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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-08-03

Meeting Time


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • mspevack: MaxSpevack
  • gomix: GuillermoGomez
  • kital: JoergSimon
  • iWolf: JeffreyTadlock
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • bpepple: BrianPepple
  • arclynx: SharuzzamanRaslan
  • hanafiah: HanafiahMuhamad
  • kushal: KushalDas
  • Ekushey: RussellJohn
  • FrancescoUgolini: FrancescoUgolini



(10:13:57) lxmaier: first, famsco update
(10:14:07) lxmaier: mspevack: want to say a word or two?
(10:14:40) lxmaier: ping mspevack
(10:14:41) mspevack: sure
(10:14:48) lxmaier: thanks mspevack
(10:14:51) mspevack: OSCON was a big success
(10:14:59) mspevack: greendisease informed me that we had lots of activity at the booth
(10:15:15) mspevack: many people who were especially appreciative of the "purity" of our stance in not using proprietary software or modules
(10:15:32) mspevack: the BOF was small, BOF == "birds of a feather session" which is basically just a Q&A
(10:15:44) mspevack: it was small because there was a party thrown by Google at the same time with free alcohol
(10:15:53) mspevack: but from what I understand, the questions we had were good
(10:19:34) mspevack: in other news, FAMSCO approved the "donation" of 1000 of the pre-ordered fc5 DVDs to the FreeMedia folks, so we shipped those out
(10:19:55) mspevack: FUDCon is still being planned, but I don't have an update at this time
(10:20:39) lxmaier: mspevack: can you say one sentence about the accounting upate pls?
(10:21:35) mspevack: sure, it's easier for anyone who's interested to look themselves. has our latest update as of 31-07-2006
(10:21:45) mspevack: we are in fine shape budget-wise
  • FUDCon?
(10:22:07) GeroldKa: Where is a FUDCon planned? In which area?
(10:22:43) mspevack: GeroldKa: 2 being considered for the moment
(10:22:57) mspevack: GeroldKa: 1 in USA, on the west coast -- somewhere in Northern California
(10:23:11) mspevack: GeroldKa: the second, in Brazil somewhere (probably early 2007)
  • Project Reports - FreeMedia
(10:26:02) lxmaier: Project Reports
(10:26:13) lxmaier: 1  FreeMedia
(10:26:39) lxmaier: I will say a few words
(10:26:41) lxmaier: thanks to efforts of our
(10:27:04) lxmaier: FreeMedia group we were able to fulfill 100% of requests
(10:27:31) lxmaier: we have a new FreeMedia sub-group in India now
(10:28:02) lxmaier: also, with the 1000 DVD donation from Famsco, the group will be able to fulfill more requests in the months to come
  • FreeMedia Sub-Group?
(10:28:28) arclynx: lxmaier: how do we create a sub-group for south east asia?
(10:28:54) lxmaier: you express interest on the list and see how many folks will support you
(10:29:15) lxmaier: next thing you do is to get going :)
(10:29:31) lxmaier: arclynx: tchung will be more than happy to coach you
(10:29:55) lxmaier: arclynx: tchung is your main point person for this, since he's the founder of this project
  • Project Reports - VideoContest
(10:30:44) lxmaier: 2 VideoContest
(10:31:07) lxmaier: we have extended the deadline to August 20, and we have received a few submissions already
(10:31:13) lxmaier: you can see the videos here:
(10:31:29) lxmaier:
(10:41:19) hanafiah: on 11 -13 Aug 2006, Malaysia will having Lagest ICT event called PC Fair.
(10:42:11) hanafiah: During this event, Malaysia opensource team has been given a booth for presenting FOSS and opensource
(10:43:31) hanafiah: it quite late but i just want to know if there is any posibbility fedora community will give us pamplet or free cd to distribute for the event..
(10:43:35) arclynx: the event website is at
(10:44:15) lxmaier: arclynx, hanafiah, if you two will cooperate on getting the booth going, we probably could give you some help
(10:44:34) arclynx: we will
(10:44:40) hanafiah: we will
(10:45:06) lxmaier: arclynx, hanafiah, please figure out the details, and how much money you need, and we'll discuss it and approve spending in a famsco meeting
(10:47:16) lxmaier: put a plan together, produce your stuff locally, we'll give you money for that
(10:47:22) lxmaier: this is standard procedure
(10:47:48) lxmaier: 1. put together a plan, and figure out what you need and how much it'll cost
(10:47:57) lxmaier: 2. submit plan to famsco
(10:48:10) lxmaier: 3. famsco reviews and approves plan and spending
(10:48:21) lxmaier: 4. order stuff, submit receipts to famsco
(10:48:36) lxmaier: 5. famsco reimburses you through PayPal
  • Italy
(10:55:19) FrancescoUgolini: so, in my city i and other people are organized
(10:56:17) FrancescoUgolini: a series of event about Open Source, i don't know the date, becuase i've to talk with sponsor, but today want to know if is possible to talk about fedora
(10:56:29) lxmaier: of course
(10:56:48) FrancescoUgolini: so it is not a lug event, is sponsorised by a city bank
(10:57:21) FrancescoUgolini: that's all
  • USA - Ohio Linux Fest
(10:58:16) iWolf: Ohio Linux Fest Update.
(10:58:37) iWolf: I am working on a budget to be submitted to FAMSCO soon.
(10:59:03) iWolf: I have the booth application form that needs to be signed being reviewed by DavidB at which point upon approval I will pay the fee and wrap that up.
(10:59:46) bpepple: iWolf: I'm willing to help at the Ohio Linux Fest, since I live in Columbus.
(10:59:57) iWolf: bpepple: That would be great!
  • Venezuela
(11:03:58) gomix: i want to comment our event in venezuela
(11:04:20) gomix: is fedora venezuela promoted event
(11:04:42) gomix: is the 1st one where all the related people will gather together
(11:05:02) gomix: plus, we will try to include schools and local authorities for seminars and talks
(11:05:30) gomix: we already contacted one school ther (high school)
(11:05:42) gomix: it's also to notice is on a beach area
(11:05:44) gomix: small town, poor people
(11:06:11) gomix: so any guidance on how to approach them and make it a success
(11:06:21) gomix: would be appreciate it, is our first event

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