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fugolini Let's start
fugolini Roll call please:
fugolini Francesco Ugolini
spevack Max Spevack
AndreasR Andreas Rau
fugolini mh...
AndreasR mmhh......
fugolini Just a minute
fugolini Ok, just go ahead
fugolini 1. Budget and Release Events status
fugolini We have just seen the Max email
AndreasR +1
fugolini and I don't want to take your time for only me and andreas
spevack one question
spevack for you francesco
spevack should i send email to all the release party owners asking for their paypal information?
fugolini spevack: i think for Q3 Release Events yes
spevack ok
fugolini but as treasurer you better than me know if it's the right time
spevack i'll take care of it
spevack thanks!
spevack EOF
fugolini spevack: you job it's really great
fugolini we can't live without you, i'm sure of it :)
AndreasR  :)
spevack well, we'll all have fun at FAD EMEA
spevack i am really looking forward to it.
fugolini absolutely
fugolini 2. FAmSCo elections
fugolini First of all my thanks to spevack for his meaningfull email
AndreasR +1
spevack your follow up was very nice also francesco
AndreasR +1
fugolini I think as FAmSCo, and i'll send an email to FAmSCo list soon, we have to work
fugolini with people to make nomination process a great one
AndreasR  !
fugolini trough Blog Posts, talking with ambassadors around us (see FAD EMEA )
fugolini AndreasR:
AndreasR should we go ahead sensible for the us-part... one week :)
AndreasR eof
fugolini moving one hour after the meeting?
fugolini ah
AndreasR  !
fugolini AndreasR:
fugolini ok
fugolini Last but not least 3. Local status
AndreasR no what I try to say is maybe we should wait a little.. because of the +++word is missing - the election
fugolini I asked LATAM to give us some updates on activities
AndreasR eof
fugolini AndreasR: we have 3/4 weeks, but yes, that's right
AndreasR  !
fugolini BTW, during the next week i'll try to contact APAC for more infos
fugolini AndreasR:
AndreasR max that's more in your direction ... I don't know the us-part.. is this such a topic
AndreasR eof
spevack what's the problem?
spevack er, what's the question?
AndreasR I don't know but some of my friends over there are a little burned due to the us president election
AndreasR eof
spevack are you talking about US folks not being here today?
spevack I think after the FAMSCo election, it will give us a chance to make sure everyone comes every week
spevack since we'll have new people
fugolini At the end: I just sent an email to ask for infos about LATAM, late this week or maybe the next one I'll contact APAC members to get information
fugolini for EMEA and NA we are well updated by the meeting summaries and logs they send every meeting
fugolini I hope to be able to make a summary of all the past year, collecting the goal we achived, the problem we solved, the problem we are facing and so on
fugolini and I think it's important to underline the Local groups initiative
fugolini I hope everyone in FAmSCo could work with me over it
spevack yes, happy to hel[p
fugolini Just it all
spevack i think it's a wonderful idea
fugolini during navigation who was in watch in the bridge has to give the next watching officer all the instrunctions and informations
fugolini that could help him steering the ship. I just took the idea from this clear example
fugolini I think, as I told you, there are still many missing points that require attention
fugolini and I'm sure there will be in the next FAmSCo agenda.
AndreasR  ?
fugolini AndreasR:
spevack fugolini: i like the ship metaphor
AndreasR I don't know if I understand you right.. is the question.. what can we do to give this to the next steering members
AndreasR eof
fugolini AndreasR: I just proposed to create a year FAmSCo report
AndreasR ahh, okay - thx
fugolini with all information that could help the next FAmSCo.
fugolini From my side that's all.
spevack fugolini: as always, thank you for your work.
fugolini We talked about RE, Elections and Localization
fugolini We were only 3 members, but quality ones :P
AndreasR  :)
fugolini if there isn't anything we can adjourn the meeting
AndreasR that's okay for me
spevack sounds good

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