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fabian_a Welcome everybody. Let's have Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA
wonderer1 ah, ok.
heffer_ ok
fabian_a Who is here? Roll call. Please state your first name and surname (in the past this was your wiki name)
* wonderer1 is here
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
* wonderer1 = henrik Heigl
heffer_ Felix Kaechele
fabian_a FabianAffolter
rsc Robert Scheck
fabian_a lfoppiano, McGiwer,
spevack pong
spevack sorry
spevack MaxSpevack
fabian_a ok, not that much attendance ;-)
fabian_a First point: News from FAmSCo
spevack !
glezos DimitrisGlezos (semi-here)
fabian_a spevack,
spevack k
spevack well, just from the budget side of FAMSCo, I have a few things to report.
fabian_a ok, go on
spevack first of all, we are continuing to get funds to the event owners who have events coming up
spevack I ask all the event owners to continue to save copies of receipts and stuff, which makes reimbursements much easier.
spevack Also, the t-shirts that Fedora EMEA e.V. purchased have arrived, and they look great.
spevack i want to thank kital for handling that.
spevack we will be selling these shirts at events, so we will make enough money to purchase more, and also for Fedora EMEA e.V. to have some extra funds to sponsor travel, etc.
spevack one last thing
spevack I am personally a bit behind on fedora-ambassadors-list reading the last week or so, so I want to apologize if there is anyone waiting on me for a response that i haven't gotten to.
spevack EOF
wonderer1 !
fugolini !
fabian_a wonderer1, then fugolini
wonderer1 First of all I also want to thank kital, spevak and aal of who else was involed to the T-Shirts. Question: in wich way we (Ambassadors) get them for Events (over fedoraproject page xyz?)? do we pay for them before selling them?
wonderer1 EOF
spevack !
fugolini ok spevack talk you
spevack I can explain
spevack very easy
spevack So, I don't have the exact numbers here, but just assume for a minute that each shirt cost 5 EUR to produce.
spevack And pretend that your event has a budget of 500 EUR.
spevack If you say "max, send me 20 shirts for my event" then I will do that, and we will subtract 100 EUR from your event's budget.
spevack If you sell the shirts, then great. it can help pay for other things at the event, or you can just give the money back and we'll hold it for later.
spevack if you give the shirts away, that's ok too, because they are "paid" for out of the event's budget.
spevack does that make sense?
spevack EOF
glezos spevack: yes
fugolini !
fabian_a fugolini,
wonderer1 ok
fugolini Ok, i'll be brief, just two thinks from FAmSCo
fugolini During the past week we had two main announcment: the first is the "New Members Policy" update
fugolini thanks to kital suggestions. Those changes will help better focusing on people and will simplify new members and AMA too
fugolini Ambassadors Membership Administrators
fugolini for infos about this take a look at
fugolini The last important update was the official position taken by FAmSCo about Ambassadors list
fugolini Moreover I thought it was necessary a pause to officialize it
fugolini and for general discussion until FAD NA 2008
fugolini The FAmSCo position is near-to-be-definitive. We need feedback from NA community that actually haven't a definitive position like EMEA has
fugolini After they opinion, and if there will not really BIG reason against our position, we will officialize it
fugolini so, the discussion on this thread is paused until October 15th, if I'm not wrong (FAD NA)
fugolini That's all from a FAmSCo point of view updates.
fugolini For release events maybe we could discuss later (sorry I don't have the meeting agenda with me)
fugolini EOF
fabian_a fugolini, thanks
fugolini thank you too fabian_a
fabian_a i guess that we can move on, or?
fugolini +1
wonderer1 +1
heffer +1
fabian_a Ambassadors Membership Verification
fabian_a the Ambassadors/MembershipService/Verification page is now up-to-date
fabian_a that's all...kital is not here
fabian_a so let's start with events
fabian_a have somebody something to say about a up-comming or past event?
fugolini !
fabian_a fugolini,
fugolini F10 Release Parties events: this year we had 3 events in EMEA
spevack !
fugolini spevack: talk you
fugolini I'll finish after you
fabian_a spevack and then fugolini again
spevack fugolini and i were talking the other day about funding for F10 release events
spevack fugolini: there is going to be extra money from the FUDCon Brno budget, that we can use to release events.
spevack that budget will be gone at the end of november, so if some release events will be in December, we just have to get the Ambassadors the money ahead of time.
spevack EOF
red_alert hi all, sorry for being late...only just arrived home
fugolini spevack: thank you, you answer is 100 words worth
fugolini BTW, this year we have more events worldwide but less in Europe
fugolini But this is only statistic.
fugolini As i wrote in
spevack I think we are having about as many events as we can handle with our current budget, worldwide. Personally I am pretty happy, though I hope for responsible growth both in budget and events in the future.
fugolini Before September 30th I want to know how much Events Owner (EMEA too) will preview to spend
spevack but both have to grow at the same time!
fugolini Absolutely.
fugolini I have wrote an email asking people to write argumented money requests, just to improve RE money distribution around the events.
spevack !
fugolini spevack: feel free to interupt me
spevack i think about it very simply.
fugolini you are the tresurer, you better than me
spevack Whenever i talk to ambassadors, i try to ask this question:
spevack "are you getting the resources you need, and is it easy for you to get those resources and organize an event?"
spevack if they say yes, wonderful.
spevack if they say no, then I take notes. :)
spevack we just need to always be asking that question
spevack and improving any complaints.
spevack EOF
fugolini Sure
spevack FAMSCo works for Ambassadors!
fugolini absolutely. I hope people have understood this reading my mail about RE
fugolini So, if there are Events Owner I invite them to post their preview before that date. Max do you agree with me?
spevack yes
fugolini I hope to see great reports from EMEA too. We are covering three country and I'm sure it will be a success. That our goal!
fugolini Any question?
spevack ? what do you mean "three countries"
fugolini in EMEA we are covering 3 events in 3 different countries
spevack ah, for release parties
spevack i understand now
fugolini I'm sorry
spevack that is awesome!
spevack i love your map
spevack heh
spevack EOF
fugolini I hope next time, we will be able to imporve the organization of these events in EMEA too. I'll add a topic for FAD EMEA about this
fugolini EOF
fabian_a thanks guys
fabian_a let me say something about events around and in switzerland
spevack open expo next week! :)
fabian_a openexpo is next week, right. spevack will help and talk at this event. andreas and timea will help me there too.
wonderer1 !
fabian_a wonderer1,
spevack fabian_a: i will bring Live CDs and tshirts and my smiling face
wonderer1 I have a very short aking from GeroldKa for the sytems 2008 end of october in munich. I hope to get there with an OLPC near by the OLPC project itself to represent fedora there.
wonderer1 if anybody can and would help there, please tell me
wonderer1 there is no budget (I try to get some from the OLPC guys, but lets see).
spevack wonderer1: how much budget do you think you need?
wonderer1 I hope to get an OLPC some days before to test it ( I only have one at Linuxtag 2007 and Jens handed me once one out for some minutes).
spevack we have a few in EMEA, spread around various ambassadors
wonderer1 spevack: at this time travel and hotel for 2 days. I can collect the infos and mail it?!
wonderer1 yes, I know (allready on the mailinglist ;-)
wonderer1 I only want to tell here again and if there where some guys who where there or knew some ... contact me please.
wonderer1 EOF
fabian_a wonderer1, thanks
spevack wonderer1: that would be great
spevack wonderer1: if you send an estimate, we can try to find the budget
wonderer1 spevack: Ok.
spevack EOF
fabian_a anything else about events in the near future?
fugolini !
fabian_a fugolini,
fugolini LinuxDay: I'm not the owner
fugolini But I want to say that lfoppiano and the Northern italian ambassadors are doing
fugolini a great job trying to contact each LUG and focusing on covering the biggest one.
fugolini Personally I will cover my province LUG, that has an attendance of 500/1000 people
fugolini (many of them schools/businesses etc).
fugolini But that's offtopic.
fugolini Generally you can see what owner and helpers are doing
fugolini seeing this page
fugolini I don't find it, but make a search in wiki
fugolini And you'll get all the informations about the kit we will distribute around LUGs, speech that we hold etc
fugolini EOF
fabian_a are we done for this month?
fabian_a i will adjourn in 20 s
fabian_a 10
spevack if anyone needs anything, you always can email me and i will do my best! EOF :)
fabian_a 5
fabian_a 3
fabian_a 2
fabian_a 1
spevack thanks fabian_a
wonderer1 thanks all
fabian_a Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-09-17 has been adjourned. Next meeting in October 2008.

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