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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Meeting - 2008-05-21

fabian_a 1. 2nd Quarter Budget (see Jeffrey mail and sheet)
fabian_a 2. Release events status (+ RE contest)
fabian_a 3. Ambassadors Project status
fabian_a 4. Rules and more (just a reminder for everyone at FAmSCo)
fabian_a 5. Wiki migration
fabian_a 6. t.b.d.
iWolf I can cover budget, if people want.
fabian_a do we want to start now?
jmbuser +1
iWolf +1
MrTom let's go
fabian_a ok...where is Rodrigo?
fabian_a iWolf: please start with budget
iWolf Okay....
iWolf Max updated the spreadsheet i created earlier in the week, we come in just under the $12,000 USD.
iWolf Everyone should have the spreadsheet in the email Max sent.
RodrigoPadula i'm here!
iWolf Everything on it looks good to me, I think we (famsco) just need to approve it, or make comments/suggest changes.
iWolf Since we are missing the chair, we might want to do a mailing list vote?
iWolf Questions? Comments?
iWolf eof
RodrigoPadula  !
RodrigoPadula yesterday i talk with the LATAM group
RodrigoPadula probably we will have new events do add in this spreadsheet
RodrigoPadula but... probably...
RodrigoPadula so, we can vote now
iWolf Has everyone had a chance to look at the new spreadsheet?
RodrigoPadula eof
MrTom yes for me
MrTom i find it good, however i don't know where Max will find the money for the livecd i asked for
fugolini i'm really sorry but the train had a 2h of delay
fugolini i'm just arrived at home
MrTom no pb fugolini
MrTom we started 10 min ago
iWolf fugolini: no worries, fabian_a was just getting us started - covering budget now
fugolini ok, let me go to refresh my face
iWolf MrTom: were they going to get you some media from the LinuxTag leftovers?
MrTom I don't think so
iWolf hhmm, is this for your release party?
MrTom but i'm not sure as well that max gave the final approval about it
MrTom for the release party and for Mont de Marsant in fact
fugolini fabian_a: you can continue leading the meeting
iWolf MrTom: ah, we have $1000USD set aside for the Mont De Marsant in the spreadsheet.
iWolf Will that help?
MrTom yes, but half of it would get lost in the live cd
fabian_a fugolini: we just go through the agenda point by point...there is not much to lead
MrTom i hope, i'll wait for Max thoughts about it
MrTom because he talked about extras $500 for them, then I don't really know
iWolf MrTom: sounds good, there is a little bit extra in the budget, maybe spread it across what we have allocated for you now, coupled with leftovers from LinuTag, etc.
MrTom yes
fugolini iWolf: +1
iWolf So, are people comfortable voting on teh most recent budget Max posted this morning?
iWolf I don't want to rush it, but I also want to clear it off the plate if people are in agreement.
jmbuser Looks good to me
MrTom as well for me
fabian_a for me too
RodrigoPadula +1
iWolf +1 from me
fugolini +1 too
iWolf Great! So Q2 budget is approved.
iWolf That should be it on the budget agenda for this week then.
iWolf fabian_a: back to you.
fabian_a ok, point 2: release events status and contest
iWolf I guess that's me again....  :)
iWolf We've been seeing lots of event reports, sounds like there have been some good events going on and lots of coverage.
iWolf the contest ends next Tuesday.
iWolf After that, I will compile a list of report links and mail the famsco list
iWolf for discussion on who we award the laptop bag to.
iWolf eof
fugolini ok
fugolini  !
RodrigoPadula i'm organizing the Brazilian Release Party to the next week, where im thinking to create the Rio de Janeiro Fedora LUG
fugolini may i?
RodrigoPadula i will use this party to recruit new colaborators and members to the local user group
RodrigoPadula eof
fugolini Just a thing ...
fugolini All the release events just done had great reports and, as i could see, they were sucessfully
fugolini there are others so far, and i'm sure they will be sucessfull
fugolini what i want to say, is that we need to store all the knoledge from this first expereince
fugolini to improve the next Release Events, maybe sharing with marketing project
fugolini our ideas etc. to have a more deep media cover
fugolini i think they could be another way to have a contact with people and it could became a milestone for the future
fugolini eof
jmbuser  !
fugolini i think you can talk
jmbuser My impression is that the press coverage was pretty good for this release with many positive articles
fabian_a jmbuser: sorry
jmbuser I also noticed that local events were also covered by their local newspapers
jmbuser This is great publicity
jmbuser eof
fugolini --> this is an example :)
fugolini i'm saying this because i see how far marketing project is going
fugolini i think it could be a helpfull hand, yes, i think people worked and are working great, without doubtr
fugolini eof
fabian_a are we done with release events status?
iWolf fabian_a: i am.
fugolini yes
RodrigoPadula yes
fabian_a ok, next point. Ambassadors Project status
fugolini  !
fabian_a fugolini,
fugolini thank you
fugolini We are near the end of the first warter and i want to ask FAmSCo
fugolini to express what they think it's necessary to improve in the community
fugolini max suggested to work on Apac
fugolini and i think he was right, but i hope you'll give me more infos
RodrigoPadula Apac ??
fugolini what you think we and i miss
fugolini and what we could improve
fugolini RodrigoPadula: why?
RodrigoPadula what is Apac ?
jmbuser APAC = Asia Pacific
RodrigoPadula ohh sorry
fugolini sorry, i didn't understand
fugolini just all
fugolini i hope this discussion could start here and could continue in the list
fugolini eof
RodrigoPadula  !
fabian_a RodrigoPadula,
RodrigoPadula i think not only APAC.. but CARIBEAN, and many other regions where the number of ambassors is litle
RodrigoPadula for me, we need to see in the ambassadors list where we need to improve the project
RodrigoPadula for me .. the first step is recruit ambassadors in this areas
RodrigoPadula im doing it in Brazil and others countries in latin america
RodrigoPadula eof
fugolini  !
fugolini i just wrote an email asking people feedbacks, if you desire an explicit mail i could write it. just tell me
fabian_a i think that we need to work in every region because a lot of idle or inactive ambassadors in the country list doesn't reflect a big community
iWolf fabian_a: +1
RodrigoPadula it's other problem!
RodrigoPadula one problem is: we dont have ambassadors
fabian_a IMHO, every member of famsco should work in his area and give a hand to apac
fugolini i think, meanwhile, we have to give a reason to people to work (and to recruit new ones)
RodrigoPadula other problem is : we have but they dont work!
RodrigoPadula in my opnion.. some ambassador need to be fired hehehe
fugolini no, nobody was hired
fugolini so nobody could be fired
iWolf fugolini: +1
jmbuser +1
fabian_a we have to give them a reason to an ambassadors you are not an employee ;-)
fugolini i think we could invite people with any kind of activities
fugolini e.g. Release Party are a simple way to tell people: you can enjoy yourself spreading the Fedora voice
RodrigoPadula many people join us to see names on the list
RodrigoPadula as ambassadors
RodrigoPadula i have another vision of the Ambassadors Project
fugolini RodrigoPadula: probably you are right, but i think we have to see the other side of the glass (not the empty one)
RodrigoPadula if we have great ambassador... it's sounds good to the project
RodrigoPadula but names in the list.. not sounds goog
RodrigoPadula good
fugolini but we have great ambassadors, and i can tell you the names, (you see them in the list, in the planet, in the real life meeting etc)
RodrigoPadula yes
fugolini RodrigoPadula: this is a cons of a community made by volunteers
RodrigoPadula i thinks it's 10% of all ambassadors
RodrigoPadula for you what is a volunteer ?
fugolini not in the military sense
RodrigoPadula we have some ghosts on the ambassadors list
Southern_Gentlem  !
fugolini but if you close the door, people whould be scared
fugolini Southern_Gentlem:
fugolini osp sorry fabian_a
fugolini i forget
Southern_Gentlem RodrigoPadula, people volunteer to give their time, sometimes people need to be guided to the next tasks, or they get bored
RodrigoPadula no... i'm not talking to close the door
Southern_Gentlem and there has been talk of clearing out the ambassadors list before and it ticked alot of the good ambassador off eof
fabian_a we have some ghosts but we are maybe able to bring this ghosts back to live
fabian_a Southern_Gentlem: +1
RodrigoPadula here in brazil we have many volunteers, when this volunteer is working frequently i invite this to the project
Southern_Gentlem  !
fabian_a if the e-mail addresses still are valid ;-)
fabian_a Southern_Gentlem,
fugolini fabian_a: +1 :)
RodrigoPadula the problem is... the local project not is the first contact in your contries
Southern_Gentlem RodrigoPadula, please use meeting protocol
RodrigoPadula sorry!
RodrigoPadula eof
Southern_Gentlem i am Fedora ambassador for this area did i have a release party for f9 no because my college is on Summer break, this fall i will be involved with my local lug to have a release party for f10 eof
RodrigoPadula  !
fabian_a RodrigoPadula,
RodrigoPadula in brazil... we are the interface between the Fedora Project and the community
RodrigoPadula so, we recruit collaborators
RodrigoPadula and guide this ambassadors to contribute with the projects
RodrigoPadula when a collaborator work constantly
RodrigoPadula i invite this to the ambassadors project
RodrigoPadula so, in the ambassadors list we have only active ambassors
RodrigoPadula 90%
RodrigoPadula the local project need to copy this model!
Southern_Gentlem  !
RodrigoPadula to drive and guide the local community
RodrigoPadula to work and represent the fedora locally
RodrigoPadula eof
fugolini the problem is that, here, we haven't sign any contract or any kind of obligation with fedora project, because fedora project is not an association nor a company. It's a group of people that give freely without any duty their time
fabian_a Southern_Gentlem,
RodrigoPadula i agree.. but the local projects need to guide your local members!
Southern_Gentlem RodrigoPadula, i understand what you are staying, but are you saying because i am not living and breathing Fedora every minute of every day i am not an active ambassadar?
Southern_Gentlem i for one have a lot of college students who are getting interested in helping with fedora,, but the majority do not have the spare time
Southern_Gentlem eof
fugolini Southern_Gentlem: yep :)
fugolini RodrigoPadula: have you a proposal to make now or in the next day (trought the list)
fugolini  ?
RodrigoPadula yes
fugolini now?
RodrigoPadula on the list
RodrigoPadula later
* iWolf is running out of time
fugolini perfect, i think it could improve the discussion
fugolini iWolf: i agree with you (i have to eat, cleat etc.) :)
Southern_Gentlem laters
fabian_a i suggest to skip the last points
jmbuser +1
iWolf +1
RodrigoPadula +1
MrTom yes
fugolini ok
fabian_a anything else for today?
iWolf not from me.
RodrigoPadula not
fabian_a meeting has been adjourned...

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