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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-09-28

Meeting Time


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • davidn: DavidNalley
  • samfw: SamFolkWilliams
  • siddhart: SiddharthUpmanyu
  • kushal: KushalDas
  • BobJensen: BobJensen
  • rdieter:RexDieter
  • UgoliniFrancesco: FrancescoUgolini



  • Fedora Usability Issues
(10:05:59) lxmaier: okay, then let us talk about any business you guys
have, so we can all make this meeting productive
(10:06:24) kushal: !
(10:06:29) lxmaier: > kushal
(10:06:57) kushal: I talked a large number of students in west bengal, india
(10:07:00) BobJensen: BobJensen
(10:07:15) kushal: they have mainly two things to say
(10:07:26) siddhart: !
(10:07:41) kushal: 1. Why can't they install anything from the Fedora CD/DVD ?
(10:08:04) kushal: through add/remove software
(10:08:12) BobJensen: !
(10:08:28) davidn: !
(10:08:28) kushal: 2. is about restricted codecs..
(10:08:46) kushal: I hope I provided a solution for the q2.
(10:08:50) kushal: <EOF>
  • Commercial v/s OSS

(10:15:21) siddhart: about the codecs i agree this is the most common
problem faced there have to be a soultion like giving guidlines so
that installing 3rd paryt softwares will be easy
(10:16:00) siddhart: a quick guid for accessing repos of 3ed party softwares
(10:16:03) siddhart: <eof>
(10:16:23) samfw: !
(10:16:25) BobJensen: !
(10:16:34) kushal: !
samfw siddhart sm|CPU smoha1 Sonar_Gal StillBob
(10:16:39) lxmaier: > samfw
(10:17:14) samfw: siddhart: i think instead of telling people how to
install "ugly" codecs, we need to educate people as to why they should
  • Unanswered May be considered in future meetings when more info is avalible
(10:47:50) lxmaier: > davidn ( rdieter lxmaier kushal )
(10:47:55) davidn: We talk repeatedly about 'free' formats only, but
honestly, thats not the case, it's liability avoidance on redhats
part. .doc isn't an open standard, its been reverse engineered, .xls
isn't open some story, and yet we support both. I don't expect a
policy change, but lets at least not say it's because mp3 isn't an OSS
(10:48:24) davidn: we do and have supported many closed formats (gif
too iirc)  and yes arguing about it here doesn't change anything, so
I'll shutup and apologize.
(10:48:35) davidn: s/some/same
(10:48:52) davidn: eof

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