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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-11-02

Meeting Time


Meeting Protocol




  • Fedora Events Review : Future Plans

Upcoming Events were proposed/mentioned related summary should soon be on the wiki at FedoraEvents

Nov 02 14:10:04 ChitleshGoorah	1. Fedora Core 6 Zod presentation this wednesday during the lug's meeting in strasbourg
Nov 02 14:10:24 ChitleshGoorah	2. 22 Nov 2006 Install Party in strasbourg, Fedora and Kubuntu

Nov 02 14:13:09 gomix	events in a couple of schools in Caracas
Nov 02 14:13:22 gomix	basically FC6 presentations

Nov 02 14:15:06 hpachas-PE	LPI this updating its events for the 2007, if events exist that already are had programmed we also can connect it with the events of Fedora

  • Inactive Ambassadors

An important issue as Ambassadors are the Public Face of the Fedora Project : to be discussed on the mailing list.

Nov 02 14:26:52 gomix	we were talking about inactive ambassadors
Nov 02 14:27:14 gomix	i believe it hurts that they do not answer to the users
Nov 02 14:27:22 gomix	so i propose to tag them on the wiki
Nov 02 14:27:43 gomix	so people dont loose their time tryin to reach them

Nov 02 14:33:57 EvilBob	the ambassadors project has gonethrough many changes in the past year, maybe a "roundup" is in order it could be that the project is not meeting the needs of it'smembership

Nov 02 14:37:06 iWolf	I know we are trying to wrap up, but I think gomix brings up a good point and perhaps the mailing list would be a better forum for discussion.  To get more opinions in the mix.

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