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What were your expectations when you signed up to become a mentor?

  • give guidance and help
  • teach people on our tools
  • improve the quality performance of new Ambassadors
  • find and encourage the future leaders

How much of these have been met in the current form of the mentor-candidate relationship?

  • all of them
  • some good relationships - and some just protocol
  • not much - because Candidates are not fit enough

Do Mentors have enough feedback on the accountability and transparency of the system with

  • yes enough Feedback
  • FAmA Trac provides the Transparency
  • No - more Infos should be required from the Candidate before he is allowed to contact the Mentor
  • Update the Infos around that instance

Do you consider the need for any tooling to help with this workflow (Memberhsip Wizard was a big improvement!)?

  • No need for more tooling
  • human contact over tooling
  • standard mentor requirements
  • have a "goal" and a wikipage as a requirement before contacting the Mentor

Do we need higher entry barriers for Ambassadors (examples: requiring some time in the Fedora Project, CLA+1, proven work on tasks)?

  • not necessarily - it is important what the contributor can become
  • process must be more streamlined
  • not sure - there are good pro and cons
  • Yes

We had discussion on Mentors who were proposed as a Mentor without running a single Event before, do we need more entry requirements for Ambassador Mentors?

  • no, only trust and judgement is needed
  • no, because knowledged and experienced is stated already and therefore the requirement
  • minimum time requirement in the group should be a "must"
  • events experience is a "must"

Do you think the Mentoring Process[1] is clear enough?

  • yes
  • freedom to the mentors is good - but uneven
  • yes, but in some parts outdated

Do you feel that your Region is well enough covered with Mentors?

  • EMEA: Yes
  • NA: Yes
  • APAC: One needed for India(has one more since 2 weeks) and one ore two more for China
  • LATAM: One more needed for Brazil

Should Mentors meet? If yes, how often?

  • Yes
  • Once a month

Do you think Ambassadors Mentoring brought quality improvement to the Ambassadors Group?

  • Yes
  • provide Mentoring to people who are already Ambassadors

Can you think of any other improvements/suggestions we should focus in the future to have better Membership experience?

  • Leveling System
  • longer "find a mentor period" to 21 Days
  • Streamlining the Process to prefilter Candidates who never will make a Wikipage or have no goals
  • more common requirements from Mentors