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Summary: page edits have begun starting 12/1/2008. The page will be real ugly in a wiki way for a bit as the ideas are developed.

todo need a list of short bullet points.

  • List areas of interest with links

RPM's Role

Anaconda's Role

Scripting installed packages.


  • Where to start
  • Alt keys before during and after installation.
  • anaconda-ks.cfg created after you install.

Configure Harddrives - %pre

  • Physical configuration.

Sample Linux Software RAID one, no spare drive box with LVM.

  • Logical idea of configuration via Anaconda.

Graphviz diagram of Linux Software RAID one and no spares with LVM.

Adding Packages

  • yum list > mypackage_list.txt

Adding Quick Configurations - %Post

Using Edited ks.cfg File in an install

  • show several colon syntax options

Next Steps