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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-08-16

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by ThomasChung.

  • tchung ThomasChung
  • jmbuser JohnBabich
  • wolfy ManuelWolfshant
  • fabian_a FabianAffolter
  • rsc RobertScheck

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  1. Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events. See Fedora Events page.
  2. Report current status of Ambassadors Materials. See Tracker page.
  3. Report current status of Ambassadors Membership. See Verification page.
  4. Report current status of Fedora Free Media Program. See August pages.



Aug 16 15:05:09 tchung	jmbuser, how's it going with your event(GITEX) prep?
Aug 16 15:05:46 jmbuser	tchung: We now have 2-3 volunteers and tomorrow is the deadline to turn in names.
Aug 16 15:06:18 jmbuser	I was asked to prepare a 20-minute booth presentation.
Aug 16 15:07:12 jmbuser	I chose to talk on "Introduction to Fedora 7", assuming a business audience with minimal exposure to FOSS and linux distros.
Aug 16 15:07:09 tchung	jmbuser, do you have enough media (DVDs or LiveCDs) for the event?
Aug 16 15:07:47 jmbuser	tchung: We have 380 Fedora 7 DVDS, which I assume are not Live CDs, but not sure.
Aug 16 15:08:37 tchung	jmbuser, that's right. Fedora DVDs are not LiveCDs. :)
Aug 16 15:09:12 tchung	jmbuser, do you have anything else to add?
Aug 16 15:10:23 jmbuser	tchung: I guess we need 6  or so Fedora shirts and any other items deemed appropriate.
Aug 16 15:11:34 tchung	jmbuser, there is a third party online shop where you can order Fedora t-shirts.
Aug 16 15:11:52 tchung	See
Aug 16 15:12:07 jmbuser	tchung: thanks
Aug 16 15:12:12 tchung	You can request for reimbursement for the t-shirts.
Aug 16 15:13:16 tchung	Now, how's it going with "OpenExpo 2007",  fabian_a?
Aug 16 15:14:16 fabian_a	we have dvd from rh munich
Aug 16 15:14:47 fabian_a	we will wear our ambassador polo shirts
Aug 16 15:15:29 tchung	fabian_a, how many people do you expect in OpenExpo 2007?
Aug 16 15:16:06 fabian_a a business event...i guess around 1000
Aug 16 15:17:30 tchung	Well, let me give you my own reports on Ambassadors membership and Free Media Program.
Aug 16 15:17:43 tchung	As of today, 244 *verified* members in Fedora Ambassadors Project.
Aug 16 15:17:51 tchung
Aug 16 15:17:56 tchung	We still have 32 members who have not completed the membership process.
Aug 16 15:18:44 tchung	If you'd like to volunteer to encourage them to complete the membership process, please do so.
Aug 16 15:19:05 tchung	As of today, 43 requests have been accepted in Fedora Free Media Program in August.
Aug 16 15:19:11 tchung
Aug 16 15:19:19 tchung	We still have 57 requests in the waiting list which we need to fulfill.
Aug 16 15:19:24 tchung	...
Aug 16 15:19:29 tchung	If you haven't accpeted any request for this month, I'd like to ask to consider following 3 options:
Aug 16 15:19:35 tchung	1) Join and accept one or more media requests directly from Free Media Program.
Aug 16 15:19:43 tchung
Aug 16 15:19:45 tchung	...
Aug 16 15:19:51 tchung	2) Order one or more media from Sponsored Media Program.
Aug 16 15:19:57 tchung
Aug 16 15:19:58 tchung	...
Aug 16 15:20:04 tchung	3) Donate $5 or more to support Free Media Program.
Aug 16 15:20:10 tchung

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