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fugolini FrancescoUgolini
fabian_a FabianAffolter
jmbuser JohnBabich
spevack Max "The Pirate" Spevack
fabian_a fugolini: now you have the lead...i will log
fugolini ehehe, so just take a look at this link:
fugolini fabian_a: thank you
* spevack doesn't want to be a pirate, actually
fugolini The agenda is well explained there.
fugolini First of all Release Parties Status:
spevack excellent... I think we talked about the release parties, at least from a budget point of view, earlier.
fugolini We have just discussed about it in EMEA
spevack But just to be clear -- we have extra money from FUDCon Brno's budget, so we can have more budget for release parties. I just need to know how much before we say 100% :)
fugolini What I can say is that we are covering a variety of countries this time, and yes, we will able to support those ones
fugolini I'll work to make an announcement when we will be near the release
fugolini I hope fedora announce could help us. Moreover I'll send it to Max, hoping he will be able
fugolini to see my mistakes.
fugolini  :=
fugolini Any question?
spevack sounds good to me
jmbuser +1
fabian_a +1
fugolini So, next issue, but we discussed about it, few minutes ago: Ambassadors list. FAmSCo taken a position, but we have to wait since FAD NA 2008, before a announcement
jmbuser  !
fugolini just because NA wanted to discuss all together. We have just a EMEA opinion and other region
fugolini jmbuser:
jmbuser Is that position public?
fugolini I asked to pause the discussion until FAD NA, if there will be reasonable topic to change FAmSCo position
jmbuser  !
fugolini we will discuss it again. But after more than 40 (50) feedback from Ambassadors community and after the well explained reasons posted by experienced Ambassadors like Joerg [1], Robert[2] and Chitlesh [
jmbuser That's fine by me.
fugolini jmbuser:
jmbuser eof
fugolini I'm sure moreover the decision is the only one.
fugolini "it isn't a compromise but the only way to stop the most discussion we had in the project. "
fugolini *big
fugolini I'm sure everyone will happy, moreover in the Weekly report you have a detailed description of this topic. I hope it would be clear
fugolini Anything for this topic?
fabian_a no
fugolini 3. New Members policy update: see the mail, I'm sure it a well clear point
fugolini See the weekly report. I've done it just because it save a lot of time. Maybe we could add it in the task list along with Weekly meeting :)
fugolini 4. t.b.d.
jmbuser  !
fugolini jmbuser:
jmbuser Thanks for the weekly report - makes it easier for me to follow
jmbuser eof
fugolini In fact, I'm sure it help a lot. I'm saying this because it helps me too :)
fugolini For the 4th point: I have only few personal communications
fugolini the first one is that I'll be unavailable from 20 to 27.
* Frankly3D has quit ("Leaving")
fugolini The open topic to control are: Release Events and Budget
* ke4qqq has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
spevack  !
fugolini the other discussion, Ambassadors list, it's posponed to Oct. 15
fugolini sp
fugolini spevack:
spevack I am a bit behind on getting payments to ambassadors so far in September, but I'll catch up on all of it, and keep updating everyone on the budget.
spevack EOF
fugolini great, I think there aren't absolutely problems
fugolini If you need to held a meeting to discuss about budget and release events
fugolini just do it :) I've just talked with fabian_a about that, some days ago
fugolini The last thing is Meeting time.
fugolini When I'll come back, my student-routine will restart, after 3 month and more of pleasure
fugolini I'll have to wake up at 5.30 UTC +2
* spevack will be able to make any meeting time in which he doesn't already have another meeting.
fugolini That's mean 3.30 UTC
spevack fugolini: that is AWFUL
* spevack would die
spevack I am *not* a morning person at all ;)
fugolini i just done this last academic year :)
fabian_a that's early
spevack I consider it a great accomplishment if I am awake by 8:30
fugolini but i've to take 3 trains and a bus to arrive where i have to go
jmbuser ughh
fugolini BTW, my proposal is 18.00 with Summer time that mean 19.00 with sunlight time
* spevack makes a note to never complain about anything again
fugolini UTC naturally
spevack fugolini: I will +1 any proposal you make on meeting time
jmbuser likewise +1
fugolini don't worry, when you do this for more than a month, you don't notice it
fugolini so if you couldn't be able at that time
fabian_a i'm not able to attend meeting before 20.00 utc because my part time studies
spevack fugolini: a friend of mine once quit a job after they told him he would have to be at work at 08:00
fugolini lol
spevack fugolini: so i admire greatly your commitment
fugolini I'm loving what i'm doing so
fugolini I don't feel sad :)
fugolini fabian_a: 20.00 UTC with sunlight time?
fugolini I don't know when will be the time change
fabian_a fugolini: 22.00 in your time zone
fugolini so with UTC+1 too?
fabian_a fugolini: or our time zone
fugolini In October, if I'm not wrong, we will move from UTC +2 to UTC +1
fabian_a yes
fugolini will be the same with UTC +1?
fugolini so 21.00 UTC
fugolini  ?
fugolini with sunlight time
fugolini Just because I'll agree to held the meeting at 20.00 UTC (with sunlight time, starting from ??october)
fugolini At least 20.30, like few months ago (before may)
fugolini Could be ok ?
spevack again, +1 to anything
fugolini that will mean 19.30 UTC +2 and 20.30 UTC +1
fugolini with UTC
fugolini sorry I missed with
fabian_a didn't we collect the times already a few month ago?
fugolini yes, we had a page
fugolini ok, I'll check it
jmbuser 19:30 UTC works for me
fugolini So can we finish the discussion in FAmSCo list?
fugolini (sorry for my language today, but I'm feel tired, weather is changing)
fugolini Ok, so I'll update you about the available meeting times.
fugolini Anything else?
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
spevack talk to you all later... fabian_a see you next week
fugolini 1
fugolini == Meeting adjourned ==
fugolini Thanks everyone to join this meeting
fugolini I'm sorry for the time
jmbuser Thanks everybody, especially fugolini for moderating
fugolini I'll be here tomorrow afternoon
fugolini bye
fugolini night

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