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This is the page for the project "Quick guide for new Fedora Ambassadors"

Background: As an Fedora ambassador one needs to be inclined to communication and persuasion skills. This is not necessary a guaranty that one has outstanding technical abilities nor previous knowledge of the Fedora project, communities and structure

Goal: The project aims to create a printable 16 page booklet to be distributed via hard copy or pdf to new and/or prospective Fedora ambassadors. The booklet will be a short presentation of Fedora, Fedora comunity structure, Famsco and the resources available to ambassadors (wiki pages). Techical:

  • 16 page
  • CMYK
  • stapled
  • no bleed (can be printed on any color printer)


Content Each page/spread has boxes of text to be completed. The content of the booklet will be completed by contributors with original text or selection from existing wiki pages. Contributors are invited to provide the content for each box of text specifying page and placement of the text. For example page 2-3 needs:

  • a 750 characters long text "Welcome to Fedora" (page 2 left)
  • a 200 character intro for history explaining Fedora and (if necessary) the relation with Rhel (page 2 bottom left under "?")
  • 250 ch text about some major (1) event in time line of Fedora (page 2 bottom right)
  • 250 ch text about some major (2) event in time line of Fedora (page 3 bottom left)
  • 250 ch text about some major (3) event in time line of Fedora (page 3 bottom right)

Page 2-3

  • Text for intro message (page 2 bottom left):

Many years ago, in a far far away galaxy Fedora has begun it's journey. In 1998 the Linux world was faced with a new revolution: the working mouse! This was the begining of the end for command line and until now Fedora it's the pioneer of that revolution.

Page 3-4

  • Text needed

Guideline for submitting content:

  • most boxes shout be self-explanatory about the content required. If not please ask [e1luca]User:E1luca because he was lazy and didn't provide enough info
  • internet is infinite. Paper isn't. Please keep text length to the specified dimensions. Where text length is not specify and cannot be measured from pdf contact [e1luca]User:E1luca (because he was lazy again)