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USB Stick Creation Kit

In many Fedora Events there is a need for a small place on the booth or on a table (if it is Fedora specific Event) where anyone can hand his USB stick to be turned into a Fedora USB bootable stick.

This page should be used as a guide at the beginning and could be evolved to manage a created KIT among Fedora Events. Maybe as a part of the Event Box.

Some implementation of the idea can be seen here [1], and here the components.

Check List

In order to setup such a corner the following are needed:

Component Cost (per unit) Assigned to
DVD with fedora live + liveusb-creator + ISOs 1 € (for the blank DVD) ???
A3 Posters: Fedora USB station poster + New Posters on 4 Foundations ~2 € each one Designing request exists here
USB Cable male type A to female type A (2 meters) 1.5 € no need of assignment
Patafix (useful to attach posters to wall or fix somewhere) Unknown no need of assignment
Stand-Up Sign Holder A3 factor (needs a hole for the USB cable...) Unknown no need of assignment
Total ~4€