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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Meeting - 2008-08-27

fugolini ok, who is here for FAmSCo meeting?
* spevack is here
* notting has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
* fabian_a is here
* iWolf is here
fugolini mh, ok, just a minute (hoping someone else will join us)
fugolini ok, we can start!
fugolini First of all: call roll
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
fabian_a FabianAffolter
iWolf JeffreyTadlock
spevack Max spevack
fugolini First topic: Budget
fugolini As you can see
fugolini Max posted in the list all the details about
spevack hopefully not too much more to say
fugolini FY Q3
spevack i think we're all set for Q3 budget
spevack any questions or comments?
fugolini spevack: only a question:
spevack Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget
spevack fugolini: yep?
fugolini i know it's too early, but for Q4, we have to find a way to better distribute money, I just made some charts
spevack i'm open to any new idea
fugolini and I saw event are growing exponentially, that's good, but
fugolini or we lower budget or we have to focus on certain events, and try to help with alternative way other ones
spevack fugolini: there were many events added after the August 1 deadline for funding, even with all my reminders. i feel bad for those people, but if we fund everything, then each event almost gets nothing
fugolini in fact, this was a good way to filter, but there are still a lot of events and budget is not infinite
fugolini but, meanwhile, I personally want to read q3 events report :)
fugolini Any other questions?
fabian_a just one input: i think that it's possible to pass a part of the money from OpenExpo to Athens Digital Week. the accommodation for OpenExpo will not need much money
fugolini great
fugolini Personally I think we are in the right way with budget.
fugolini eof
fugolini 2. Release events, i know it was in the 1 with budget but it quite different
fugolini I hope to organize a meeting with the release event owner
fugolini and understand the local status, moreover, I will be out starting from september 10th (not sure about it) due to a ship training
spevack fabian_a: yeah, i will work with Dimitris to handle Athens
fabian_a spevack: ok
fugolini I will send an email to Ambassadors list waiting for feedbacks. That's all
fugolini Suggestions?
fugolini ok
fugolini 3. Localization
fugolini I'm happy to say that the local groups activity is going on,
fugolini I didn't read the last NA meeting, but i'll do it soon
fugolini This is the most important space of the meeting
fugolini To FAmSCo members and who want to join this discussion: any update?
* spstarr_work has quit ("the assimilation is complete, this machine goes Fedora now...")
fugolini spevack: about media production, is the actual system working?
fugolini or better
fugolini sorry
fugolini We had a discussion in FAmSCo list about it. Can we handle media production budget for next Quarter (Q4) alongside event sponsorization
spevack fugolini: well
spevack fugolini: for media production, here is what we are currently trying:
spevack in North America, event owners are using an on-demand vendor, and they can spend part of their budget on media
spevack in EMEA, we have a really good producer at Red Hat Munich, and we can take a little bit from different event budgets to produce Media.
fugolini just because a big part of the budget is spent for media production and except for medium event, the smallest one don't need a lot of money if we give them media
spevack everywhere else, people are basically on their own
spevack fugolini: yep, you are right
iWolf NA is going to order in bulk.
spevack fugolini: i think it's working pretty well. people aren't complaining right now about not being able to get media, so that is a good sign
spevack and local people are handling the details.
fugolini yes, it was only to assure some concern about it that I found in some local meetings
fugolini but thanks a lot for the answer
fugolini Any other question/update/etc?
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
fugolini 1
fugolini 4. Membership and more
fugolini First of all membership
fugolini there aren't relevant update about it. I want to personally thanks with fabian_a for his mails about m-l and irc
fugolini it's important to update periodically the users, just because sometimes someone forget the basic of the rules
fugolini joerg suggested, moreover, to work over a Membership rule etc.
fabian_a something from #fedora-ambassadors
fabian_a <delhage> something that I find annoying is all the "welcome to the family" etc replys to new ambassador intros. Nice, but can be sent as private e-mail
fugolini Yes, that's true, but it's quite complicated to ask people to make it, in the past we sent some advice but we can't stop those ones
fugolini Now, I want to ask all of you for advice about membership management
fugolini see Membership Administrators and newbie policy so that we will be able to write with the big help of Joerg a Ambassadors Membership policy draft
fugolini attention: nothing of this is about law or other, just a set of simple rules and way to prevent abusage
fugolini eof
fugolini Questions?
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
fugolini 1
fugolini Now another small point, all agree to set fedora-ambassadors as our IRC channel in the FAS ?
fugolini for me is right, then if we will go back we will able to re-set this
iWolf it is fine with me
fugolini ok, so just do it :) !
fugolini For today we have finished, have you other suggestions?
spevack no, nothing from me.
* spevack is tired, the budget work has taken a long time :)
fugolini So, thank you for your attention
fugolini == Meeting adjourned ==

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