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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-03-20


Meeting Time

  • 15:16:49 - Meeting opens
  • 16:38:34 - Meeting adjourned


Before the Meeting:

  • tchung: EvilBob has accepted the famsco nomination, and we have enough people to vote now.
  • Everybody, please welcome EvilBob to famsco!

Meeting Agenda:

  • 1. draft guidelines from the three task groups
  • 2. famsco schedule for meetings

Item 1.

  • Task Groups Guidelines
  • Budget:
  • AlexMaier
  • GregDeKoenigsberg
  • MaxSpevack
  • Responsibilities of Budget group:
  • Forecasting and requesting the budget from Red Hat;
  • wisely approving the spending of the available budget;
  • dealing with the legal/accounting side of things.
  • Members Services:
  • ThomasChung
  • PatrickBarnes
  • Responsibilities of Members Services:
  • Guiding new contibutor to become Fedora Contributors/Ambassadors by answering any questions they have.
  • Stop (medium size).png ThomasChung: Resolve any issues with CLA, Fedora Account and Wiki Account.
  • Schwag/Events:
  • ThomasChung
  • DavidBarzilay
  • GregDeKoenigsberg
  • Responsibilities of the Schwag/Events group:
  • Determining amount of monetary and other material support Ambassadors receive for their initiatives
  • Initiatives but not limited to Events, LUG meetings, install fests, and other public-facing activities.
  • Current Task Groups are list at Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee* BobJensen was added to Member services and Schwag/events
  • RobertWhetsel was added to Budget
  • Task Groups Reports
  • budget:
  • lxmaier: i have drafted the guidelines for support request, budget estimate and expense template.
  • we will finalize in the group and then present to the famsco, after which famsco will communicate to the ambassadors.
  • we have 46 K in total, and it is for *everything* marketing related for fedora, and some of this money will need to be spent on things like DVD production.
  • so we have to be smart about how we spread that between ambassadors, fudcons, travel expenses, dvd, and anything new that we want to try.
  • we have earmarked certain amount for famsco discretionalry spending.
  • member services
  • tchung: I'm getting steady request of Fedora Ambassadors Membership and I've been taking care of it one by one.
  • I'm also making an announcement and cc to famsco with "Welcome message."
  • And, I'm planning to list of *NEW* Ambassadors in every week in Fedora Weekly Reports - ["Projects/WeeklyReports"]
  • gregdek_home: Are we keeping up a list of "blessed" versus "probationary" ambassadors?
  • tchung: currently there are so many *unofficial* Ambassadors in our mailng list as well as Country List. I'm contacting them one by on as I *discover* them.
  • lxmaier: tchung, do you think publishing a report with official, unofficial, and on probation counts will help?
  • tchung: Yes, I think that's a good idea.
  • nman64: At the moment, we have no way to automatically track how long someone has been an Ambassador...
  • and so it may be difficult to keep track of who is or is not on probation... If anyone has any suggestions to make tracking easier, I'd be happy to hear them.
  • nman64 We can modify the Account System... but it would need to track when a person joins each group...
  • It currently does not store this information, but could be modified to do so... This would not help with current Ambassadors, though.
  • The Infrastructure team is very busy... So I don't know when someone might find the time to make such a modification.
  • We need to discuss in more depth whether 30 day probationary period is the best way to go about preventing people from requesting schwag for themselves without a legitimate reason.
  • We all seem to agree that the request process should be following a rigorous set of rules, so that we can hold Ambassadors accountable for the resources they receive from the project.
  • schwag update
  • gregdek_home: 1. DVDs. Decided to go with single-sided DVDs.
  • The master is being delivered now.
  • We should have artwork in the next day, and it will be posted to the wiki for those who want it.
  • We should have DVDs burned in time for FUDCon Boston -- barely.
  • T-shirts and kits should show up within a week or two later.
  • DVDs will be available in lots of 50.
  • Usage of the DVD artwork will be in accordance with the already accepted guidelines.

Item two

  • Regular meeting times
  • Famsco will meet every second Monday at 23:00 UTC and every other Monday at 03:00 UTC

Next Meeting