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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-08-17

Meeting Time


  • mspevack: MaxSpevack
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • kital: JoergSimon
  • curi0sity: HanafiahMuhamad


[16:02:38]  GeroldKa: time?!
[16:02:44]  kital: Meeting
[16:03:38]  GeroldKa: so mspevack has to take the chair ...
[16:04:00]  mspevack: i'm here
[16:04:06]  mspevack: let's pull up the schedule
[16:04:41]  mspevack:
[16:04:49]  mspevack: first, roll call
[16:04:51]  mspevack: who's actually here
[16:04:53]  mspevack: MaxSpevack
[16:04:54]  GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
[16:04:57]  kital: JoergSimon
[16:05:10]  bpepple: BrianPepple
[16:05:44]  mspevack: anyone else
[16:06:13]  mspevack: okey dokey
[16:06:46]  mspevack: Well, forget the schedule then.  Let's just talk.  GeroldKa, tell us what's important to you these days, from the Fedora perspective and from where you're living
[16:07:04]  mspevack: then I'll ask the same question to kital and bpeeple
[16:07:35]  GeroldKa: for me???
[16:07:44]  GeroldKa: Oh thanks for your asking Max ....
[16:07:52]  mspevack: yep, go ahead GeroldKa
[16:08:04]  GeroldKa: a lot of things are not as good as I belive they should
[16:08:31]  GeroldKa: we´re all Ambassadors but not working really together the WHOLE time
[16:08:45]  GeroldKa: imho we should have more RL meetings
[16:08:49]  GeroldKa: where possible
[16:08:56]  GeroldKa: and ...
[16:09:04]  mspevack: you said to me the other day you'd like to try to organize something in Europe
[16:09:21]  GeroldKa: for me it seems that other projects are looking more organzied as we are
[16:09:45]  GeroldKa: yes Max, these meeting is since you posted it here a "secret" planning
[16:10:17]  mspevack: heh, well there's only 3 of us, so it's still pretty secret.
[16:10:21]  GeroldKa: so thats quick from myself
[16:10:28]  kital: ok
[16:10:48]  mspevack: Thanks Gerold -- kital, you go
[16:11:28]  kital: what is with oscon europe you know about that
[16:11:29]  kital: ?
[16:11:43]  kital: do we have a booth there
[16:11:45]  kital: ?
[16:11:45]  mspevack: I don't know any details about the show
[16:11:47]  bpepple:  steps out for a bit.
[16:11:49]  mspevack: quite honestly
[16:11:56]  mspevack:  googles for it
[16:12:12]  mspevack: september 18-21 in brussels
[16:12:27]  mspevack: kital: you don't happen to live near there, do you?
[16:12:36]  kital: no
[16:12:58]  kital: but i have think to support the booth
[16:13:06]  mspevack: kital: i'll tell you what I'm going to do -- I'll send an email to ambassadors-list and also some of the Red Hat Europe people and find out what is going on, if we can get a booth, etc.
[16:13:18]  kital: wait
[16:13:53]  mspevack:  waits
[16:14:52]  kital: alex has discussed this with the local ambassador bur never heard of that again
[16:15:25]  mspevack: ok, well I'll ask alex who that was also
[16:15:33]  mspevack: but it' only 1 month away, so there's no time to waste
[16:15:52]  mspevack: kital: where do you live?  what's your location.
[16:15:58]  kital: stuttgart
[16:16:06]  kital: near the redhats
[16:16:10]  mspevack: heh
[16:16:12]  curi0sity: !
[16:16:13]  GeroldKa: Strong EMEA presence at the moment
[16:16:19]  mspevack: curi0sity: go ahead
[16:16:25]  curi0sity: i'm hanafiah
[16:16:29]  curi0sity: sorry for late
[16:16:37]  curi0sity: eof
[16:16:57]  mspevack: no problem.  So we've got two folks in Germany (GeroldKa and kital) -- curi0sity, where are you located?
[16:17:22]  curi0sity: malaysia
[16:17:33]  curi0sity: is the meeting has start ?
[16:18:18]  mspevack: curi0sity: the meeting has started, but it's very informal today, since there aren't a lot of people.  Basically I'm asking each person
[16:18:29]  mspevack: to talk about what they see in their local area, regarding Linux and Fedora
[16:18:34]  curi0sity: ooo
[16:18:38]  curi0sity: then ok
[16:18:44]  mspevack: GeroldKa talked about the need for more people to meet face to face
[16:18:52]  mspevack: kital talked about the need to be at OSCON europe
[16:18:57]  mspevack: curi0sity: what do you think is important?
[16:19:05]  mspevack: eof
[16:20:09]  bpepple:  returns.
[16:20:57]  kital: !
[16:23:08]  mspevack: kital: yep
[16:23:13]  kital: does anybody know something about the open expo switzerland - is it to commercial
[16:23:14]  mspevack: sorry, i got pulled away for a moment
[16:23:18]  mspevack: what happened to curi0sity
[16:23:40]  mspevack: kital: i don't know.  maybe you could do some research for us?
[16:23:45]  GeroldKa: expo is not commercial
[16:24:19]  mspevack: bpepple: so, same question to you as everyone else
[16:24:33]  mspevack: what's most important to you, from the Fedora/Ambassadors perspective, and where are you located?
[16:25:13]  bpepple: I'm located in Columbus, OH, USA.
[16:26:25]  mspevack: have you talked on IRC at all with jeffrey tadlock, who's handling the ohio linux fest?
[16:27:24]  bpepple: Yeah, we are coordinating on some of the details, and probably are going to get together sometime in the next week to work out more of the details.
[16:27:39]  mspevack: great
[16:28:23]  mspevack: bpepple: anything else on your mind?
[16:28:48]  quaid: mspevack: btw, I've recently learned about how many secret kernel hackers and such who live in the Bay Area ... I'll forgive them for not coming to LWCE, but we need to be sure to lean on these folks to come to FUDCon
[16:29:01]  bpepple: Not really, I tend to spend more of my time on FESCO issues.
[16:29:03]  mspevack: diauq: you are right
[16:29:20]  quaid:  realizes he spoke into the middle of a meeting, sorry
[16:29:40]  mspevack: ok, well I'm about ready to call the meeting adjourned, unless anyone has random questions for me.  I thank you all for chatting with me and being flexible with the way we ran this meeting today
[16:30:04]  kital: bye
[16:30:26]  GeroldKa: cu mspevack
[16:31:06]  mspevack: thanks all

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