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User location question


Rather than asking for the user's time zone, ask for their location. Location data could be initialized using something like GeoIP. Most users know their location, but not necessarily their correct time zone. We should be able to map their location to the appropriate time zone. This may involve work in system-config-date or tools beyond just anaconda, but most users will experience it first in anaconda.

Based on a request originally filed as [Bug #627478]. Last comment on the bug from Ray Strode:

  • "So what I meant in comment 12 was not that the answer that anaconda writes out to the question is wrong, but that the question is wrong. In order for the panel to get fixed to show the user's location by default, we need to ask the user what their location is. We, at the moment, only ask them their timezone, right? E.g., if I live in Boston, there's no Boston for me to pick in the list, correct? Basically, I'm saying before we could change this in the panel clock, we would need anaconda to ask the user where they are from in the same way the panel clock does. Then it would need to write it somewhere so we could pick it up (preferably in the system gconf database so it "just works" without any distro specific panel changes)


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