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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-05-08

Meeting Time



Meeting Summary

Fedora Store

  • gregdek: production delays, no luck today, they'll give me an ETA as soon as they can


Membership Services

  • nman64: I think we've had a couple of people join up, but I don't have the name and number tracking that tchung does.
  • Note.png tchung reports off line:
  • We have 3 new members since last report
  • See for their names
  • As of 2006-05-08, we have 70 apporoved (signed CLA and joined Ambassadors group officially) members
  • See for their names
  • EvilBob: nman64: has been very helpful getting people through the accounts system I know
  • nman64:
  • Other than basic tracking, there's not much to be done. We've got templates and instructions.
  • The process of sending welcome messages is manual, as is the current tracking process.
  • I work to solve issues as they arise, and I intend to work on some automation, but there's not much else to it.
  • EvilBob: I think it can be handled by two people but there are times when odd hours things come up with accounts I almost feel useful
  • nman64: tchung rarely visits IRC, so Bob and I are usually the only ones to handle questions on IRC.
  • EvilBob:
  • we have not been communitcating with in the group yet but I would like to get a "weekly report" going
  • we should be able to do that via email it would help with troubleshooting I think
  • lxmaier: that would be really cool--to have a quantifiable measure of what famsco groups do for the members
  • nman64: BTW, is there anyone writing the Ambassadors beat for the Weekly Reports?
  • lxmaier: nman64: nope, no-one i know of
  • Note.png tchung reports off line:
  • Yes, I've been updating Weekly Reports every week since beginning of April.
  • See
  • lxmaier: do we want to start a project of the Ambassadors Chroniclers or such? folks who summarize Ambassadors activites week after week
  • EvilBob: I will put this as a task for me
  • nman64:
  • That might be overkill. We just need someone to grab the latest information from meeting summaries and build a single, short piece on it.
  • That can be submitted with the regular Weekly Reports.
  • EvilBob: I think this is a good idea overall
  • nman64: I know Max was hoping that all of the projects would submit pieces for the Weekly Reports.
  • EvilBob: Lets see what we can work out with Thomas in the next week

Engaging or Cleansing

  • EvilBob: Have we started cleaning out the "ambassadors that are not active"?
  • nman64: No pruning has been done at this point
  • lxmaier: my view is, they do not hurt us, and we should try to engage them instead of cleansing them out
  • EvilBob: I know the reminders are going out but are the tasks getting done?
  • nman64: Progress in that area is slow.
  • EvilBob: is the reminder system working as it now exists?
  • lxmaier: i would say, if they don't have the edit privileges, they can't do us much harm
  • EvilBob: Maybe a personal contact and "push" would help?
  • lxmaier: yeah, that may help
  • nman64: We really need to get all ambassadors on the same page, or things are bound to be more complicated than is necessary.
  • EvilBob: Well I picked up two tasks....;^)

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