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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-05-01



Meeting Summary


  • mspevack reports
  • so we've been shipping DVDs all over the world the last month or two
  • and it's *incredibly* expensive and not a very good method of spending our money
  • an idea that has been kicking around:
  • FAMSCO continues to subsidize events with money, but we allow the local organizers of events to be more self-sufficient by permitting them (at their discretion) to sell things like tshirts, DVDs, etc at their events
  • what FAMSCO provides is:
  • the resources necessary for people to get DVDs, tshirts, banners, etc made locally to their show
  • and a "MSRP" so to speak, that we insist product be sold at or below
  • let me lay out a scenario:
  • LinuxTag is a great example
  • we started off by approving a budget of $300 or something like that
  • and then they keep coming back to us with "but what about DVDs", and we need this, and we need that
  • and so all of a sudden, we're stuck spending a *huge* amount of money to ship DVDs to europe.
  • instead, imagine this scenario:
  • Some people in Italy come to us and say "there's a big show, we want to organize Fedora presence there, it'll cost about $3000 US"
  • we say "ok, well FAMSCO is able to provide you with $1000, and also with the resources needed for you to create DVDs, shirts, banners, etc. all in Italy"
  • you can resell the DVDs for anywhere beteween 0-2 Euro, and shirts for X euro, etc
  • and recoup costs that way
  • so we help out, and we give them the resources/blessings to make even more happen themselves
  • *THEN* you can get a situation where people could put on a self-sufficient Fedora event without needing to come to FAMSCO at all
  • The costs of Global Distribution of Physical Items is just so high, it destroys our budget
  • rwhetsel comments
  • This gives a local lug the ability to take control
  • and be self sufficient with the blessing of Fedora
  • I like
  • mspevack continues
  • and it still allows us to increase the budget that we give to any event
  • but it just lets the event in general do more than they could otherwise
  • and everything is up to the organizers
  • they don't have to do anything differently than they do today
  • but they can if they want to
  • as long as they don't exceed the "allowed price"
  • which is basically whatever it costs to produce the item
  • tchung asks
  • Have you considered using local Red Hat offices for Fedora Stuff?
  • *producing* and distributing Fedora Stuff to local Ambassadors.
  • mspevack comments
  • well, i think that's definitely an option depending on where the events are and what kind of offices we have
  • I like the idea -- basically it just lets Red Hat folks be the point of contact in certain areas where it's possible
  • probably makes transfer of funds easier, etc.
  • we should always harness local Red Hat folks when we can
  • tchung suggests
  • I would suggest you (mspevack) put together a proposal for FAMSCO to read. :)
  • rwhetsel: +1
  • mspevack: alrighty, that's what i'll do
  • rwhetsel comments
  • I think that this will prevent problems like we had with Brazil - FISL
  • mspevack: yeah, it would definitely prevent those kinds of logistics problems any out of country
  • rwhetsel: big up on that idea
  • mspevack: ok, so I'll write up a proposal

Task Group Reports


  • mspevack reports
  • Budget group -- we're spending too much money and not getting enough for it. See above discussion (in Schwag) for a solution :-)

Member Services


LinuxEvents Reports



Next Meeting

  • 2006-05-09 03:00 UTC (Monday in US)
  • channel: #fedora-famsco (this is an invitation-only private channel)