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Appendix E

User Contributed Scripts

  • build-fc - Add this script to your 'anaconda-9.2/scripts/' directory to allow easy creation of custom Fedora Core CDs.
  • update-rpms - copies the new/updated RPMs in /fedora/new/new to the installation area and moves the old RPMs to /fedora/olddir.
  • mkfedora-cd - Runs the following 6 scripts - thereby rebuilding the cd isos
  • Makefile.patch -- This patch modifies the Makefile to include the above custom scripts.

DVD scripts/patches

  • mkdvd - This script creates a DVD iso image.
  • %ATTACHURL%/dvd.patch Patch to update build-fc1 for DVD

Other scripts

  • Replace Red Hat - Bash script to global search/replace Red Hat with MyDistro - Script to replace all instances of Red Hat to MyDistro