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fugolini Ok, here we are.
fugolini Call roll please:
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
spevack Max Spevack
fabian_a FabianAffolter
MrTom ThomasCanniot
fugolini Great!
fugolini Actually I can't access the list archive page (i have to search my pswd), BTW, this is our agenda:
fugolini 1. Budget
fugolini 2. Release Events status
fugolini 3. Membership status
fugolini 4. t.b.d.
spevack Budget!
fugolini spevack:
spevack I've done quite a bit of budget work over the past few days
spevack FUDCon is about 90% paid for
spevack As far as ambassadors in different parts of the world go:
spevack North America is almost up to date -- the Ohio Linux Fest receipts are still coming
spevack In India, things are in order, more or less.
spevack APAC folks are getting their money.
spevack In EMEA, I actually need info from fabian_a and MrTom -- I need your receipts from events, especially yours MrTom, I want to make sure Fedora-fr gets the money that it needs.
MrTom !
spevack fabian_a: i know you have some costs from OpenExpo, which I can give you the money for.
fugolini MrTom:
spevack yeah, go ahead MrTom
MrTom we are actively working on F10 install Fest, and I think we will go a bit further from the $500 first discussed budget.
MrTom but as we did not used the $1000 for the others past event, I hope this is doable. I wanted to ask fasmco about this.
MrTom eof
spevack MrTom: in the original budget, I set aside 1000 EUR for for whatever Fedora-fr needs.
MrTom !
spevack So if you give me the bank information for where that money needs to go, I will get it to you
spevack go ahead
MrTom it was even $1500 with 3 events linked to them.
spevack 1000 EUR is about $1500 USD
spevack at least, it was when we made the budget :)
spevack so yeah, $1500, whatever that is in EUR
MrTom However, we must take into account that some day, the Tunisian boy will wake up and ask for financing. I still can't have them communicate in official channels about their projects unfortunately.
spevack well, when he wakes up, we'll deal with it then :)
spevack for the moment, you are the one who is here, and I don't want Fedora-fr to feel forgotten
MrTom sorry I did not see you were talking in EUR and not USD :) I'm quite happy the EUR is devaluating a bit at the moment :)
spevack me too :)
spevack according to google, $1500 USD = 1170 EUR
MrTom I don't feel forgotten and I know we can count on your precious suport
spevack MrTom: can you send me the bank account information?
spevack So I can pay Fedora-fr?
MrTom we are going to finance french live cd for our next 6 months F10 related events for example
MrTom yep i'll do it spevack
spevack MrTom: perfect. Live CD is a good use of money also
spevack i agree.
spevack fabian_a: i also don't want your costs from OpenExpo to be forgotten :)
MrTom we will also strongly communicate and aske attendees about having branded fedora usb key with a fedora preload on it
fabian_a spevack: i will send you the summary soon
spevack ok, that's all for budget. I have not started looking at the December - February budget yet, but I will send a reminder to Ambassadors list to get their events on the page.
spevack fabian_a: no problem.
spevack ok, that's all I have for budget, fugolini
fugolini spevack: thank you for what you have reported
fugolini it's impressive to see what you have just done and what you are doing
fugolini I hope to give more details on the activities I take care of (see Release Events)
fugolini To all the meeting attendees: have you questions regard this topic?
spevack fugolini: sounds good. Unlike this time last quarter, when I was very worried about budget, I think we are in very nice shape this quarter. It is a good feeling!
spevack EOF
fugolini spevack: yes, i agree with you
fugolini Ok, move on!
fugolini 2. Release Events status
fugolini I have few announcements regarding this topic:
fugolini 1. I have received the ok to use the logo for the Release Event map
fugolini it's a really stupid thing but it's part of the marketing
fugolini 2. I send an email to the list asking Release Events owner and attendees to
fugolini tell us about the problem they are facing in the organization etc.
fugolini 3. I'll send an email next thusday asking to have a confimation of the events, just to better know the place and the date
fugolini to start writing about event in FWN, Fedora Magazine, maybe in Fedora Announce (i need someone who is responsible for this)
fugolini and absolutely to start promoting this event. We have cool flyers with solar theme
fugolini and ... I think that's all for now
fugolini Any question?
spevack sounds good to me
spevack thank you for all your hard work on the release events
fabian_a +1
MrTom ok for me
ianweller vwbusguy-: high school junior
fugolini spevack: the hard work was done by all the contibutors
fugolini who are making it happens
vwbusguy- ianweller, ah, k
spevack ianweller: you'd better apply next year
fugolini ok, next topic:
fugolini 3. Membership status
fugolini As you can see we are experiencing the benefit of Ambassadors Policy updates
fugolini During the last weeks Joerg with the help of fabian_a keep the sponsoring process up to date
fugolini and that make me really happy.
fugolini We need people who are able to handle this job, and personally I have to say Thanks! to all the active Membership Administrators
spevack the work that joerg has been doing is excellent
fugolini spevack: +1
spevack and thanks to fabian_a for helping out
fugolini So, if nobody as something to say, we could be able to adjourn the meeting to next week
fugolini Once again I'm sorry not to be able to attend the last meeting, but I simply didn't hear the alarm
fugolini clock
spevack it's no probem francesco
fugolini Ok, so we can adjourn the meeting

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