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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-08-24

Meeting Time


  • rwhetsel: RobertWhetsel
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • FrancescoUgolini: FrancescoUgolini
  • gomix: GuillermoGomez
  • ClausReheis: ClausReheis
  • ChitleshGoorah: ChitleshGoorah
  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • [splinux] : DamienDurand



(18:09:03) ChitleshGoorah: Any update from the FAMSCo ?
(18:10:02) rwhetsel:
(18:10:13) rwhetsel: nothing to report from last time
(18:12:34) rwhetsel: Who here has a project report?
(18:12:49) ChitleshGoorah: hmm the guys are offline but however i want to point out my presentation impress doc I posted last time on the ML
(18:13:45) rwhetsel: url?
(18:13:58) ChitleshGoorah: i might work with mether since he owns - Presentations : RahulSundaram
(18:14:29) ChitleshGoorah:
(18:19:12) lxmaier: rwhetsel: i would like to give you an update on the video project
(18:19:42) lxmaier: the submission deadline was august 20, and we have received six videos
(18:19:58) lxmaier: two of the submissions were disqualified due to use of unlicensed material
(18:20:30) lxmaier: the jury will vote on the remaining five videos by sunday, by which time the official tally will be posted
(18:20:44) lxmaier: the winner will receive the sony dvd camcorder
(18:21:14) lxmaier: and all participants will receive a little gift--a pair of fedora flip-flops, which say "i run fedora"
(18:21:42) lxmaier: we have had about 150 pairs produced, so the remaining pairs will be used at some events
(18:25:16) rwhetsel: is there anyone here that is leading or helping on an vent
(18:25:29) ClausReheis: yes, I am
(18:25:31) gomix: me
18:26:05) rwhetsel: ClausReheis anything to report
(18:26:39) ClausReheis: no, not really! DavidHackl did not response and i am also quiet busy now..
(18:27:02) rwhetsel:  gomix ? your event
(18:27:25) gomix: yes
(18:27:39) gomix: the date was wrong, corrected today
(18:27:44) gomix: 29-30 sept
(18:27:45) gomix: 1 oct
(18:28:11) gomix: just need some guides, i'm still lost on how to get support for materials
(18:28:56) lxmaier: gomix: you have to request the funds from famsco
(18:29:13) gomix: how exactly (sorry for not reading all the docs)
(18:29:17) lxmaier: gomix: you need to list what you will be paying for and how much, and famsco will approve
(18:29:37) rwhetsel: lxmaier has anyone on famco been assigned to help gomix
(18:29:38) lxmaier: sometimes famsco will not approve the whole sum, but we will always give you some guidance
(18:29:39) gomix: email add?
(18:31:35) lxmaier: gomix: -- this is a member-only list, and your message will need to be approved by one of us, so make sure you make your subject clear
(18:33:40) rwhetsel: any one else with an event?
(18:34:51) lxmaier: i thought ClausReheis had an event
(18:34:52) ClausReheis: yes?
(18:35:05) ClausReheis: Linux Day Tirol on the 6.9
(18:35:17) rwhetsel: do you have what you need?
(18:35:36) ClausReheis: My needs are discussed by FAMSCo
(18:36:11) ClausReheis: but for the rest I am ready
  • Fedora Event Kit
(18:39:26) lxmaier: greendisease had it mostly figured out when we last had him in the meeting
  • Ambassador Awards
(18:47:44) [splinux] : 2 months ago, you spoke about the ambassador awards, do you have the result?
(18:48:34) lxmaier: [splinux] : thanks for reminding me--yes
(18:48:58) lxmaier: [splinux] : we have decided to give everyone who got nominated by somebody a recognition award
(18:49:17) rwhetsel: lxmaier is that on the website?
(18:49:56) lxmaier: not yet, but it will be soon, [splinux] 
(18:50:14) [splinux] : lxmaier: thanks

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