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AndreasR AndreasRau is here too
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
fabian_a FabianAffolter
AndreasR AndreasRau
spevack Max is here
spevack but a bit grumpy
spevack AndreasR: definitely not smiling tonight!
fugolini ok, no problem
iWolf JeffreyTadlock
MrTom ThomasCanniot
spevack though it's great to see a big FAMSCo turnout tonight
* fugolini too
jmbuser JohnBabich
fugolini Meeting agenda:
fugolini 1. Budget status
fugolini 2. F10 Release Parties: owners preview review
fugolini 3. Meeting time and date
fugolini 4. Membership status
fugolini 5. t.b.d.
spevack alright
spevack i guess i'm first?
spevack since it's budget time.
fugolini yes
fugolini it's your turn
spevack earlier this week, I sent out 4 separate budget-related emails
spevack to NA, SA, EMEA, and APAC/India ambassadors
spevack who have had events in September
spevack getting status reports, and collecting details to send money where needed
spevack It looks like most events are coming in UNDER budget so far.
spevack unfortunately MrTom had some logistical problems with PCDL (I don't blame you at all MrTom, I'm just sorry that the event wasn't better for you!).
spevack other events are pretty much on track.
spevack So this leads to a couple of good things
spevack because the "general events" are staying under budget, and because there was extra money left from FUDCon, I feel like we won't have any funding problems for the release events
fugolini Great
spevack and I also was able to offer an additional $500 to the FAD NA event
spevack so that's about it... we're in good shape.
spevack any questions?
fugolini Yes
spevack go ahead
fugolini I've read your email and personally they help really
fugolini My question is: for Q4, will us to change something?
fugolini *will us have
fugolini Or the system could work as it is?
fugolini Personally I was feared by the lot of issues
spevack I think our general workflow is solid, and unless the rest of FAMSCo wants to make changes, I don't anticipate doing things too much differently
fugolini *requests
spevack I am here to serve you guys!
fugolini spevack: thank you
spevack so if you have a better way or better idea, just tell me!
fugolini spevack: I just post an idea to track event in a way that it would be possible to query
fugolini by owner, country etc
fugolini but we will discuss on the list
spevack fugolini: here is my comment, for people to think about
spevack the FedoraEvents page is very easy for an individual ambassador to use and edit.
spevack It is also pretty easy for FAMSCo or me to look at it and see "oh, these are the events that are coming soon"
spevack or "these are the events that just finished, i probably should ask the owners if they need money"
spevack could it be more automated or database driven? sure.
spevack but
spevack i think that it would also
spevack make it a bit harder for people to add events.
spevack and one thing that i have noticed
spevack is that even though we sent a bunch of reminders for people to get their events on the page early
spevack a bunch still came in after our budget deadline.
spevack so if the barrier to creating an event goes up more, i am quite fearful
spevack that peole will just ignore the workflow
fugolini I was moving my question just because today I was facing difficulties trying to search for specific events
spevack and email famsco directly, which will cause a bigger mess.
spevack just a thought
spevack EOF
spevack i would be interested to hear what everyone else thinks.
fugolini spevack: thank you
fugolini Anyone has comments on Budget and/or this issue?
iWolf I would be inclined to keep the event listing in the wiki. it keeps the hurdle low and provides good visibility for a non-fedora contributor to see if we are going to be in the area at a conference.
fugolini jmbuser
jmbuser I agree with keeping it on the wiki so people can easily add events
jmbuser EOF
fugolini AndreasR:
fabian_a  !
AndreasR Okay, you are right why make it bigger... I think your comment was very clear
AndreasR I didn't thought about that
AndreasR eof
fugolini MrTom:
MrTom i think editing the wiki is not that difficult. It is very easy to understand how it works... just copy and paste. Having a webapp would need wok again from the infrastructure team I think, and management from someone again. EOF
fugolini fabian_a
fugolini  !
spevack MrTom: +1 -- who's going to have time to make the webapp. Websites and Infrastructure are already overloaded.
spevack  !
fabian_a if the events are no longer at the wiki we will be able to reuse a single entries on the front page as an example
fabian_a eof
fugolini sp
fugolini spevack:
spevack fugolini: nevermind :)
fugolini ah
fugolini As I said, I faced that issue wehn I'll try to get some useful data in a really brief time
fugolini Probably it was my impression, but I just hate to type ctrl-f and try to filter content
fugolini BTW, you are right when you say there isn't space to deploy a solution etc.
fugolini But as FAmSCo is quite made by volunteers that use their free time, I though it could be helpful to give them a fast way to make query
fugolini But sure, I don't want to annoy more with this issue, just because probably it's something I experienced I.
fugolini So, just put it in the sandbox, and discuss about next, most important issues
fugolini 2. F10 Release Parties
fugolini I just send an email with people budget preview
spevack  !
fugolini spevack:
spevack I thought it was a good email, and that your suggestions made sense.
spevack I think if we can keep the total bill for F10 release parties in Q3 (so the ones that happen in November) to about $1000 USD or less, we'll be fine.
spevack For the ones in December (Q4), we will deal with that in the next budget planning round
spevack fugolini: and thank you very much for your owrk
jmbuser +1 on thanks
fugolini spevack: I'm trying to do my best. I have to thank you for all the suggestions and ideas you daily give us
spevack fugolini: no thanks needed
spevack but you are welcome :)
fugolini So, you agree with my last mail about Release Events preview
fugolini just give me a minute for the adress
spevack let me go line by line just to be sure
spevack Bangladesh, $100-$150
spevack Thessaloniki, $100-$150
spevack Milan: 150-$200
spevack yeah, agreed
spevack Maybe give Bangladesh $200
fugolini All agree?
spevack it won't really matter, and they don't ask for much
spevack let's give them what they want.
spevack So I would say:
spevack Bangladesh/Milan: $200
spevack Thessaloniki: up to $150
spevack eof
spevack i think there's enough money floating around the north american pot to take care of all their needs.
spevack and I'll be in contact with those guys anyway.
fugolini spevack: that's what I need to know
fugolini thanks
fugolini +1
spevack fugolini: i think we're in good shape. No bad feelings or worries here
fugolini That make me happy
fugolini Any question, suggestion, critic or whateverelse?
MrTom no
iWolf none from me
fugolini Ok, we can move on.
fugolini 3. Meeting time and date
fugolini Take a look at this thread:
fugolini After a discussion, it seems people agreed to hold
fugolini the meeting on Thursday at 19.00 UTC
fugolini just take a look at
fugolini maybe it's not the correct adress but it sounds like this
fugolini Any question?
spevack is that tomorrow?
fugolini the next week :)
spevack ok, good. i'm on an airplane tomorrow, and I wanted to attend :)
fugolini enjoy the travel
spevack if they have power plug in the seat, i will.  ;)
MrTom it ok for me on thursday evening
fugolini I tried to figure out, as Fabian suggest, the perfect time from the Calendar page at /Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Meeting
iWolf thursdays are intermittent for me as it conflicts with a $dayjob meeting every other week.
fugolini *Meetings
fugolini iWolf: that's a problem, could you suggest an alternative?
AndreasR  !
fabian_a  !
fugolini AndreasR:
iWolf this Wednesday time generally seems to work well for me.  :)
AndreasR one week Wednesday the other Thursday
AndreasR eof
fugolini fabian_a:
fabian_a for me it will not work before 20.00 utc, sorry
fabian_a eof
jmbuser  !
fugolini fabian_a: the main problem is that with summertime, starting from october the 6th
fugolini I'll have to wake up really early
fugolini I don't knwo when we will start reusing sunlight time
fabian_a i know
fugolini but with sunlight time 20.00 UTC is ok
spevack fugolini: not until november
spevack do the clocks change
spevack or end of october
spevack a few weeks
fabian_a fugolini: this is 22.00 cest
fugolini fabian_a: for next week I could try, but I can be clearminded
fugolini but to have a clear mind I need to sleep some time
fugolini I have to wake up at 3.30 UTC
fabian_a fugolini: won't worry we will find a way that works for everybody
fugolini fabian_a: ok, I'll try to stay up
fugolini maybe sleeping before and after that time
fugolini jmbuser:
jmbuser Wednesdays are my weekend, but doable for me
jmbuser Fridays through Tuesdays are not good - Thursday is best
jmbuser EOF
fugolini I think we could alternate meeting, making him once on Wednesday and once on Thursday
fugolini It's ok?
MrTom why not yes !
fabian_a fugolini: that's definitely not an option...sleeping before and after the meeting
AndreasR +1
fabian_a sure, let's switch the days
jmbuser +1
fugolini fabian_a: sorry i missed the point
fugolini do you agree with my idea?
fabian_a +1
fugolini Ok, so the motion is accepted
fugolini Next item: 4. Membership status
fugolini I want to thank kital for the work he has done
fugolini during this week we have all experienced the new membership rules change
fugolini I'm referring to the Ambassadors List welcome
fugolini but, at the root, the work is going in the right way. Joerg (kital) is updating us about what is happening and that help us a lot
fugolini I think that's all.
fugolini Questions, comments or whatever else?
AndreasR  !
fugolini AndreasR:
AndreasR thanks kital
AndreasR eof
fugolini absolutely
fugolini Any question?
* kital hears that ;)
AndreasR no :)
fugolini ok, someone has a topic to discuss?
fugolini Tomorrow or maybe later this week I'll write an email to FAD NA attendees
fugolini I can't be there.
fugolini I'm not sure if someone from FAmSCo could be there
fugolini iWolf:
spevack iWolf will be there
fugolini will you be there?
jmbuser I can be there
fugolini So, great. I'll send you the email, along with jmbuser
fugolini It's one of the most important Ambassadors-related event this year. We will have a FAD EMEA too
GeroldKa Re: [Famsco-list] EMEA - NA meeting
GeroldKa Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
GeroldKa The reason it is being held:
GeroldKa Post by non-member to a members-only list
GeroldKa sorry :-(
fugolini GeroldKa: i'll check
fugolini GeroldKa: give me the time to access administrative interface and I'll check it
fugolini BTW, fortunately I could join FAD EMEA
fugolini jmbuser, iWolf you will be the voice of FAmSCo there
GeroldKa for a Pizza Spaghetti ...
GeroldKa we will love it :-)
fugolini GeroldKa: yeah
fugolini blah...
fugolini ehehe
AndreasR .. there is a place for you reserved... and I am doing the nameplates
fugolini Ok, anything else?
fugolini What GeroldKa paste, it's the proposal to hold a common meeting with EMEA and NA to discuss about
fugolini certain topic
fugolini I personally happy to see this initiative
fugolini proposed by NA Ambassadors
fugolini I hope to be able to solve the technical issue
fugolini Ok, i'm starting meeting count down.
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
spevack thank you fugolini
fugolini 1
iWolf fugolini: thanks!
fugolini == Meeting adjourned ==

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