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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-09-14

Meeting Time


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • MrTom: ThomasCanniot
  • [splinux] : DamienDurand
  • iWolf: JeffreyTadlock
  • [sasquatch] : JonFautley
  • davidn: DavidNalley
  • glezos: DimitrisGlezos
  • UgoliniFrancesco: FrancescoUgolini
  • debloxie: DeboOgunrinde
  • starbase_947: MosheRoffe



(10:02:52) lxmaier: i guess you all know that a Famsco reelection is currently in progress
(10:03:20) lxmaier:
(10:03:36) lxmaier: this is where you can see current candidates
(10:03:59) lxmaier: and this is where you should add yourself to, if you are up to the challenge ;)
(10:04:18) lxmaier: we have four candidates so far, and we need to fill seven seats
(10:04:56) lxmaier: so i hope to see more people get in the ring
(10:23:29) lxmaier: he sent a message to the list, saying FreeMedia *received* 200 requests this month
(10:24:08) lxmaier: with help of KarlieRobinson and other contributors, they should be able to fulfill *last* 60 requests.
(10:24:29) lxmaier: I think this effort deserves a round of applause :)
(10:25:13) lxmaier: the contest has completed--and the winner was announced on the fedora-announce-list
(10:25:51) lxmaier: all participants have received a pair of fedora flip-flops each, and the winner got a dvd camcorder
(10:28:13) iWolf: We are doing pretty good here.  T-Shirt order going in today, booth has workers.
(10:28:22) iWolf: Making sure things are in place with the organizers.
(10:28:27) iWolf: Things are looking good.
(10:28:28) iWolf: eof
(10:37:21) [sasquatch] : I'll ping JoeEarly and see what's happening
(10:37:33) lxmaier: do you still intend to be at the show?
(10:37:38) [sasquatch] : I can be, yeah
(10:38:05) lxmaier: it is a big deal, and i think it would be important to have a fedora booth set up in the .ORG pavillion
(10:38:15) [sasquatch] : absoloutely
(10:38:27) lxmaier: so yeah, if you could ping JoeEarly, that'd be great
(10:38:34) [sasquatch] : sure thing - should have an update next week, I hope :)
  • Oct, 21, 2006 - Campux Install Party (French LUG) - Lille, France -
  • Oct, 28-29, 2006 - Parinux Install Party (French LUG) - Paris, France -
  • ThomasCanniot, CharlesVinchon, DamienDurand and many other French Ambassadors
(10:39:57) MrTom: french ambassadors are preparing fedora install parties for Lille and Paris
(10:40:32) MrTom: we ar looking for dvds and asked the art project for artwork to print either on the dvd and for the case
(10:41:06) MrTom: we have contacts with the paris lug that is helping us to preparing the install party
(10:41:32) MrTom: and for lille install party, i'm involved in the lug which will set up the install party as well
(10:41:47) MrTom: one will be in Paris
(10:41:58) MrTom: the other one in Lille (north of france)
(10:42:05) MrTom: we want to use fc6 dvds
(10:42:20) MrTom: when the second half of october (21 for Lille and 28-29 for Paris)
(10:43:03) MrTom: eof

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