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Fedora Ambassadors Schedule

Pass #1

Task Name Start Date End Date Dependencies
Generic meetings involving FAmSCo, regional leads, and ambassadors on upcoming release 26 Aug 7 days None
Call from FAmSCo and Regional teams for preparation on Media/SWAG 26 Aug 0 day None
Regional team meetings, requirement gathering, choose point of contact for swag/media production 27 Aug 7 days None
Funding request submission for swag/media production 27 Aug 7 days None
Point of contacts work with the design team for media/swag/poster artwork 6 Sept 14 days unsure, will check with design team
Call from FAmSCo and Regional teams for release events 9 Sept 0 day Beta Blocker Meeting
Regional teams and event owners work out release event details, work out requirements and file work item tickets with various teams, and file budget requests 9th Sept 14 days prev item
Release event submission closes, FAmSCo review meeting, budget review/allocation 24 sept 0 days Final Blocker Meeting #2
All regional teams hold at least one IRC session for ambassadors on the new release 1st Oct 14 days Final Blocker Meeting (f14blocker) #3
FAmSCo and regional teams meet to discuss any hitch on events/media/swag 12 Oct 1 day prev item
Point of Contacts work with infrastructure for getting ISO immediately after final image is composed and available to mirrors for sync 21 Oct 3 days Start Stage & Sync RC to Mirrors
Regional leads and event owners work with marketing for getting publicity for release events 21 Oct 7 days Final (GA) Release
Release events and report for events 26 Oct 30 days Final (GA) Release