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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-08-10

Meeting Time


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • [splinux] : DamienDurand
  • greendisease: JackAboutboul
  • MrTom: ThomasCanniot
  • jorge___: JorgeTorres
  • EvilBob: BobJensen
  • hpachas-PE: Hernan (from Peru)



(18:02:09) lxmaier: 1. JeffreyTadlock 's request has been approved for 700 DVDs and 20 T-shirts. Jeffrey can produce shirts locally and sell to get the money back in. DavidBarzilay will be Jeffrey's point person at Famsco, for all assistance necessary.
(18:02:25) lxmaier: 2. PawelSadowski has requested us to help him produce some Fedora T-Shirts he will distribute at the events he attends. Quote has been supplied and approved.
(18:03:12) lxmaier: 3. You will find the most recent snapshot of the Fedora finances here:
(18:03:32) lxmaier: The latest one has been posted on  2006-07-31
  • Project Reports
(18:08:07) lxmaier: their request form is closed for this month, but I know that SponsoredMedia is using the DVDs Famsco has donated to fulfill the requests.
(18:08:44) lxmaier: SponsoredMedia vendor Karlie Robinson is using the donated money to cover postage only, which means she can send out more DVDs.
(18:09:14) lxmaier: Next project: VideoContest
(18:09:43) lxmaier: We have several submissions there, but the contest is still running (until August 20), so there is no winner yet
(18:10:13) lxmaier: you can see the videos here:
  • Ambassador Event Kit
(18:17:58) greendisease: all the meat is done
(18:18:02) greendisease: it's been done for a while
(18:18:07) greendisease: we even created the wiki page this week
(18:18:26) greendisease: we are waiting for the artists to lay it out on the stationary
(18:18:37) greendisease: they've been inundated with work the last few weeks
(18:19:20) greendisease: with the whole echo redesign, other duties
(18:19:43) greendisease: i would like to put it on the agenda for next week to discuss, although i might not be able to make the meeting due to another meeting
(18:24:10) lxmaier: the first event we'll discuss today is Aug, 14-17, 2006   LinuxWorld San Francisco 2006
(18:24:16) lxmaier: greendisease: you are in charge
(18:24:19) greendisease: yay!
(18:24:24) greendisease: okay, we are all set to go
(18:24:37) greendisease: staff, schwag, a bof, a booth
(18:24:53) greendisease: i sent out an announcement to announce-list this week with all the details
(18:26:20) lxmaier: greendisease: do you think you could update your even page on the wiki?
(18:27:19) greendisease: sure
(18:27:25) greendisease: will do it ntonight
  • Brazil
(18:28:19) lxmaier: Aug 24-26, 2006     III Festival Software Livre da Bahia     Lauro de Freitas, BA, Brazil     HugoCisneiros
(18:28:19) lxmaier: OthonBatista
(18:28:33) lxmaier: anyone here who knows the status of this event?
  • Poland
(18:29:19) lxmaier: Sept, 2006   Linux Day   Ilza, Poland - It will be a presentation generally about Fedora, Open Source etc. It will take place at my high school.    PawelSadowski
(18:29:25) lxmaier: McGiwer: are you here?
(18:29:58) lxmaier: McGiwer seems to be away from keyboard... in any case
(18:30:17) lxmaier: he has requested funds to produce some t-shirt and we have approved the expense
  • Venezuela
(18:31:10) lxmaier: Next:  Sept, 28-30, 2006      1er Campamento Playero Fedora Linux Venezuela : Chichiriviche 2006     Chichiriviche, Edo.Falcón, Venezuela - This event is intended for the promotion of open source software and specially dedicated to Fedora. It will also be the first time for gathering all fedora-ve people. It's a beach camp in a very small town with activities related with local schools and authorities.    GuillermoGomez
(18:31:22) lxmaier: Is Guillermo here?
  • Ohio LinuxFest 2006 - Columbus, OH, USA
(18:31:47) lxmaier:  Sept 30, 2006     Ohio LinuxFest 2006 Columbus, OH, USA     JeffreyTadlock
(18:31:54) lxmaier:
(18:32:05) lxmaier: JeffreyTadlock 's request has been approved for 700 DVDs and 20 T-shirts. Jeffrey can produce shirts locally and sell to get the money back in.
(18:32:05) lxmaier: DavidBarzilay will be Jeffrey's point person at Famsco, for all assistance necessary.
  • LinuxWorld UK 2006 - London, UK
(18:32:31) lxmaier: Oct, 25-26, 2006   LinuxWorld UK 2006   London, UK -  LinuxWorld UK     JoeEarly
(18:32:31) lxmaier: JonFautley
(18:32:45) lxmaier: either Joe or Jon here?

General Discussion

  • BobJensen
(18:34:47) EvilBob: The Documentation project is looking for some translation help, if any one is interested please contact KarstenWade (quaid) in #Fedora-Docs
(18:35:12) EvilBob: I know we need a pt_PT translator to help with one party already
(18:35:39) EvilBob: We don't expect one person to do all the work so we like to have a couple for each language
(18:35:54) EvilBob: Thank You to any one that might be able to help
  • Hernan (from Peru)
(18:39:56) hpachas-PE: aqui en Peru .. se realizara un evento en octubre.. creen q puedan ayudarme
(18:40:22) lxmaier: hpachas-PE: be sure to add your event to
(18:40:39) lxmaier: hpachas-PE: if you need help, ask famsco
(18:42:54) hpachas-PE: the event is "open source Day". Maddog (linux International) and Rich would estaran Bowen (Foundation Apache)
(18:42:58) lxmaier: hpachas-PE: do you want to represent Fedora at the event? Do you want a booth there?
(18:43:30) lxmaier: we can help you with some money, to pay for the booth at the event

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