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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-05-15

Meeting Time



Meeting Summary


  • mspevack_hm reports:
  • working on getting a PO for the video contest stuff, that should be done tonight/tomorrow once i have time to breathe
  • other thing that's a big TODO for me is to update the budget table and figure out where we actually are money-wise. I'd like to do that for the next meeting
  • i need to have the finance guys run the numbers on the cost center and see how much money we've spent
  • lxmaier: I have a question on budget (table)
  • why did we subtract the cost of DVDs and shipment from the budget? i thought the DVD portion of the budget was separate ?
  • mspevack_hm: well that update to the page wasn't me, but I agree with it. "DVD budget" is the cost of creating and delivering DVDs to people who need them" it's not like we have a separate shipping budget
  • mspevack_hm: this is why we have such an incentive to get local production of stuff into place

Jack research on Issues

  • mspevack_hm:
  • JackAboutboul started his summer internship today. I've asked him to directly work on this problem, as per the proposal that I talked about several meetings ago
  • he's researching, thinking about our issues, etc.
  • he's going to put together a plan for how we can solve these problems within the next 2 weeks I'd say, and that will be presented to famsco/ambassadors
  • tchung: I'm sorry specially what issues he's doing research on?
  • mspevack_hm: couple things:
  • 1 - getting the equivalent of "cool stuff" stores setup in different geos worldwide
  • 2 - figuring out a process around which we can maybe use worldwide RHAT offices of hubs for swag
  • 3 - following up on some leads for sponsored media that I haven't had time to track down, and working with you - tchung - on that
  • 4 - finalizing the guidelines for self-sustaining events, etc as discussed previously
  • 5 - presenting his plans to me/famsco for review and then implementing them

Member Services

How are we doing?

  • mspevack_hm:
  • i'm wondring if FAMSCO is doing everything that it can to make the most of our ambassadors.
  • I'm wondering if we can figure out which ambassadors are the most active, and I'm wondering what sort of measurable activities we can ask ambassadors to do other than run events
  • i'm aware that we have a variety of "ambassadors mission statements" but i just have a sense that we could be doing even more
  • i'm wondring if ambassadors are feeling as integrated as they could
  • gregdek_home:
  • It's clearly time to ask the ambassadors this question.
  • tchung:
  • just a comment.
  • it seems very quiet lately (in the ambassadors-list)
  • and the reason seems to be that it's the final week for most schools.
  • mspevack_hm:
  • i have an interesting example
  • i've been pinged a bunch of times by some people who want the Fedora Project to contribute an article for some tech magazine
  • basically we can write 1800 words on Fedora
  • whatever we want and they'll print it
  • I'd love to be able to farm that out to a couple of community people
  • people who aren't the biggest names in fedora and let them come up with a draft
  • that seems ambassador-ish and could lead to a whole Fedora PR team
  • gregdek_home:
  • Here's the thing:
  • Ambassadors can only do as much as we empower them to do.
  • Unfortunately...I think we've made some choices that have made that difficult.
  • The branding/logo issue is one.
  • The schwag centralization is another.
  • We say to ambassadors, "go have a show..."
  • "...but ask us for permission for this and that."
  • I think that slows us down a bit...
  • ...and I'm glad that Jack is working on some of it.
  • So we'll see how that helps, I think.
  • But it's also time to ask:
  • "Ambassadors, what do you need to spread the word?"
  • lxmaier:
  • please also consider that writing an article is something out of realm of possible for most of them--writing takes skill, ask Jopp, so even though we had the "writing" and other more creative things were in the "ideas for ambassadors" the events are the easiest to do.
  • mspevack_hm:
  • i'm not saying they all have to do it. I'm saying that it's something I'd love to get community help with.
  • I don't care if the person helping calls themself an "ambassador" or something else.
  • It is the chance to empower someone in the community
  • I'd love to see a subset of people -- and forget naming for a moment --
  • who are good enough speakers/communicators that we can send them forth to *seek out interviews* and actively spread the fedora word that way
  • lxmaier:
  • i am all for it, it's just that each time i see us ask the community for concrete deeds, an spirited discussion ensues, but hardly more
  • mspevack_hm:
  • people who can write, speak, and persuade people about fedora
  • so let's ask them for single things, that are concrete, as they come up
  • and see who volunteers and delivers
  • and then you remember who it was :-)

FAMSCO track on Action Items

  • lxmaier:
  • so if our own famsco members are so slow on the uptake, what do you expect from the rank-and-file ambassadors
  • gregdek_home:
  • A couple of things:
  • 1. Are ambassadors actually going out and kicking (behind) and not closing the loop, do we think?
  • 2. These things that whomever volunteered to do -- where are they tracked?
  • whetsel:
  • we track by going back and reviewing our meetings or make a note
  • I have many projects and on my list is Fedora
  • I get some done and others get pushed back
  • my guess we all have jobs that keep us a bit off track
  • tchung: Please note we have Meeting Agenda wiki page specifically designed for tracking.
  • mspevack_hm:
  • I just think ambassadors needs a bit of a kick in the (behind).
  • It needs to be quicker to do stuff, and it needs to present tasks in a way that make them easily done. Putting on an event is hard
  • and it's not something you do often
  • we help with that, but we could do *way* better
  • with permission of rest of FAMSCO
  • i'd like to start just tossing smaller one-off marketingish type things to amabassadors list
  • seeing if anyone bites and mentoring them through it
  • like a summer of code for marketing

Follow up LinuxTag and two initiatives

  • lxmaier: so yeah, gregdek_home, do you mind following up with florian and gerold? kinda post-mortem for LT?
  • tchung: yes, we need a report for LinuxTag.
  • lxmaier: i will follow up with evilbob about his two initiatives that are yet to happen


  • gregdek_home: Current delivery date for store stuff: May 19th, firm.

Next Meeting

  • 2006-05-23 03:00 UTC (Monday in US)
  • channel: #fedora-famsco (this is an invitation-only private channel)