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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-04-17


Meeting Time (EDT)

  • 19:22:26 - Meeting rolled
  • 20:06:09 - Meeting adjourned

Meeting Summary

Task Group Reports


Member Services

  • tchung reports
  • Since last meeting, we have 3 new Ambassadors and 1 leaving.
  • lxmaier: how is the CLA thing progressing?
  • lxmaier: do we still have the majority of them w/o CLA?
  • tchung: I don't have the number for w/o CLA but I have number for CLA
  • tchung: As of 2006-04-16, we have 61 signed
  • tchung: I could send out weekly reminder to sign CLA and join "Ambassador" group via list.
  • Bob-Laptop: +1
  • rwhetsel: +1
  • lxmaier: + 1
  • Bob-Laptop: I say give a period of time if they don't sign the CLA or have a good reason, drop them
  • nman64: Bob-Laptop: +1
  • nman64: It could be a good indicator of who isn't really active.
  • Bob-Laptop: There is no reason that EVERYONE could not have the CLA signed or issues discussed in a month for example


  • lxmaier: including reports on LinuxTag, Fisl, and LWE Toronto
  • lxmaier: mspevack: talk about FISL for a sec?
  • mspevack: bottom line is that we need to be firm, and we need to not make exceptions
  • mspevack: we should be open to tweaking our guidelines if it proves to be the right choice, but not one-off exceptions
  • lxmaier: okay then, nothing new on that front. stay firm and keep the guidelines public and clear.
  • lxmaier: who's got LinuxTag? greg?
  • mspevack: greg has linuxtag and toronto
  • mspevack: LinuxTag -- i know he's in touch with the folks in Germany, and he's working with them, so things are probably in good shape.
  • mspevack: Toronto -- we've identified a couple of people up there who can help us out, Greg is coordinating with Sara Jones (the red hat point person for LinuxWorld Toronto) and we're gonna make sure they have
  • tchung: 1. So LinuxWorld Toronto is owned by Greg. Confirmed?
  • mspevack: confirmed Stop (medium size).png famsco agenda wiki updated
  • tchung: 2. Do we need to add LinuxWorld Toronto in Fedora Events wiki?
  • mspevack: tchung: yeah, i think so. It's a special event because the fedora presence will be *entirely* community members
  • mspevack: Red Hat is helping with the money and logistics, but the Fedora booth, talks, etc are all being done by ambassadors
  • tchung: ok. I'll update the wiki later. Stop (medium size).png FedoraEvents wiki updated


  • Bob-Laptop: Teere are plans in the works with in the community for a "Fedora, Friends and Fun" in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Bob-Laptop: This started as my Family vaction but has taken on a life of it's own
  • Bob-Laptop: it is the 23rd - 30th
  • Bob-Laptop: I was thinking if we had a banner, maybe rent for a speaker space for Saturday the 24th
  • Bob-Laptop: perhaps T-Shirts it would go over big
  • lxmaier: Bob-Laptop: i was thinking of spending USD 5K on banners and table throws with fedora logo...
  • lxmaier: i hope to be done with them by the time you need a banner
  • tchung: Has everyone seen KushalDas report?
  • tchung:
  • tchung: I'm just asking if we can offer T-Shirts with Girls size not just Boys size. :)
  • tchung: I suppose I could ask Greg.
  • lxmaier: ask him, but it will not be more economical...i guess we could produce 5% of t-shirts in lady sizes

Next Meeting

  • 2006-04-25 03:00 UTC (Monday in US)
  • channel: #fedora-famsco (this is an invitation-only private channel)