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fugolini So, roll call:
fugolini fabian_a: thank you
AndreasR AndreasRau
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
iWolf JeffreyTadlock
fabian_a FabianAffolter
fugolini Great, first of all I want to thank all of you for your attention
fugolini I've to be sincere when I say that I had no time to write the Weekly report
fugolini but sincerely this week there weren't so bidg discussions or topic discussed
fugolini ok, that's the meeting's agenda:
fugolini 1. Budget
fugolini 2. FAmSCo Election
fugolini 2. Release Parties updates
fugolini For the budget side there isn't anything special
jmbuser JohnBabich - better late than never
fugolini jmbuser: no problem, you are in time
fugolini Currently the reimbursmets are going well enough
fugolini and we are received good reports by events owner
fugolini Unfortunately Max is currently holding a meeting and he isn't able to attend this meeting.
fugolini But I'm sure that the complete situation
fugolini Any question from the budget side?
fugolini I have to add only a small thing: actually many people who want to hold an event in Q3
fugolini but they post their request in the previous week
fugolini couldn't be able to get resources from FAmSCo
fugolini I'm sorry with that, just because our goal is to satisfy the Ambassadors interest, but we have to guarantee continuity
fugolini and we have to respect the Budget and FY schedules
fugolini I'm sorry with all the people, but I hope everyone will understand.
fugolini It seems burocracy but it's the only way to get resources
fugolini eof
fugolini Anything to say?
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
fugolini 1
fugolini MrTom: have you something to say about budget?
fugolini or can we talk about the next topic?
MrTom no i did not have time to look at it by the way
MrTom move on
fugolini MrTom: no problem
fugolini thanks
fugolini 2. FAmSCo Election
fugolini I'm sure it's the best time to discuss about this topic
fugolini You probably noticed this one in Fedora Advisory List and Marketing List too
fugolini and I'm sure it's one of the most crucial community activity each year
fugolini I want, with your support, to define something e.g. helping figure out a schedule proposal to send to Fedora Board
AndreasR  ?
fugolini and just try to organize something to help Ambassadors understanding the importance of the election
fugolini AndreasR:
AndreasR we were voted by the board.. how could we help.. that's an boardissue in my eyes.. or do I understand something wrong
AndreasR eof
fugolini AndreasR: I think as part of Fedora we need to help the Board taking this decision
fugolini just because it's a FAmSCo chair duty to call for election
AndreasR  !
fugolini after have discussed with all the others FAmSCo members
fugolini AndreasR:
AndreasR ahhh okay.. eof :)
fugolini I think board have to steer this process because it's the first time we have a more than one project elections
fugolini I see there are several *SCo and part of the board
fugolini and I'm sure it could help keeping people interested by elections
fugolini stickster: anything yet decided for elections?
fugolini stickster: sorry if I'm disturbing you, just to have some waypoints to follow
fugolini Ok, just move one
fugolini Anything to say from that perspective?
fugolini Personally I replied to FAdvisory List giving my personal opinion
Southern_Gentlem fugolini, yes i hope they are not till january because here in the USA we are up to our noses in elections
fugolini a perfect election have to be hold in the late november, first weeks of december (just before cristhmas)
fugolini Southern_Gentlem: ah ok
fugolini just perfect
Southern_Gentlem totally disagree
fugolini why?
Southern_Gentlem same reason listed above
jmbuser  !
Southern_Gentlem yes i know the fedora elections are small to national elections but i am already have election burnout
fugolini Southern_Gentlem: I didn't notice the US elections
fugolini so, you are right
fugolini jmbuser:
* fugolini know there will be US elections, just didn't think about it for *SCos elections
jmbuser Likewise, I'm trying how to vote absentee ballot - big distraction, but a good one
jmbuser to figure out how, that is
jmbuser EOF
Southern_Gentlem jmbuser, i thought that had to be in on last monday
jmbuser Depends on the home state
fugolini ah ok
fugolini so, do you agree with me let Board schedule everything, maybe we could just give our opinion
fugolini in Advisory list if needed
fugolini ok?
jmbuser +1
fabian_a +1
AndreasR +1
fugolini Ok, so this will be our move
fugolini towards the Fedora elections
fugolini Last, known, topic:
fugolini 2. Release Parties updates
fugolini There aren't big updates since the last week
fugolini I think it would be better to add this topic to FWN and maybe asking to add this activity in the Press Release
fugolini Maybe in the release week
fugolini Is there (#fedora-meeting) someone who is working on Press Release?
fugolini ping quaid
quaid fugolini: pong
fugolini quaid: are you the person in charge of Press Release?
quaid shared with Paul, etc., yes
fugolini quaid: first of all thank you and sorry for the ping
quaid np
fugolini quaid: Could be possible to say something about release events?
quaid stickster is working on the formal, from Red Hat press release
fugolini I know a press release must be brief and effective
fugolini ah ok
quaid I'm working on the talking points for the informal release announcements
quaid so, definitely a good one to add to the release announcement talking points
quaid I'm unsure about the formal press release, but +1 from me to the idea
fugolini quaid: thank you, a talking point could be great too
fugolini quaid: thank you for the time and for the answer
fugolini So, anything to say about this topic?
fugolini 3
fugolini 2
fugolini 1
fugolini 0
fugolini Ok, anything to add for this meeting?
fugolini I just finished all the official discussion topics
fugolini Any important communication from APAC, LATAM, NA, EMEA
fugolini  ?
fugolini 3
jmbuser  !
fugolini jm
fugolini jmbuser:
jmbuser I'm sorry to say that I can't make GITEX 2008 in Dubai this month - too much $DAYJOB activity
jmbuser EOF
fugolini jmbuser: absolutely no problem.
fugolini Everyone here have to do what he/she can do
fugolini I hope next year you'll be able to be there
fugolini eof
fugolini Anything else?
fugolini 2
fugolini 1
fugolini 0
fugolini == Meeting Adjourned ==

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