: perhaps useful to other ambassadors as well
(10:16:23) ChitleshGoorah: ill try to add as much as i can, till now, i have 56 slides (moster slides)
(10:16:27) ChitleshGoorah: monster
(10:17:02) ChitleshGoorah: with DianaFong's pictures (on her blog), i was able to make an interesting story
(10:17:13) ChitleshGoorah: to describe the fedora project
(10:17:22) GeroldKa: ?
(10:17:24) ChitleshGoorah: yet, its not complete
(10:17:39) GeroldKa: which language ChitleshGoorah? French or english?
(10:17:46) ChitleshGoorah: english
(10:17:59) GeroldKa: +2; thanks
(10:18:36) ChitleshGoorah: but my question is how far can i use diana's pictures in terms of "protected" logo (i haven't follow the FAB discussions lately) ?
(10:19:58) mspevack: while it is not the ideal solution (meaning more work is needed with legal)
(10:20:05) mspevack: for now, I would say use them, and attribute them to Diana
(10:20:39) mspevack: Fedora Board needs to do more work with Red Hat legal, but I don't want that to stop you from what is a legitimate use of the picture
  • Fedora Event: Ohio Linux Fest 2006 - ["FedoraEvents/OhioLinuxFest"]
(10:23:25) iWolf: I submitted the sponsorship application for a $75 table last night.
(10:23:33) iWolf: And submitted the materials request through the form.
(10:23:52) iWolf: Working on getting a few locals to help with the booth and how we will set it up.
(10:24:10) iWolf: So still early in the process, but getting the ball rolling.
(10:25:28) tchung: iWolf, how many people are you expecting this year?
(10:25:46) iWolf: They had ~750 last year.  The organizers are planning for ~1200 this year.
(10:26:04) iWolf: It is held in the convention center in Columbus, a pretty nice facility.
(10:26:23) tchung: So, 900 DVDs you've requested should be enough then.
(10:26:49) iWolf: tchung: should be.

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