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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-07-10

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Meeting Summary

(19:18:24) mspevack: I hope it's pretty self explanatory
(19:18:32) mspevack: but I broke it down in the following ways:
(19:18:47) mspevack: the 6 month budget that Red Hat gave us for Fedora (50k)
(19:19:03) mspevack: which we broke down as about 40k for Ambassadors/Marketing/Events and about 10k for Infrastructure
(19:19:09) mspevack: and then the leftover Fedora Foundation money
(19:19:18) mspevack: which isn't allocated for anything yet, we're just "saving" it
(19:19:32) mspevack: and then there was Greg's Marketing budget from earlier in the year, which was a 1-time thing only
(19:19:44) mspevack: I marked which source of funds each expense came from
(19:19:48) mspevack: and that's about it
(19:20:01) mspevack: beyond that, i started to do an inventory of our DVDs, what happens to them after we buy them
(19:20:09) mspevack: any questions, or did it all make sense?
(19:20:25) mspevack: david had some suggestions for the accounting page, and I will take those suggestions.
(19:20:31) mspevack: EOF
(19:24:11) tchung: Any chance to post it in HTML or wiki? :)
(19:26:26) lxmaier: we only need to make this page access-restricted
(19:27:29) mspevack: ok, next time I do it, it will be in HTML
(19:32:47) mspevack: so OSCON and LWSF -- Jack's on a plane back to the USA right now, but his costs are going to be
(19:33:05) mspevack: about 800 or so for plane/hotel/travel stuff for each show
(19:33:17) mspevack: and then whatever we choose to allocate out of the DVDs for those shows
(19:33:21) mspevack: so let's ballpark it, for the moment
(19:33:39) mspevack: at 1500 per show, or about 3000-3500 for the two
(19:33:43) mspevack: being generous
(19:34:03) mspevack: now, the guys in the UK -- they want somewhere between 1000 and 2000 to produce DVDs themselves, which they will be in charge of distributing
(19:34:46) mspevack: so again, let's be uber-generous, and say that those 3 things (2 shows + UK) cost us like 5500 to 6000
(19:35:09) mspevack: that still leaves us a big chunk of money that can be rolled over into FUDCons, etc.
(19:35:30) mspevack: since we're not actually going to do the fudcon before august, but we can use money that we have now for it later
(19:35:50) mspevack: what I need to do is make sure that the money isn't going to "disappear" from the finance people at the end of the quarter
(19:36:05) mspevack: but that's *their* problem, not ours, since we've done a very good job of tracking our spending
(19:36:11) lxmaier: do we want to spend half of the balance on re-usable event kits? banners, table throws etc?
(19:36:14) mspevack: so in short, i think we're in good shape money-wise
(19:36:38) mspevack: lxmaier: yes, jack is finishing up his plans for that, when he gets back to the US and resurfaces, we'll try to get an actual number for famscon
(19:37:03) mspevack: last thing -- Matthew Szulik was very pleased to see the accounting work that was done, and he was happy with how the funds have been managed, which is good since he's the guy who will give us more :-)
(19:37:05) mspevack: EOF
(19:38:55) tchung: We need to go foward with "Personal CLA reminder" task.
(19:40:28) tchung: We need to contact them one by one to make sure to sign CLA and join 'ambassadors' group
(19:42:31) tchung: As you know I've already created the "Verification List" with 'verfied' and 'need attention'
(19:42:59) tchung: so we need a group of volunteers to contact them (need attention) one by one to make sure we complete the list.
(19:56:10) tchung: not everyone in Ambassadors group are subscribing to the fedora-ambassadors-list
(19:56:38) tchung: so sending out the reminder message week after week does not help them at all.
(19:56:55) tchung: This is why we have *new* effort to contact them individually.
(19:57:10) tchung: This is why we need a group of volunteers to contact them one by one.
(20:03:57) tchung: I *need*  a group of volunteers to do this task.
(20:04:30) lxmaier: oh, you mean you wish to engage folks from the group instead of famsco? good idea!
(20:05:41) lxmaier: great idea, when i think about it--not a top-down approach, but a peer-to-peer
(20:05:55) lxmaier: more likely to succeed ;)
(20:16:03) lxmaier: alrighty then, let's close this meeting, with three action points
(20:16:37) lxmaier: 1. mspevack will update the budget according to requests in the meeting, to make the famsco part more easily visible
(20:16:51) lxmaier: 2. amaier will contact bob to see wazzup
(20:17:21) lxmaier: 3. tchung will get together a group of volunteers to remind the ambassadors to join the group/sign CLA
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  • ThomasChung - I will be off for three days this week (Wed, Thu, Fri) for work-related. AlexMaier will lead the Ambassadors meeting this Thursday.

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