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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-07-24

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Jul 24 16:11:16 lxmaier so i hear gregdek is on his way to the oscon
Jul 24 16:11:29 lxmaier anyone present have any news/intel about that?
Jul 24 16:11:54 tchung  I think I have a link for OSCON
Jul 24 16:11:56 tchung  give me a sec
Jul 24 16:12:44 tchung
Jul 24 16:12:53 tchung  a few collection of links for OSCON.
Jul 24 16:13:16 barz    cool!
Jul 24 16:15:10 tchung  I was saying I have a list of links for OSCON at
Jul 24 16:15:15 tchung
  • Ohio Linux Fest 2006
Jul 24 16:16:08 lxmaier what is jeffrey tadlock's status, with his ohio linux fest?
Jul 24 16:16:12 lxmaier anyone helping him?
Jul 24 16:16:30 tchung  I've been communicating with him.
Jul 24 16:16:51 tchung  He already registered for the event and..
Jul 24 16:17:01 tchung  he requested Ambassadors materials already.
Jul 24 16:17:25 tchung  You can track the status at
Jul 24 16:17:35 lxmaier tchung: i know, thank you
Jul 24 16:18:20 lxmaier the question is, does he have a personal point person within famsco, as we have decided every ambassdor will be, whenever they are organizing an event in the field?
Jul 24 16:18:33 lxmaier it seems like he does not have such a person
Jul 24 16:18:44 tchung  I could be the point of contact for this event. :)
Jul 24 16:19:50 lxmaier we need one of the people present to volunteer--and tchung i think is quite busy with the rest of his plentiful responsibilities
Jul 24 16:20:34 barz    i can help him one on one, not in list tho
Jul 24 16:21:41 barz    I can do that. tchung, can u pls introduce me 2 him
Jul 24 16:22:05 lxmaier barz: yeah, then go ahead and help jeffrey out
Jul 24 16:22:18 lxmaier barz: it is not necessary to be on the list for this
Jul 24 16:22:32 lxmaier actually, it is even better to be done in 1-on-1 sessions
Jul 24 16:23:52 lxmaier and every little personal interaction lets the members feel integrated and appreciated
Jul 24 16:24:03 lxmaier so barz go for it!
Jul 24 16:24:09 lxmaier thanks barz!
  • DVD Requests from Portugal
Jul 24 16:36:22 tchung  in a related note, I have a request from an Amassador from Portugal.
Jul 24 16:36:39 tchung  Let me forward you the email so you can read.
Jul 24 16:37:13 tchung  It's from Rui Moreira
Jul 24 16:49:57 lxmaier we have decided at the previous meeting that all international DVD requests should be fulfilled this way: they should get a quote for local production--and we will look at the cost and approve whatever appears feasible and reimburse tehm
Jul 24 16:50:18 lxmaier otherwise we won't be able to handle the shipping cost and import complexities
Jul 24 16:50:24 barz    i suggest an FC installfest 2 distribute his locally-produced dvds
Jul 24 16:50:32 tchung  ok. lxmaier. would you mind contact him with our decision?
Jul 24 16:50:36 lxmaier barz: all the better! great idea.
Jul 24 16:50:50 barz    it works well in universities
Jul 24 16:51:25 tchung  sure did. I suggested him to contact famsco for an idea.
Jul 24 16:51:44 lxmaier aah, okay then, good thought. i will be in touch with him.
  • Personal CLA reminders
Jul 24 16:53:37 lxmaier Personal CLA reminders    RahulSundaram     Contact members personally and push them to sign the CLA and get more actively involved
Jul 24 16:53:51 lxmaier has anything happened in this area, do we know?
Jul 24 16:54:06 lxmaier mether was supposed to build a group who would do the reminders
Jul 24 16:54:09 tchung  I have not heard from him regarding this matter.
Jul 24 16:54:28 lxmaier tchung: since you are in the membership group mind bugging mether about this?
Jul 24 16:54:57 tchung  lxmaier, will do
  • Famsco re-election
Jul 24 16:55:12 lxmaier mether has got one more issue on his plate too: Famsco re-election   RahulSundaram   Create a procedure for re-election of Famsco membership and set regular election schedule
Jul 24 16:55:35 lxmaier it has been out there for about three months or so if memory serves
Jul 24 16:56:52 lxmaier so i guess i will contact mether about this and ask him where he stands
Jul 24 16:57:23 lxmaier we need a draft, then discuss it, refine it, vote on it, fail if necessary, etc.
  • Schwag guidelines
Jul 24 17:01:18 lxmaier well, since max is not here to update us on the schwag guidelines, we have come to the end of the agend

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