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fabian_a let's have monthly Fedora Ambassadors Meeting for EMEA
fabian_a Please state your wiki name please (aka roll call).
spevack MaxSpevack
red_alert SandroMathys
fcrippa FrancescoCrippa
* kital (n=Joerg_Si@fedora/kital) has joined #fedora-meeting
fabian_a FabianAffolter
red_alert AndreasRau told me he regrets to not be able to be here
* spevack thought this meeting was every week.. it's only once a month?
spevack is GeroldKa here?
fabian_a yes, only once a month
kital JoergSimon <- late
fabian_a where are all the other ambassadors?
fabian_a are we going to cancel this meeting because we are only 5 people?
kital wait a view minutes
spevack i have a few questions i'd like to ask, while we at least have a few people here.
spevack hi ChitleshGoorah!
rsc oh
rsc RobertScheck
ChitleshGoorah hai spevack
ChitleshGoorah ChitleshGoorah
fabian_a spevack: go a head
rsc fabian_a: there was no reminder AFAIK
red_alert if Andreas hadn't told me he's not attending the meeting like 40 minutes ago...I'd have missed it too :/
fabian_a rsc: there was a reminder on monday
spevack Well, I wanted to see if everything is ready for FOSDEM -- if there is anything else people need.
* ChitleshGoorah now confirms his presence at FOSDEM :)
rsc fabian_a: between Monday and today were worlds for me, sorry.
ChitleshGoorah but stays only up to 12h on sunday
spevack And second, I wanted to know if there is a separate meeting for the LinuxTag planning, or if we talk about that here.
rsc spevack: it is likely, that a second real-life meeting for LinuxTag will bring more results - just FYI
rsc Gerold mentioned such a second meeting vaguely in the past
rsc (of course, we can talk about everything here as well)
fabian_a spevack, right now there is only the mailing list. there is no further meeting planned so far
spevack fabian_a: can I get added to that mailing list (mspevack at for LinuxTag planning?
spevack I placed an order last week for 1,000 Fedora stickers and 200 Fedora tshirts... almost all of that will be for LinuxTag
fabian_a spevack, i will take care about that
spevack we will make more swag than that later, but I wanted to order this stuff early because we had some extra money.
kital !
fabian_a kital:
kital should we make a second RoleCall ? and start the meeting?
fabian_a sure
kital do it! eof
fabian_a please state your wiki name and start with the meeting
fabian_a once again
kanarip JeroenVanMeeuwen
fabian_a FabianAffolter
kital JoergSimon
fcrippa FrancescoCrippa
ChitleshGoorah ChitleshGoorah:
spevack MaxSpevack
red_alert SandroMathys
red_alert as I said before, AndreasRau regrets to not be able to attend
rsc RobertScheck
MrTom ThomasCanniot
fabian_a Just the normal reminder. We'll still follow our meeting protocol to make this meeting quick and efficient.
tw2113 MichaelBeckwith
fabian_a open our meeting page at if you like
fabian_a 1. Report current status of FAmSCo
fabian_a fugolini is not present. skip this...
fabian_a next topic: Ambassadors Membership
fabian_a As of 2008-02-11, 305 Ambassadors have been verified (signed CLA and joined 'ambassadors' group)
spevack !
fabian_a spevack:
ChitleshGoorah !
spevack do we know how many of those 305 are new since last month? And do we know how many of those 305 are in EMEA specifically?
spevack eof
fabian_a i guess not but there are ways to register the new ambassadors every month
spevack i think that it is very important
spevack to not only have the *total* number of ambassadors
spevack but also to know the growth each month, and the regions where that growth is happening.
spevack That is the sort of data that is very useful to Fedora Board and Red Hat in securing budget for Ambassadors.
fabian_a they can separate by countries ->
kanarip +1
spevack the time i spent in europe last year was very useful for this
spevack and we have more money for Ambassadors in general -- all over the world -- because we saw how strong Europe was, and we also know that South America is very strong.
spevack and now Greg and I will be focusing much more on those two regions in the coming year than in the past.
spevack So it will be up to the local groups -- and also FAMSCO -- to continue to provide folks like me with the data that we need to get budget.
spevack EOF -- sorry to ramble
kanarip !
fabian_a i will collect this data. like for the fad 2007 at berlin
fabian_a ChitleshGoorah,
ChitleshGoorah talking about CLA, I have noticed some contributors (packagers mostly) are using fake names rather than real names. this is mostly a fedora advisory board issue, but its worth that everyone knows this issue so that we can little by little prevent such things: _eoc_
valen1 is this the channel for EMEA meeting? sorry for being late...
valen1 tehnical issues because I'm not connecting from home
spevack valen1: this is the right place :)
spevack ChitleshGoorah: can you send a mail to f-a-b about that? and then they can take care of it (hopefully).
spevack ChitleshGoorah: maybe give some examples. Or if you want, send me the examples and I will write the mail to f-a-b
ChitleshGoorah when i'll have time i'll do it
spevack EOF
fabian_a thanks ChitleshGoorah
valen1 I'm Croatian Ambassador, and this is my first contact in any official irc ambassadors channel.
spevack valen1: Welcome! we are all happy to meet you!
valen1 thank you
fabian_a valen1, please follow the protocol
fabian_a are we done with Ambassadors Membership?
kanarip i had an outstanding !
fabian_a sorry, kanarip
kanarip i remember i had to update the countrylist manually when i joined the ambassadors, so that isn't representing the numbers exactly. I recall FAS has some information about the country for each FAS member so maybe we can check who is where in the 'ambassadors' group using that. EOF
spevack !
fabian_a spevack,
spevack In the past 2 days I have sent email to mike mcgrath and toshio asking if they can help pull data like this from the FAS. I think that it is probably very easy for them.
* spevack cares a lot about statistics and metrics/
spevack EOF
kanarip +1, or "cool"
fabian_a anything else?
fabian_a next, please open Fedora Events
kital !
* KAM (n=karim_ah@ has joined #fedora-meeting
fabian_a let's start with Linux Solutions, MrTom perhaps
fabian_a kital,
kital Material& Material Tracker?
MrTom !
kital The Generic Poster we decided is designed and i will get Prints on Truckplane tomorrow so we can see how they will work
kital so we have that for now
spevack !
kital eof
fabian_a we have kicked the material tracker because there was only a little feedback about this during the last year
fabian_a spevack,
spevack MrTom was first... i yield to him
fabian_a then MrTom,
MrTom ok Solutions Linux was a great success. We had the chance to received the 100 live cds the first morning of the event directly on the booth, thanks to Gerold reactivity. All the DVDs were sold or given.
spevack ?
MrTom we also tried to have contact with Franz Meier, but he was too busy and we missed him.
MrTom eof
fabian_a spevack,
spevack two things
spevack first
spevack i want everyone here to understand something about budget
spevack at Red Hat
spevack March 1 is the date where we get new budget for the year.
spevack For europe, we have several ideas for this budget -- a few big shows like LinuxTag and FOSDEM, probably one big FUDCon somewhere in Europe, etc.
spevack But also we have budget -- about $12,000 per quarter, for the entire world -- for smaller shows.
spevack So I look at the FedoraEvents page
spevack and I realize that we didn't help with LinuxSolutions at all for budget.
spevack but I want to fix problems like that in the future
fcrippa !
spevack so i just want you all to know -- we will have much more budget starting March 1, and now that I am not the overall Fedora Leader anymore, I am going to be focusing lots of my time on Ambassadors
spevack and events worldwide.
spevack as is Greg DeKoenigsberg
spevack second thing...
spevack MrTom did we sign up any new contributors at LinuxSolutions?
spevack I think it is very important that we try to help new contributors sign the CLA and get their Fedora account at shows.
spevack EOF
MrTom !
glezos hi all, sorry I'm late -- was at work
fabian_a fcrippa,
fabian_a then MrTom,
fcrippa I've seen there's a "RedHat Partner Summit" in EMEA this year, very similar to RH Summit (usa) format
fcrippa do you think it could be possible to have a "fedora" space into this event?
spevack fcrippa: I think that Red Hat is planning *something* in Europe similar to the RH Summit in the USA. And if/when that happens, we will try to have a Fedora event at the same time.
valen1 +1 for helping contributos sing CLA
fcrippa eof
spevack fcrippa: we are having a FUDCon at the same time as the RH Summit in USA.
spevack And from now on, we will have a FUDCon at every RH Summit, anywhere in the world.
spevack EOF
MrTom spevack, unfortunately no, most people come here to know what fedora is, get a cd, and to make criticism (good or bad) of the distro, or to have a chat with us. eof
spevack MrTom: ok.
glezos spevack: that's great news
fabian_a next event: Lolug Pillole at Lodi (formally "Fedora by Night")
spevack fcrippa: This is the first I have heard of the partner summit in your link... so i don't know if Fedora will be there. But *after* that, we will definitely have Fedora at all major RH events in Europe (that is my plan)
spevack EOF
fcrippa spevack: +1
fabian_a fcrippa, something about Lolug Pillole at Lodi
fcrippa ok
fcrippa Everything should be ready
fcrippa I've received dvds from spevack some weeks ago
fabian_a thanks fcrippa
fcrippa t-shirts and caps (20 items) from spriedshirt last week (with local "own" budget)
fcrippa and tomorrow I hope to have mairin posters printed
spevack !
fcrippa We've got al least 3 big online italian newspaper that report news about "fedora by night"
fcrippa eof
fabian_a spevack,
spevack After March 1 when we have our new budget
spevack I will be happy to pay the costs of several sets of Mairin's posters to be made for the European ambassadors
spevack so if fcrippa or kital are making them, i can pay you back in a few weeks.
spevack one question.
spevack are we translating the posters?
spevack or just english?
spevack EOF
fcrippa !
rsc !
* kital not - because i use it in Brussels Germany and Poland
rsc +1
fabian_a fcrippa
fcrippa just english
fcrippa in Italian they sound a bit strange...
fcrippa best results with english version
fcrippa eof
red_alert +1
glezos spevack: FWIW, I'll translate it for a local event.
fabian_a rsc,
rsc fabian_a: just the same as kital (and +1 as mentioned) EOF
fabian_a ok
valen1 ?
fabian_a valen1,
valen1 I have a question about budgeting. Does the budget cover some events that promote fedora but aren't shows?
valen1 I have a project in mind that would get quite large media coverage in Croatian mainstream media and I would like to present it like Red Hat/Fedora sponsored event.
spevack !
valen1 It would be localisation marathon - we would get 10-15 contributors to work on translation of Fedora, Gnome and other projects to Croatia. That would be a great way of promoting Fedora as a distribution for education, local groverment, etc...
valen1 I believe that this would be a really not expensive event. And we would also like to distribute fedora promo materials on this event that would be 2 days long. We could do this every month... and we believe that after 2-3 events we would get local companies to cover the budget.
valen1 How does this sound to you?
valen1 eof
spevack valen1: I think it sounds very, very interesting. and I would think that glezos, who is our translation and localization king, could probably help you out. I am happy to support an activity like that.
spevack I really need to do a longer presentation to all of you about our budget.
spevack But to explain it in 30 seconds:
spevack there is money set aside specifically for shows and events
spevack but there is also money set aside for localization, and for other opportunities that we can't forsee but that come up.
spevack valen1: for anything specific to the actual *work* around localization, i suggest you talk to glezos. For any money needs, I am the guy to talk to.
spevack EOF
glezos !
fabian_a glezos,
glezos valen1: *any* help I can give, just yell. In fact, I'll come private now or a bit later to make sure you have everything you need.
glezos eof
fabian_a ok, next event
fabian_a FOSDEM 2008
fabian_a any news?
glezos wiki page:
glezos !
fabian_a glezos,
kital !
glezos fabian_a: seems we'll be a big bunch of people, yay!
fabian_a we will :-)
glezos I have scheduled a meeting with the mediawiki guys to talk about localization, since we're thinking about having it as our wiki solution
glezos And also I'd really like us to sit down and discuss localization, our tools, community around translations and *everything* around this issue.
glezos So I'll make sure to go around and find a slot of 1-2 hours to properly cover everything, so that I'll make sure you have what you need for getting the word out to any local group/language
glezos eof
kanarip hold on guys i gotta jump irc servers the one i'm connected to is going down for maintainance
* ChitleshGoorah now confirms his presence at FOSDEM :) but will return early
fabian_a kital,
* kital will bring "older" OLPC from Max, will bring the Posters - and the Fedora Ambassador Polos which are ordered and will arrive in time
kital eof
* spevack is trying to get some new OLPC in time for LinuxTag
* ChitleshGoorah will bring a KDE4 on a laptop + FEL applications :)
* glezos will bring a Tux poster 3m high :P
fabian_a anything else about FOSDEM?
red_alert !
fabian_a red_alert,
MrTom !
red_alert I just got message from the linuxtag organizers...they'll attend FOSDEM (and some other european events in the next some weeks) too...maybe a good chance to clear some things in person where necessary
red_alert eof
fabian_a MrTom,
MrTom french people should normaly bring 100 Fedora badges, this is an exprimental order from us.
MrTom we don't know if we'll got them on time
MrTom eof
fabian_a thanks, MrTom and red_alert
fabian_a next event: Chemnitzer LinuxTage 2008
kital !
fabian_a kital,
kital Booth is allocated
kanarip !
kital special Poster generated
* kital and rsc, JensKuehnel DanielKretzschmer are Ambassadors off duty
kital eof
* ChitleshGoorah motivates ambassadors to go to chemnitz, their social party is great :)
fabian_a thanks, kital
fabian_a next will be OpenExpo 2008 Berne
spevack !
fabian_a spevack,
spevack if either fabian_a or kital need some budget to help make your events more successful, I can give you that after March 1. Let me know.
spevack eof
fabian_a thanks, spevack. so far we have Live CDs from GeroldKa and some posters from last year. maybe a text-banner too
* kital has noticed
fabian_a i want to discuss the rest during fosdem because kital is there, too
fabian_a next: LinuxTag
fabian_a there was a offline meeting at the begin of february
fabian_a check out if you want to help
fabian_a anything else about Fedora Events?
glezos (Thumbs-up for organizing stuff in the open, on the wiki!)
spevack !
fabian_a spevack,
spevack I have one quick question
spevack i notice that there are lots of EMEA events in Feb, Mar, Apr, May.
spevack After linux tag
spevack the EventsList for Europe drops off a lot
spevack are there no other events, or are they just not on the list yet?
spevack eof
rsc !
fabian_a rsc,
rsc AFAIK there are nearly less to no bigger events. Correct me, if I'm wrong.
rsc EOF
kital !
fabian_a kital,
kital Froscon, Frühjahrsfachgespräch are the only - i know
kital eof
fabian_a froscon is already on the list
fcrippa !
fabian_a fcrippa,
fcrippa In Italy will be "Linux Day"
spevack well, then the less busy time will be a good time to try to organize a Europe FUDCon ;)
fcrippa more then 100 small event in the same moment
fcrippa one for each italian cities
fcrippa last year ubuntu dominated dvd distribution...
fcrippa so I hope this year also fedora can participate to dvd war..
glezos spevack: definitely! Distances are small here, so we could get a lot of people together more easily.
fcrippa eof
fcrippa (linux day should be last week of october)
valen1 ?
fcrippa spevack: +1
fabian_a valen1,
valen1 Will there be a full text copy of this meeting - if it will - where and when?
valen1 glezos please contact me offline because I have to go now. My email is because I have lots of localization questions.
valen1 Thank you all and bye.
valen1 eof
glezos valen1: will do!
fabian_a more issues about events?
kanarip there's an event called "HCC dagen" with about 120.000 visitors in Oct/Nov in the Netherlands
red_alert !
spevack kanarip: add it! :)
fabian_a please add all events to
fabian_a red_alert,
red_alert I know that FrOSCon is taking place no earlier than august...but just to check, is there someone feeling responsible for that event? they should add themselves to the FedoraEvents page
red_alert eof
fabian_a next topic: NPO
fabian_a kanarip please
kanarip ok
kanarip i've sent the latest draft of the NPO statutes to the mailing list, incorporating some of the comments made on the first draft
kanarip Gerold indicates that the financial department in Germany still needs to "OK" the first draft and that is just to indicate there are no fundamental problems -nothing official about their answer-
kanarip We've set up a page where you can self-nominate if you would want to run for board and the law requires a minimum of 4 people on the board, and so far 4 people have nominated themselves
rsc !
kanarip note that amongst those 4 is MaxSpevack, who regretably will not be able to attend FOSDEM and can therefore not be elected :/
spevack :(
kanarip again, that's a requirement by law and not something we made up on the spot < sorry max :/
spevack kanarip: but i will someday stage a coup! ;)
kanarip you will i'm sure i'll be watching you ;-)
spevack kanarip: it's ok. I even noted that on the page
* spot ponders a coup
kanarip so far, so good, gerold and i have been thinking about postponing the foundation if there is 1) not enough candidates for board, or 2) if the ambassadors think max should be there when it all goes down
rsc There was a parol "OK" by a German financial department for the first draft (?), but nothing in written form, yet -- EOF (fabian_a, you're to slow)
kanarip 3) whatever other reason you can think of... fill us in
kanarip any questions?
fabian_a now it's up to rsc :-)
kanarip there is an opportunity on the table to motion... i'll ask again, any questions?
red_alert ?
fabian_a red_alert,
glezos kanarip: FWIW, I'm planning on nominate for the board as well
spevack spot: i called dibs on the coup, but you can be my minion if you like ;)
kanarip no-one wants to suggest postponing and make a motion to do so?
kanarip red_alert, there's your answer i guess ;-)
red_alert we could still have a general member meeting at linuxtag in berlin in order to give more members to be voted into the board that can't go to FOSDEM, right? of course we still need 4 nominees at FOSDEM
spot spevack: yes, but i will be at fosdem. muahaa!
* spevack shakes his fist
red_alert oh...eof
kanarip red_alert, maybe we could i'll have to clear that up with Gerold
kanarip fabian_a, i guess there's no more questions or comments so we can continue ;-)
kanarip EOF
rsc kanarip: +1 / red_alert: -1
fabian_a thanks, kanarip
fabian_a the stage is open
kanarip rsc, +1 to what exactly?
ChitleshGoorah Here is presentation I did for Fedora Electronic Lab, , please pass it on to those you may know who might interested. I talked about where FEL applications can be used and how academic institutions might take advantage of it.
ChitleshGoorah eof
fabian_a anything else?
kanarip apparently not
fabian_a ok
rsc kanarip: communication with Gerold about this/doing it still on FOSDEM
fabian_a 5
fabian_a 4
fabian_a 3
fabian_a 2
fabian_a 1
fabian_a Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-02-13 has been adjourned. Next meeting in March 2008.

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