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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Meeting - 2008-04-18

spevack FAMSCo meeting starting shortly....
spevack fugolini, iWolf, ping
iWolf pong
fabian_a pong
fugolini here
fugolini yes, i'm going to hold a really short meeting due to an event tomorrow
fugolini see mktg channel for more infos :P
fugolini We can start with the roll call:
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
iWolf JeffreyTadlock
fabian_a FabianAffolter
spevack Maxspevack
stickster PaulWFrields (auditing)
stickster heh, no credit for me
iWolf  :)
fugolini it's a pleasure for us
fugolini First of all take a look at the agenda:
spevack fugolini: I don't want to hijack your agenda, but it seems like the most important thing to discuss is funding requests for F9 release parties, right?
* spevack sits back and lets fugolini drive the meeting :)
fugolini it's the first issue in the agenda
fugolini No problem, tell me whenever you want what you want
fugolini so 1. Release Events status
fugolini spevack: have you something to say about this?
fugolini As all of you read
spevack well, I think we just need to go down the list of requests, and pick some budget numbers, and then let the people know
spevack and get them they money
spevack EOF
fugolini we just need to go down the list of requests > here?
spevack yep
fugolini ok, just give me the time to open my email client
iWolf We should be able to go off the Event Page.
spevack in fact, we should go off th eevent page
spevack because the message we're trying to hammer home to ambassadors is
spevack "if it's not on the events page, it doesn't exist"
iWolf So first up is the Central Ohio Release party.
iWolf Who's running that thing?  :)
iWolf I don't know the amount of money, last time we spent $80 on media that we paid for out of our own pocket.
iWolf Anything in the $50 to $100 range would be helpful.
spevack Is it fair to say something like $100 or $150 for each event?
iWolf spevack: I'm all for that.
spevack give everyone the same amount, and just let them do what they think is best with it?
fabian_a +1
spevack how many release events are there so far? /me only sees 3
* spevack pulls up the budget
iWolf yeah, only three for N.A. right now, gregdek said he was going to drum up some release party support in S.A. too.
fugolini N.A.?
iWolf And I am hoping to announce a release party contest to draw in a few more entries - hopefully it will draw in some more.
fugolini North America?
iWolf fugolini: yep, sorry.
spevack I'm looking at our budget for the remainder of this quarter
spevack betweeen now and the end of May
spevack we've got about $7,000 USD left
spevack and aside from the release parties, there is not much left to fund
spevack Of course, the one BIG EXPENSE
spevack is the creation of CDs and DVDs
spevack I'd like to have at least $5,000 for that... because we end up sending those discs to lots of places.
spevack Of course, we will also make media out of the LinuxTag budget (which is separate) for Europe
spevack and out of next quarter's FUDCon budget (which is separate) for North America.
spevack so anyway, I think we should start by thinking -- how well can we support the various release events for about $1,000
spevack and if we need to spend more, we will
spevack EOF
spevack What do you all think?
iWolf $1000 will get us 10 release parties, which we don't have yet.
spevack my goal is to give you guys context and options, but let you decide how to spend the money :)
iWolf So that is probably a good starting point.
fugolini tomorrow i will discuss about this issue with the other italian ambassadors
iWolf If we get more than 10, then we have a small buffer for a little additional money to help them.
iWolf For late comers we could always reduce funding to $50 and reward the early birds with the $100 amount.
spevack So there's the guy from Los Angeles (grady?) and iWolf who are probably just waiting to be told "here is your budget of $X"
fugolini two days ago i joined the emea meeting to invite people organizeing such events
spevack and then they can get started
fabian_a i think that there will not be 0 events
fabian_a sorry, 10
fabian_a because in emea there are no parties planned so far
fugolini As i wrote in the list, each famsco member has to invite ambs
fugolini e.g. in Italy we will plan those event tomorrow
fugolini I think we need local coordination because it's really difficult to organize something from the high
fugolini Now you were talking about America
spevack fugolini: +1 -- we just want to give people the "ok" to spend a certain amount o fmoney, and know that they will be paid back :)
fugolini I think the situation now is not well defined, and if we consider we have 2 weeks more, we can work to sponsor the release events
fugolini just a question: Is possible to use fedora announce as a "katapult" for the Release events organization?
iWolf i hope we can get some more going, but right now was have three on the event page which letsus have 7 more at full funding of $100 per event.
spevack fugolini: absolutely
iWolf so, we have room to grow the number of events.
fugolini Ok, what now?
fugolini Can we move on with contest?
spevack wait..
iWolf Do we want to vote on going with $100 per release event?
spevack we haven't clearly decided this issue.
spevack I want us to be able to write an email to Fedora Ambassadors list tonight that says:
spevack FAMSco is going to sponsor up to 10 Fedora 9 release parties worldwide.
spevack We already have X on the FedoraEvents page.
spevack We'd like more, and you should plan to have a budget of $100 - $150 USD for each.
* spevack thinks we should vote on this
iWolf +1
fabian_a +1
spevack and then, if it passes, decide an Owner who will be accountable for sending that email and helping to coordinate
fugolini +1 too
spevack +1 (though I am unofficial) :)
fugolini Before we could continue,
iWolf the CFO's vote is never unofficial  :)
spevack fugolini: what were you going to say?
fugolini I wajust the time to thinl
fugolini *write
fugolini For the next meeting i will prefer to have a discussion of the issue in the list before the meeting
spevack fugolini: that is my fault... I have had a very busy week and didn't have time to write all my thoughts in advance.
fugolini because i can't follow clearly, at this time (22.00), all the discussion and i'm out of date
fugolini *it seems i'm out of date
fugolini if you consider i was awake since 5.30
spevack fugolini: no need to apologize...
fugolini I hope you'll understand me
fugolini spevack: i wasn't talking about you
spevack fugolini: so are we all agreed on the general plan for the Release Events and budget? If so, we can move on.
fugolini i have to apologize with you
fugolini because i can't lead as i want
fugolini yes we can move on
spevack fugolini: you're doing great!
iWolf fugolini: agreed, you are doing just fine!
spevack If I may say one thing?
fugolini yes
spevack fugolini's job will be easier, once we all get used to having you guys, and not me, making more and more decisions about how to spend the budget.
spevack it's a learning process for us all
spevack but we are going in the right direction
spevack I will continue trying to do a better job at giving FAMSco a clear picture of our budget, and letting *you* tell *me* how to spend it, and not the other way around :)
spevack EOF
fugolini Ok
fugolini We can move on
fugolini 1. Fedora Event budget --> Max will send an email in the Ambs list
fugolini see above
fugolini Fedora Events contest
fugolini iWolf:
spevack who's going to communicate our decisions about Release Events?
iWolf I can send it.
iWolf I need to announce the contest as well.
fugolini perfect!
fabian_a thanks, iWolf
iWolf As for the contest, i posted to the famsco list some ideas.
iWolf did anyone have comments on those? Or should I just run with some of those ideas?
fugolini as i wrote in the list, it's ok for me
iWolf if there aren't any questions a vote for the contest as outlined int eh email?
fugolini yep
iWolf +1 from me.  :)
spevack sorry... i got dropped off the internet for a bit
* spevack reads backward
spevack oh, i didn't miss much! ;)
fugolini So, have you questions for such issue?
fugolini I think we have to continue the discussion of release events in the list
fugolini i invite each FAmSCo member to invite ambassadors to organize such events
fugolini eof
iWolf so hold off on announcing the contest then?
fugolini yes
iWolf Okay, I would like to announce early next week at the latest to give ambassadors time to plan in the event a laptop bag motivates them.
fugolini in fact!
fugolini Thank you iWolf for what you have done keeping the initiative up and working
fugolini i think we can briefly discuss about the other issues
fugolini any objections?
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
fugolini 1
fugolini 2. Wiki CleanUp
fugolini I sent the annoncement last wednesday
spevack fugolini: what % done would you say we are with the wiki cleanup?
fugolini mhm...
* fugolini is trying to open the wiki
fugolini maybe 20/30%
fugolini if we consider the deleted page
fugolini if we remove it, the percentage drop down
fugolini i think FAmSCo has to drive directly the process
fugolini I hope after this week we could arrive at 50/60%
fabian_a i can try to push the % up during the weekend
spevack my hunch: once we know the exact date of the wiki migration to mediawiki, the number will jump up as that date gets close
spevack because people will realize "i don't want to clean that page up after migration, better to do it now or delete it"
iWolf  :)
fugolini the most difficult part is to realize the aim behind the page
fugolini and you have to keep trace of what you have done, to provice the necessary informations for the future updates
fugolini *provide
fugolini Finally, we have to start with the hard job
fugolini trying to invite ambassadors to help us, i know there are some people who are wiki addicted
fugolini this is the reason i want to open to everyone the process
fugolini Any questions?
iWolf fugolini: no questions from me.
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
fugolini 1
fugolini 3. Local Group Status (APAC, EMEA, North/Central/South America)
fugolini This is a new section, i think we have to discuss about local situations
fugolini We started talking about release events. Actually only N.A. has some events
iWolf N.A. needs to get their meetings going again.
fugolini APAC, EMEA, S.A. haven't defined events
fugolini *release events
iWolf We've had poor attendance, so either we need to find a new time or figure out why we can't get 5 or so people to attend.
spevack On the events page, we divide the world up into 4 sections
fugolini I think it's important to know what the local community think, because that's the only way to caught their attentions
spevack I think we should also have 4 Ambassadors meetings, monthly, one for each section.
spevack like we are trying to do, but with a plan to expand
fugolini +1^10
iWolf speaking of which, APAC has a meeting tomorrow morning (morning EDT time).
spevack Because inside of Red Hat, we have people who are "in charge" of each area on the CommunityArchitecture team.
spevack Max -- EMEA and the overall budget
iWolf I am planning on attending as they asked for a FAmSCo presence. My kids should be up by then.
spevack Jack -- NA
spevack Greg -- SA
spevack Harish -- APAC
spevack and there are lots of other people eager to participate too
spevack fabian_a is doing a great job with the EMEA meetings
fugolini +1
GeroldKa +1
GeroldKa  :-)
fabian_a the European meeting is working well. I query that a worldwide meeting will work but we should try again
fabian_a there are too many timezones :-)
spevack i don't understand why the NA and SA meetings are combined
fugolini language?
fugolini i don't know
iWolf spevack: I think we need to break them apart again - the time zone thing is rough.
spevack they are totally separate in terms of logistics and language barriers
iWolf spevack: agreed.
fabian_a +1
fugolini ok
iWolf the current meeting leader is in South America, once we get the release party thing settled down I can start up a thread on splitting off to a North American meeting.
fugolini if you agree i'll write a mail to Ambs m-l to invite each area
spevack iWolf: +1, and we need to get Jack in on that just to make sure that there's someone to help make sure that the locals on the ground all over NA get the things that they need from RH.
fugolini to have it's own meeting,
iWolf spevack: sounds good, i can touch base with him - i can even start that ground work now.
fugolini mhm
fugolini Our first goal is to keep the local communities up and invite them to share their thought and organize themselves
fugolini Do you agree with the email idea?
iWolf fugolini: i think we have the regional meetings underway now.
iWolf APAC has theirs tomorrow.
iWolf EMEA is rockin'
iWolf and we can split the South America meeting and North America meeting.
iWolf only the North America meeting needs a leader, which I can do if needed.
fugolini sorry i don't explain my thoughts well
fugolini what now?
* iWolf is getting close to needing to go
* fugolini too
spevack i think we're pretty well set until next week
fugolini i think we could adjourn the meeting
spevack rodrigo will be back
spevack we can ask him about FISL
fugolini yes
spevack and compare that to GregDek's experiences this week
spevack since he is there
spevack you should all read his blog --
spevack well if we are adjourning, I want to wish you all a good weekend!
fugolini ok
fugolini you too
iWolf spevack: his blog has been great!
fugolini +
fugolini +1
fugolini == meeting adjourned ==

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