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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting 2008-10-16 3:00 UTC - APAC

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by Susmit.

Attending Regrets
  • Susmit Shannigrahi
  • Yuan Yijun
  • Heherson Pagcaliwagan
  • Shankar Pokharel
  • Rishikesh Sharma
  • Jason Benedict Low

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  • Finding a suitable time/date for regular monthly meeting. (first Sunday of each month?)
  • Collating APAC efforts and events.
  • Continuation of previous discussion on polo shirt. (~200INR or 4USD including printing)


16 Nov 2008 Meeting Log


1. APAC ambasadors will meet on 2nd Sunday of Each month, 3rd Sunday as Reserve.

2. Chendra promised to coordinate an IRC meet of fedora Indonesia. So that we can collate the efforts at fedora-id. They have a forum here.

3. YuanYijun from china said they have no fedora specific event at china , though they have a number of forums[1][2] and healthy traffic. Their mailing list is on google groups[3]. Have to see if there is any official list, if not then to create one.

4. Rishikesh is having a release event.

5. We are having Fedora release event in Manipur.