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mkranz Hi folks!
spevack hi!
mkranz Anybody here for the EMEA Ambassador meeting? :)
mkranz Hi Max!
* spevack waves
jmbuser jsmith-teaching: just finished the meeting - moving to fedora-docs
fcrippa mkranz: yep ;-)
jsmith-teaching Perfect timing
quaid feel free to just grab the /topic
* jsmith-teaching unlurks
quaid since I can't get to the original on the wiki page atm
zydoon hi
mkranz Okay, does not sound like hundreds of Ambassadors ... :)
* spevack tries to pull up the agenda on the wiki
tc1415 hi all
zydoon ZiedFakhfakh
mkranz Hi, welcome all to our monthly EMEA Ambassador call.
tc1415 BenLewis
Milanito hi all
jmbuser JohnBabich
spevack Max Spevack
mkranz Matthias Kranz
fcrippa FrancescoCrippa
mkranz tc1415?
mkranz Milanito?
tc1415 BenLewis
mkranz tc1415: Ah, sorry, Ben!
tc1415 mkranz, thats ok
Milanito actually im not yet an ambassador i'm here to learn ^^ but i did ask to be one
Milanito MatthieuRondeau on the wiki
mkranz Milanito: Merci beaucoup!
spevack Milanito: welcome
Milanito ty
Milanito thanks*
mkranz Okay, then let's start with the first topic on the agenda.
fcrippa Milanito: welcome!
mkranz - News from Famsco
mkranz Anybody?
spevack If no one else from famsco is here, i can say a few words
* mkranz hides since he has no clue.
AndreasR I am here
spevack AndreasR: why don't you go ahead, and then I
AndreasR but at the moment I ve nothing to say
spevack will add on
spevack ok, I'll go then :)
AndreasR Max
AndreasR thx
spevack So I am not an "official" member of FAMSCo, but one of the things that I am spending more of my time on now < spevack> is being a "mentor" and "helper" to FAMSCo
spevack there are a few things FAMSCo is working on
spevack that will be of interest to Fedora EMEA
spevack the first is making sure that every event can have financial support
spevack Famsco will be sending an email to fedora-ambassadors-list soon
spevack but basically
spevack if you look at the Events page on the Fedora wiki
glezos Dimitris Glezos
glezos :)
* jmbuser got distracted - continue Max
spevack you will see that we break the year down into 4 quarters
spevack and we are going to plan the funding for events based on those quarters
spevack because that is how Red Hat handles its budgets
spevack For EMEA
spevack the only event left on the schedule until the end of may is linuxtag
spevack and that has a "separate" budget
spevack but for the June - August quarter, we will try to have all worldwide ambassadors update the event page by May 1 with the events that will be in June-August, and then we will be able to give funding.
spevack the email that will come out soon will have more detailed explanations
spevack any questions right now?
tc1415 ?
spevack go ahead
tc1415 I assume that that May 1st date is the deadline for having funding?
tc1415 eof
spevack Well, we want to make a deadline of "getting the list of all events" 1 month before the beginning of the quarter.
spevack So March - May is one quarter
spevack but the only event left is LinuxTag
spevack June - August is the 2nd quarter, and we want to try to know by May 1 all the events we need to fund
spevack so that there is 1 month to plan
tc1415 right, ok, just wondering
spevack similarly, the 3rd quarter will be Sep - Nov, and we will try to have an August 1 deadline
spevack ok.. good question!
spevack any other questions or comments?
Milanito ?
spevack go ahead
spevack in case anyone doesn't know where the events page is.
Milanito might seem silly but i was wondering how do you define event because in my school we might be organising a linux event
spevack the definition is fairly loose.
spevack in my opinion, an event is any time someone or a group of people
spevack is going to speak about Fedora, or "represent" Fedora in an official kind of way
spevack Some events are huge, like LinuxTag
spevack some events are small, like someone going to speak at a school or university.
spevack from the perspective of framsco
spevack s/framsco/FAMSCO/
spevack what we want to know about is events that the Ambassador requires assistance either with planning, or with materials, or with content, etc.
spevack does that answer your question?
Milanito yeah pretty much the event will be more like a presentation of linux, with fedora ubuntu etc...
Milanito so i guess it can be considered as an event
spevack That is definitely something that we would be happy to assist with
Milanito thats great then
spevack feel free to add it to the page, and then as it gets closer, we will discuss/plan for it
spevack If there are no other questions, we can move on to the next agenda item.
* spevack looks at mkranz :)
* mkranz feels observed.
mkranz Okay.
* spevack looks at AndreasR instead
AndreasR not at this point
AndreasR thx
AndreasR later
mkranz Max, anything else to add from Famsco?
spevack no, that's all from me.
mkranz Okay.
mkranz Then next point of the agenda.
AndreasR !
mkranz AndreasR: go ahead!
AndreasR I think it is important that we get the agenda points... if it is okay I want to say something at the end
AndreasR eof
mkranz AndreasR: Yes, of course.
mkranz No problem.
mkranz I think we will be through very quickly.
mkranz Next point is:
mkranz - Report current status of Ambassadors Materials Tracker and Ambassadors Membership Verification
mkranz Anybody?
* mkranz hides because he had no fingers on the agenda.
spevack The Tracker is empty. Lots of swag is being made. As requests come in, we can fill them.
zydoon ?
mkranz zydoon: go ahead.
glezos ?
zydoon as we will organising F launch day (s install party
zydoon we gonna need some media
zydoon in Tunisia
spevack !
zydoon would you please tell me how long will take to have them shipped,
mkranz spevack: go ahead!
zydoon so I can prepare my self, if I will burn them here
zydoon eof
spevack I think that we need to make media somewhere in EMEA that can ship to other places in EMEA. And we make media in USA for places in USA. But it is a waste of money to ship CDs across the ocean, and pay for customs.
spevack Fedora can pay the bill, but I need help from locals in Europe to find a good manufacturer and price.
zydoon indeed
mkranz !
spevack if someone wants to work with me offline, I can explain the requirements and price range.
spevack EOF
mkranz glezos: You first, then me!
mkranz glezos: Or I would like to add something to the current thread.
mkranz spevack: I could help out probably.
glezos mkranz: oh, I was just wondering a similar thing to zydoon. I'm presenting at a medium-ish event in Athens next Friday and I was wondering if there was any possibility to have some media with such late notice.
mkranz As you may know I am working for Red Hat in Munich, Germany.
mkranz We are producing the DVDs for our local CollStuffStore.
spevack glezos: nothing i can do to help, unfortunately. we're completely out of F8 media. maybe you could offer to take people's usb keys and turn them into LiveUSB's?
mkranz And we are able to get them produced for very small money.
spevack mkranz: maybe you and i can talk offline then about options for Fedora 9
glezos spevack: excellend idea, thanks.
spevack and LinuxTag
mkranz glezos: How many DVDs do you need?
mkranz spevack: Yep, we will do.
glezos mkranz: 100-150 I guess.
* spevack makes a note to follow up
mkranz glezos: Please send me an email to mkranz redhat com with your contact details.
mkranz glezos: When do you need them?
glezos It's a FOSS community event, ie target audience not users but contributors, so I think a strong presence would be important. But I neglected letting you guys know earlier, too much happening recently.
glezos mkranz: By Thu 20/3
mkranz glezos: Where are you located?
glezos mkranz: stuff could be shipped to Athens, Greece
mkranz Ah, I see, in Athens, Greece.
zydoon !
glezos maybe we could take this offline, and let the meeting continue.
mkranz glezos: Pretty sure.
mkranz zydoon: go ahead!
zydoon we will holding f9 launch day 10 days after release
zydoon so if you think it's better I make the media locally, please tell me
zydoon eof
mkranz zydoon: That's a pretty tight schedule when it comes to procuding the DVDs here in Munich.
zydoon ok
spevack zydoon: if i were you
zydoon I'll do it here
spevack i would begin looking into a local producer.
zydoon ok
zydoon fine
mkranz I don't think that we are going to make it in time.
spevack because the F9 bits only are finalized 3 or 4 days before release
mkranz That's the problem.
zydoon understood
spevack it is very hard to turn around media in that kind of timeframe with any shipping
zydoon it's not a problem :)
spevack zydoon: we can help pay! please stay in touch :)
zydoon I'll handle it
mkranz Okay.
zydoon ok thanks
zydoon eof
mkranz Next point in the agenda:
mkranz - Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in EMEA. See Fedora Events page.
mkranz Okay, anybody here who could speak about
mkranz - Lolug Pillole at Lodi (formally "Fedora by Night")
mkranz - FOSDEM 2008
mkranz - Chemnitzer LinuxTage 2008
mkranz - (OpenExpo 2008 Berne)
mkranz ?
fcrippa !
mkranz I mean, in addition to the great reports we have seen on our beloved mailing list.
mkranz fcrippa: go ahead!
fcrippa I reported about "Fedora by Night" event during last Fedora EMEA Abassadors Meeting (one month ago?)
fcrippa I don't know why it's still in agenda
fcrippa by the way, you can find all information and photos here:
glezos !
mkranz fcrippa: Do not know it, too.
* spevack remembers hearing great things about Fedora By Night and FOSDEM.
fcrippa eof
mkranz glezos: go ahead!
spevack ! (after glezos)
glezos I found FOSDEM (once again) a *great* conference for EMEA to get together. I propose to try and somewhat advocate it as something like an annual meetup for EMEA and the L10n project.
fcrippa glezos: +1
glezos For example, we could try and cover some expenses for making sure the EMEA folks and the (soon to be created) Fedora L10n Steering Committee could be there.
glezos (eof)
mkranz spevack: go ahead!
spevack glezos: on the subject of FOSDEM
spevack glezos: the CommunityArchitecture team
(which I am now part of) has listed LinuxTag and FOSDEM as the two *major* European events. Each gets its own separate funding. We have $15,000 USD set aside for FOSDEM 2009, so your vision will be reality.
spevack on the topic of events in general
glezos fantastic.
spevack I think the reports on ambassadors-list and Fedora Planet have been very high quality lately, and I am happy.
spevack EOF
mkranz spevack: I think we all are happy about this!
jmbuser +1
AndreasR :)
spevack AndreasR always tells me I need to smile more :)
AndreasR right
mkranz Okay, last minor topic in this major bullet point is:
mkranz - News about LinuxTag 2008
mkranz Anybody?
spevack well, Gerold is not here right now, but I have been paying attention and I believe that everything is on target.
AndreasR +1
spevack We should be sure to get a big update next month, since it will be only 5 weeks before LinuxTag
spevack EOF
mkranz spevack: I will talk to Gerold about it.
valent npr. za placanje standova za konferencije
AndreasR !
mkranz By the way, for all people who are interested:
mkranz AndreasR: go ahead!
spevack mkranz: you will be at LT?
valent sorry wrong irc window
AndreasR you are right I talked to him yesterday... they are doing well
AndreasR but I think it is better to wait...till next week
mkranz spevack: I will try to make it, yes.
AndreasR Gerold or someone else will give us an update
AndreasR eof
spevack Gerold is very busy at work right now, I believe.
AndreasR yes
mkranz spevack: But as you know, it is the most important quarter in the history of ...
mkranz Okay.
mkranz Next point.
spevack mkranz: LOL
mkranz - Status of the NPO
mkranz We have seen the reports about FOSDEM and the "side note" of the NPO :)
mkranz Anybody here wants to add something to it?
spevack I don't think any of the Board Members of the NPO are here right now.....
spevack Gerold, Jeroen, and Robert
mkranz I would propose that Gerold should give an update/introduction about this next month as well!
AndreasR !
mkranz AndreasR: go ahead!
fcrippa spevack: ...and Fabian ;-)
AndreasR I will talk tomorrow with gerold...he will be informed
AndreasR eof
mkranz AndreasR: Great! Thanks a lot.
mkranz Last point on our agenda: Open floor!
mkranz Anybody wants to speak about anything?
spevack i have one
mkranz Let's gather some points.
mkranz AndreasR: You wanted to add something?
AndreasR jep
AndreasR is it the time
* spevack will go after andreas
AndreasR As a famsco member I wanted to add a small (maybe mid size) comment -
AndreasR As you know currently famsco got some tasks for what they (we) are ... EventBudget... helping with events...etc... you can read it on the wiki...
AndreasR but everything will not work if we will not get information from you...
AndreasR so as Francesco did it in the past I want to do it again -
AndreasR We need you to do this job - Information is the key.. and you are the source -
AndreasR so please if there is a problem or anything else we can be helpfull please don't be (don't know that term)... let us know - please send us mails - send us informations - reports... everything we can work with
AndreasR Max something to add ....
rsc mkranz: sorry, I'm very late. Status of NPO is, that we'll be on monday at the register court to get e.V. and we can really start hopefully soon.
AndreasR eof
mkranz AndreasR: +1
jmbuser As a fellow member of FAmSco, a big +1
jmbuser eof
mkranz rsc: Thanks for the update.
spevack +1 to Andreas also
mkranz Okay, spevack go ahead!
spevack I just wanted to add quickly -- some of you already have seen on my blog ( but Red Hat will be sending me to Europe in May to take a leadership role in community building and fedora through the EMEA region. Very exciting for all of us, and gives me a chance to work much closer with folks like mkranz and all our Fedora Ambassadors
spevack My job will be to lead Fedora/Red Hat community efforts throughout EMEA.
spevack EOF
Milanito !
mkranz Milanito: go ahead!
* mkranz feels sorry for being unresponsive.
Milanito ok since I'm not yet an ambassador, it a message for the future, but I try to get involved in the community, actually working with the french trad team, and we are gathereing some people from the french forum in paris
valent ?
Milanito and I'd be very happy to meet and share information with people based in europe
mkranz Milanito: You probably know that there is a quite active Ambassador community in France?!
Milanito yeah I know I"ve also made contact with them
mkranz valent: You will be the next, just hang on for a second.
Milanito but since I'm here why not say so too ^^
valent where will these EMEA meetings take place? Which countries? In Croatia for example I just statred to be ambassador....
valent sorry
mkranz Milanito: You're welcome of course!
mkranz I just wanted to make sure that you know about it :)
Milanito for example there will be next friday a meeting about fedora with some guy of the french forums
#fedora-meeting: < Milanito> eof 21:49
#fedora-meeting: < mkranz> valent: What do you mean with "EMEA meetings"? 21:49
valent where will these EMEA meetings take place? Which countries? In Croatia for example I just statred to be ambassador....
valent and there isn't really some community but I'm willing to travel somewhere to a fedora emea meeting in a country not too far from croatia.
valent I mean emea meetings with max
spevack valent: i will be traveling to many events throughout emea
valent eof
spevack valent: one of the goals that we have with our increased funding for events
spevack is specifically in order to help Ambassadors with travel costs from time to time
spevack so that people who are spread in different countries
spevack all have a chance to meet face to face
valent ?
spevack go ahead
valent That is clear to me... but you still don't know where exactly
valent that is why I wanted to know.
valent eof
spevack well, LinuxTag in Berlin is the next really big event that many Fedora people will be at.
spevack beyond that, I have to look at the list....
spevack one of the things that we will discuss
spevack as a community
valent ok, I'll be reading your blog and stocking you :)
spevack once I am settled in Europe
mkranz spevack: By the way. Do you already know where exactly in Europe you want to settle? :)
spevack is having one or two "Fedora Ambassador Days" where we gather people together. Maybe one in Western Europe (using LinuxTag) and something else in Eastern Europe.
mkranz Not that Europe is really big but ...
mkranz ;)
spevack mkranz: all the conversations I have had with HR have focused on my "home base" being the Netherlands.
spevack but i will do a good bit of travel to various places... compared to getting around the US I am not too worried :)
spevack any other questions for me?
valent nope
GeroldKa hi all
mkranz spevack: Ah, great. Bring some Regenstiefel then.
spevack valent: we'll stay in touch. we know where to find each other ;)
spevack hi GeroldKa!
mkranz GeroldKa: Great to see you.
GeroldKa sorry for beeing late :-(
mkranz GeroldKa: No prob at all.
fcrippa GeroldKa: jusy in time
spevack well, unless GeroldKa wants to give a quick update about LinuxTag, I think we are almost done?
GeroldKa was with a accident (Volleyball) at the hospital
GeroldKa but not me :-)
mkranz GeroldKa: Lucky you!
mkranz GeroldKa: I wonder, if you would like to give a brief status of the preparation of LinuxTag?
mkranz Just a quick one?
mkranz And then we are through for tonight.
GeroldKa well ...
GeroldKa I asked the team for an update but I don't receive any responds till now
GeroldKa we have a reserved booth ...
GeroldKa we have a lot of things planed
GeroldKa we have a confirmed and reserved room contingent in Berlin
GeroldKa and we have a lot of VIPs at Linuxtag
GeroldKa that's all at the moment :-(
spevack AndreasR: tell Gerold to smile!
GeroldKa unfortunatly I'm waiting for trouble shooting contest, also confirmation of FUDCon
AndreasR sir , yes , sir
mkranz GeroldKa: No prob at all.
AndreasR Gerold smile
GeroldKa :-)
AndreasR max..
mkranz That's a big smile, indeed.
mkranz Okay.
GeroldKa one "leader" to rule them all ........
GeroldKa *g*
mkranz I'd like to finish then with the official part of the meeting.
mkranz And then we might have some virtual beer together.
mkranz ;)
mkranz Anything to add by anyone?
* spevack will buy people real beer in Berlin
mkranz 5
mkranz 4
mkranz 3
valent +1
GeroldKa !
mkranz Shit.
spevack thank you everyone -- please email me with anything you need
mkranz GeroldKa: go ahead!
GeroldKa I take that point Max, and I'll remember you ....
mkranz Ah, okay.
GeroldKa day by day :-P
mkranz 2
GeroldKa eof
mkranz 1
* mkranz is ringing the bell.
mkranz See you next time then.
spevack mkranz: thanks for leading the meeting
jmbuser :-D
AndreasR have a good night or whatever
AndreasR will need coffee
zydoon good night everyone and thank you
mkranz spevack: You're welcome!
mkranz Thank you all for attending this call tonight. I wish you a pleasant night - Gute Nacht! See/read you next month.

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