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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Meeting - 2008-07-23

spevack yes, the FAMSco meeting is now
* stickster backs away, trembling
cmpahar thanks spevack
stickster "h-ha-have a good meeting..."
cmpahar i was worried about the time :P
fugolini ok, i think we can start
fugolini Roll call, please
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
spevack Max Spevack
cmpahar w8 to plug my laptop :P
AndreasR AndreasRau
fabian_a FabianAffolter
cmpahar ChristosBacharakis
cmpahar ready :)
cmpahar guys?!
spevack we're here
fugolini Ok, we can start
cmpahar allright
fugolini Meeting agenda:
fugolini 1. Budget
fugolini 2. Rules and more
fugolini 3. Mentors
fugolini 4. t.b.d.
spevack ok, budget
spevack i sent out an email earlier today
spevack as always, the most updated numbers are here:
* spevack goes to find the link
spevack Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget
spevack we're in good shape for the last 5 weeks of the quarter. we planned very well
spevack including the "buffer zone" that we left ourselves back in beginning of June in case we went a little bit over
fabian_a next point?
spevack the goal all along was $13-$15k
spevack and we are going to be in that window
spevack everything on the list is either finished, or in process of being taken care of
spevack i sent email about Fedora Infinity Day earlier today
spevack and the budget transfer to Fedora EMEA e.V. is also being worked on
spevack i also sent a reminder about the August 1 deadline for Q3 events
spevack FedoraEvents
spevack there are 17 events + FUDCon on there now
spevack and that is a lot
spevack any questions or comments?
cmpahar no
fugolini nothing to add
AndreasR nope
cmpahar not from me :)
spevack i think we're in good shape
spevack i'm not too worried this week :)
spevack EOF
fugolini Ok, anyone else?
AndreasR fine for me
fugolini Personally i hope to read more reports as possible in the planet and in the list
cmpahar i am covered :)
fugolini i know with the recent changes in the planet software someone is missing. Moreover i want to than for all the reports i read
* spevack wrote a trip report to planet, but forgot to send it to the list today
fugolini because they explain in a good way what we want
spevack i will do that
fugolini spevack: thank you:)
fugolini i think everyone is updated with planet
fugolini eof
fugolini yes
cmpahar yeah
fugolini 2. Rules and more
fugolini I have no updates for this week for such issue, i've some changes in the scheme and i hope to refine those
fugolini so that i can fastly update the Tasks List page
fugolini and can give a guideline to compile it
fugolini if you have question i'm here, if no i will skip to the next issue
fugolini ok
fugolini next one
fugolini 3.Mentors
fugolini If you take a look in the list you will find a specific thread about this issue
fugolini Just to be clear:
fugolini Susmit submit a draft proposal
fugolini i paste this one here
fugolini "Let me explain, as students participate and successfully finishes (Of
fugolini course there would be review committees for the verifying progress.)
fugolini their project with Fedora we need to issue them with a certificate of
fugolini successful completion."
fugolini As he said it would be a great way to have future contributors
fugolini Maybe you can ask why Ambassadors are discussion about it
fugolini but i think that's part of our daily job
fugolini to invite people
spevack so... what exactly are we talking about here?
spevack ressurecting the Fedora Mentors program?
AndreasR thanks
MrTom sorry i'm late dudes
spevack or something only for ambassadors?
fugolini i think Susmit talking about a global initiative
AndreasR  ?
fugolini i took in consideration this initivative from an Ambassador persepctive
cmpahar yeah, but he is talking about certificate, i good right
fugolini for a whole inititive i think board could be the right place
fugolini *fedora board
cmpahar *got right
fugolini I think we could work on this draft, just because it could be a good way, see Seneca college facts
cmpahar excuse me, but what certification he asks for..
cmpahar to certificate, what?!
fugolini that you worked for Fedora project
cmpahar i see
fugolini as Ambassadors
fugolini that's an example
cmpahar thank you
cmpahar can we do something about that?!
fugolini I'm here because i promised to give a answer to him, i preferred to discuss with all of you about this prroposal
spevack fugolini: i have obviously missed several emails in this thread, because i am very confused right now
fugolini ok, give me few seconds to catch the thread
spevack fugolini: Fedora-Student_Mentor_Programme/Draft
spevack this?
spevack this is REALLY interesting
fugolini Yes
spevack and i'm sorry i missed it before
AndreasR  ?
spevack how do i say this -- i think that it is something that is bigger even than famsco
fugolini AndreasR:
fugolini in fact
AndreasR to get the right point..
spevack because we are already doing fedora interns, and we are trying to figure out a larger strategy for interacting with schools and fedora
AndreasR who will guide this initiative.. I mean who will take care of this certification progress - first we will have to localize the staff (ressources) and the minds of our boardmembers about this. Certification or something like that is a seriouse topic
AndreasR eof
fugolini AndreasR: see Susmit draft
AndreasR will do
spevack i will look at this in more detail
fugolini spevack: you are right, i received this mail that i forwarded in the list
spevack i think we need to not get hung up on the idea of a certificate
spevack all a certificate is a letter of recommendation, or some sort of proof that a person made contributions to fedora
fabian_a spevack: +1
fugolini i paid attention just because it could be a great propeller for Ambassadors
spevack I write many emails on behalf of fedora contributors, telling professors or possible employers about their contributions
spevack this is no different, really
spevack anyone who works in one section of Fedora
spevack and does a good job
spevack should have a simple time finding several other people who are willing to say "that person did a good job!"
spevack like someone already said
fugolini I think Susmit ask FAmSCo to be the certification
fugolini place
spevack i think susmit needs to use the example of Seneca College in creating any program. That is part of the idea behind what we are doing with seneca
fugolini but if it would be a wide initiative
spevack fugolini: i think famsco is the wrong place, but that the leadership teams of the specific subproject that a person works on would be a better place
fugolini i think Fedora Board or Connected Steering COmmittees could certificare
fugolini *certificate
spevack fugolini: exactly :)
cmpahar I think that if we start giving certifications sortly we will have to give some of them to some events like Fascom or FudCon
fugolini in fact, i think i missed the point when he talks about project collaboaration
fugolini i just focus on Ambs
fugolini but he was talking about a whole initiative
fabian_a FYI...the mentors program tried to do the same with "rave report"
fabian_a Mentors#Rave_Reviews
spevack it's two separate questions -- one is working with other organizations
spevack and the other is recognition
spevack formal recognition for a student in a class or a job -- that person will come to us and specifically ask
spevack general recognition is something that we continue to try new ways of doing, and i still think we have a hard time
spevack because in a community as big as ours, it's hard to recognize one person without making others feel left out
cmpahar i think sumit trying to tell that we flied many kilometers for an event
cmpahar and he took nothing.. (recognition for the rest of the world)
fugolini Ok any questions ?
spevack fugolini: i think for now, from FAMSCo's point of view, maybe report that Max is going to look into it, and also talk with Greg about it
spevack because we need to find a way to tie was sumit wants to do into the larger initiatives we are trying to work on
fugolini ok
cmpahar question
fugolini thank you spevack (and Greg) for this
spevack cmpahar: go ahead
cmpahar in the events, such as Fudcon Fascon, are you planning, giving a paper?
cmpahar a recognition?!
cmpahar ok, some of use do it for fun, for knowledge
cmpahar to know fedora better, to meet people
fugolini cmpahar: ?
spevack cmpahar: we could. personally i cannot answer yes or no to that. if we want to or need to, we can
cmpahar because, here in greece
cmpahar every student search for a paper for his/her bio
cmpahar  :P
cmpahar and maybe in future events someone will come and ask for that paper
cmpahar (sorry for the bad english, i am nervous)
fugolini naturally you will receive a paper, but the institution where you are studing/workin could accept or reject it
cmpahar no for the institution, for a job reply
fugolini it's the same
cmpahar i think i am done :)
cmpahar spevack, answered me.. :)
fugolini ok
fugolini Other topics to discuss?
spevack not from me
fabian_a NPO and ambassadors, perhaps?
cmpahar NPO?
fugolini ok
fugolini No profit organization
fugolini fabian_a: you have the voice :)
AndreasR non
fabian_a i just hope that we don't run into legal problems
fugolini as i underlined in the CLA it specified both a individual and an organization
fugolini as contributor
fabian_a have no full name
fabian_a no phone number
fugolini I think those datas are necessary
fugolini maybe a new feature for Account system?
fabian_a i'm not talking about the's about the ambassador group
fugolini yes
kital  !
fugolini i didn't see that he hasn't the nuber
fugolini kital:
kital is a Limited a NPO i think not Lankanet (GTE) Ltd
spevack fabian_a: if you want to get the simplest answer as quickly as possible, just ask tom callaway :)
fabian_a spevack: ok
fugolini i tell this in the list
fugolini have you read it?
spevack i did
fugolini ops
spevack there was confusions about whether or not an organization can sign the CLA
fugolini i'm talking with fabian_a
spevack I think it is ok, but tom will know for sure ;)
fugolini absolutely
fabian_a we can spot here and i will ask spot
fugolini i give my "out of the line" opinion
fabian_a first stop then spot :-P
fabian_a eof
cmpahar how about the 4th topic?
fugolini it means to be decided/defined
fugolini it's just to have the space to discuss about more things here
* cmpahar feels stupid now :P
fugolini generally it's used in official meetings where there are specific rules about the agenda
fugolini Any other questions/objection?
fugolini I want to thank NA community for their wiki page
fugolini about their open issues etc.
fugolini and thank with all the initivative i'm reading in the list from all around the world
fugolini as I said i invite all FAmSCo members to be a helpfull hand in their local area
fugolini But today Ambassadors status meter is green
fugolini i don't see big problems or impossible ostacle
fugolini Now, if you have question or if you haven't i will adjourn the meeting
spevack fugolini: i think that by th eend of the year, we need to have a goal that NA, EMEA, LATAM, and India all have strong regional leadership and support structures in place. and i think we are well on the way to that.
fugolini absolutely
spevack and whenever a topic comes before Ambassadors or FAMSCo for discussion
spevack we must always think "what is the best solution to push authority and accountability towards the edges?"
spevack in other words, towards the local support structures, with assistance from FAMSCo and Red Hat Community Architecture when needed.
spevack I think we are doing a good job, and we must always keep the large end goal in mind.
spevack this is why it was important to me to give rodrigo official blessing to take charge in south america
spevack even if not all of famsco agreed 100% with every one of his ideas
spevack having a local leader is more important than each decision that leader makes, as long as *most* decisions are correct.
spevack just an example...
spevack EOF
fugolini You are right
spevack alright, i am done preaching :)
fugolini and what make me happy is to see great people around the world who are taking care of their local communities
spevack famsco, IMHO, is doing a great job
fugolini and Max too
fugolini  :)
cmpahar tru ;)
cmpahar *true ;)
fugolini Max is part of FAmSCo
fugolini but as Community architect
spevack i'm just here to help!
fugolini Any question?

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