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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee - Archived Agenda


Topic Owner Notes Due Date
Merge of mailing list FAmSCo This discussion was closed 2008-01-16
Chair Appointment FAmSCo FrancescoUgolini has been appointed 2008-01-12
Vice-Chair Appointment FrancescoUgolini FabianAffolter has been appointed 2008-01-12
Meeting time FAmSCo Meeting will be held weekly on Friday at 20.00 UTC 2008-02-26
Opening of the FAmSCo mailing list archive FAmSco There was a proposal to open the FAmSCO mailing list and the archive for the public. closed
F9 Release Party Planning JeffreyTadlock, FrancescoUgolini Form details of F9 Release Party Planning 2008-04-03
Wiki Migration Delegate FabianAffolter done


Topic Owner Notes Due Date
Merging ambassdors-list and marketing-list FrancescoUgolini See for more information. 2007-02-19
Vice-Chair Appointment ThomasChung PatrickBarnes has been appointed 2007-02-19
Ambassdors Award ThomasChung Awards have been shipped 2007-02-19
Active/Inactive Ambassadors FrancescoUgolini This discussion was closed on April 10th Closed
Honored Ambassadors proposal FrancescoUgolini This discussion was closed on April 10th Closed


Topic Owner Notes Due Date
Task Group reports Budget
Member Services
Standing item n/a
FISL MaxSpevack Report on the progress of the event, how the payment went through, etc., so we can learn and improve the process for the future Apr 19-22, 2006
LinuxWorld Toronto GregDeKoenigsberg Red Hat will pay travel costs if necessary, it won't come from the FAMSCO budget. April 24-26, 2006
LinuxTag GregDeKoenigsberg Liaises with FlorianBrand and GeroldKassube and is responsible for supporting of the event team May 3-6, 2006
LinuxTag update GregDeKoenigsberg Will follow up with GeroldKassube and FlorianBrand for an event post-mortem 2006-05-22
Community requests ThomasChung Need an owner to be responsible for timely responses to the requests coming in through and 2006-06-12
Ambassadors Chroniclers ThomasChung summarize Ambassadors activites week after week. 2006-06-26
Brandfuel Shipping Cost MaxSpevack Max will contact Brandfuel (Red Hat Cool Stuff owner) regarding International Shipping Cost issue 2006-06-26
Budget update MaxSpevack Max will go over the current spend and update the table on Budget with the recent numbers. 2006-06-28
OSCON GregDeKoenigsberg The Conference Director for OSCON invited Fedora Project at 0 cost. July 24-28, 2006
Ohio Linux Fest 2006 Procedure Questions DavidBarzilay JeffreyTadlock 's request has been approved for 700 DVDs and 20 T-shirts. Jeffrey can produce shirts locally and sell to get the money back in.
DavidBarzilay will be Jeffrey's point person at Famsco, for all assistance necessary. MaxSpevack handled making sure Jeffrey got what he needed.
Famsco re-election AlexMaier Familiarize FAmSCo with the new Election Rules and set the Election date.
New election rules written by Max and Alex, due to lack of action of previous item owner for over 3 months.
Shirt production in PL MaxSpevack PawelSadowski has requested us to help him produce some Fedora T-Shirts he will distribute at the events he attends. Quote has been supplied. Production approved. MaxSpevack to reimburse Pawel. 2006-11-04
New funding round for Brazilian Ambassadors DavidBarzilay (w/ MaxSpevack) Define and approve amount + operation Over Due
New contribution profile for David Barzilay DavidBarzilay (w/ FAMSCO) Discuss "local community building consultant" role Over Due
CafeConf event in Buenos Aires, Argertina DavidBarzilay (w/ FAMSCO) Discuss participation worthiness Over Due
Schwag Pipeline RobertWhetsel Create a pipeline and guidelines to distribute schwag Over Due
Schwag guidelines MaxSpevack (w/ JackAboutboul ) Create a set of guidelines to distribute schwag and to produce it locally Over Due