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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-09-11

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Meeting Summary

(19:07:13) lxmaier: our first item will be the elections
(19:07:49) lxmaier: if you remember, famsco was elected without any rules in place, so we could do some business
(19:08:31) lxmaier: now that we have broken the ground, and actually established some best practices and rules, it is time to bring in some new blood, and to involve more ambassadors in the decision-making
(19:09:07) lxmaier: the majority of the current group has joined AFTER the famsco was established--so it is time to give them a chance to decide who they want to have as leaders
(19:09:31) lxmaier: mspevack_hm and I have designed the election rules, based on the Extras rules
(19:10:01) lxmaier: the only significant differences you will see is the number of seats -- 7, and the election periods
(19:17:38) lxmaier: so barz, i definitely think that we could improve the Famsco page with a clearer profile of what is expected of a Famsco member
(19:18:50) barz: so, let's talk about it. i bring the question back to you all:  what is expected of a Famsco member?
(19:19:30) lxmaier: Leadership, commitment, accountability, openness towards the community members
(19:20:15) mspevack_hm: we need people who can inspire.  not saying we have to match this.  but people who have a strong vision for progress, *whatever* that vision is.  And time to make it happen.
(19:21:26) lxmaier: We need people who are result-oriented, who want to make stuff happen.
(19:21:27) barz: we need people managers, people with enough patience and experience to guide others
(19:22:14) barz: people who are happy to share their experiences, their knowledge. capable of taking newbies from the hand and showing the way
(19:22:24) lxmaier: yes, people who will work with noobs and experienced contributors alike
(19:26:51) gregdek_home: Who is eligible, by the way?
(19:27:08) tchung: any one signed CLA and joined 'ambassadors' group?
(19:27:11) lxmaier: gregdek_home: Candidates  Candidates may be any member of the Ambassadors group in the Fedora Accounts System. This helps ensure FAmSCo members have some experience with the processes of Fedora Ambassadors but still allows relatively new contributors to sit on FAmSCo and bring fresh ideas to the table.
(19:27:22) gregdek_home: OK, so Account System.  Good.
(19:29:12) tchung: About nomination, we can only nominate ourselves?
(19:29:21) tchung: we can't nominate others?
(19:29:33) lxmaier: self-nomination is what Extras use, and it ensures that people are willing to serve
(19:29:44) mspevack: i think anyone can nominate someone, but it's up to the nominated person to meet the requirements of writing up their contributions and vision -- that's their way of "accepting" the nomination
(19:31:00) gregdek_home: I like self-nomination.  If you want to nominate someone else, do it by sending them an email that says "I think you should run."  :)
(19:34:24) rwhetsel: when are we going to open up the elections?
(19:34:38) lxmaier: basically the suggested timeframe is: nomination period Sep 12-Sep 26, then two days break to ensure all candidates are willing and valid
(19:34:56) lxmaier: then the election period opens on the 29th and continues for one week
(19:35:13) lxmaier: we should have a new body elected on the 6th of october
(19:35:00) rwhetsel: are we replacing the entire board?
(19:35:33) lxmaier: rwhetsel: yes, but i am certain some of the same faces will be on the committee again
(19:38:27) barz: any rules on the number of red hatters and non-red hatters?
(19:38:45) gregdek_home: I don't see a need myself.
(19:38:51) lxmaier: nope, not really -- it's an election after all :)
(19:38:57) rwhetsel: neither do I
(19:41:23) barz: there are a few tasks FAMSCO started on an ad-hoc basis, such as replyin to emails as press, info, etc. do we have these documented somewhere?
(19:42:38) lxmaier: bear in mind though, that the info@... will be moved to the fedora-marketing list
(19:42:44) lxmaier: press will stay with famsco
  • Task Group reports
(19:46:14) lxmaier: Budget
(19:46:18) lxmaier: > mspevack
(19:46:32) mspevack: so you can all see the latest numbers in the usual place
(19:46:36) mspevack: nothing extraordinary there
(19:46:46) mspevack: I've earmarked 10k at least for DVDs of fc6
(19:46:58) mspevack: Jack Aboutboul owns that, we've identified a company in SF
(19:47:02) mspevack: that can produce and drop-ship
(19:47:11) mspevack: and get us a better price than we get now by a lot
(19:47:42) mspevack: other funds -- we've got money.  I'm just waiting for smart uses for it to be brought in front of me.
(19:47:57) gregdek_home: Drop ship to addresses outside US?
(19:48:35) mspevack: yeah, they'll use fedex.  For major non-US, we're going to try the distributed production plan.
(19:48:43) mspevack: but for one-off type stuff, they can do it
(19:55:51) lxmaier: - Membership Service -- > tchung
(19:55:56) tchung: As of 2006-09-10, 115 Ambassadors have been verified (signed CLA and joined 'ambassadors' group)
(19:56:01) tchung: See
(19:56:24) tchung: About Personal CLA reminder,
(19:56:33) tchung: can I take over the task?
(19:56:42) gregdek_home: +99!
(19:56:44) lxmaier: tchung: yes you can, tchung
(19:56:53) tchung: very good. :)
(19:56:55) rwhetsel: +1
  • Schwag/Events
(19:58:51) mspevack: like i said, jack owns the fc6 dvds, and we've identified our supplier
(19:58:54) mspevack: need to get artwork
(19:58:56) mspevack: which is trivial
(19:59:02) mspevack: and then the final bits
(19:59:17) mspevack: artwork is just changing the 5 to a 6
(19:59:25) mspevack: eta is whenever fc6 goes gold -- early october
(19:59:28) mspevack: then whatever their turnaround time is
(19:59:39) lxmaier: he owns a crucial piece of what we do--and we need to know as much as possible about his progress
(20:00:19) lxmaier: mspevack, can you ask him to send a weekly report to famsco?
(20:00:37) mspevack: lxmaier: yeah
  • Shirt production in PL
(20:05:29) lxmaier: mspevack, did pawel give you any payment method yet?
(20:05:52) mspevack: he wants to do a wire transfer of some sort
(20:05:57) mspevack: so i guess there's not really any choice
(20:06:08) mspevack: since that's the only real option, either that or i fly out there and give him cash
(20:06:11) mspevack: so i'll work that out with him
  • Personal CLA reminders
(20:09:26) lxmaier: Personal CLA reminders -- tchung has that.
  • Schwag guidelines
(20:09:50) lxmaier: Schwag guidelines -- implicitly discussed earlier.

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