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Anaconda Generic Patches

These are generic patches that weren't useful elsewhere.

Patch to let VNC installer share the Connection

Here is a patch that allows the VNC installer to be shared. Download this patch here: [[%ATTACHURL%/vnc-share.patch] [vnc-share.patch]

diff -urN anaconda-9.2.orig/anaconda anaconda-9.2/anaconda
<nop>--- anaconda-9.2.orig/anaconda   2003-09-25 15:05:13.000000000 -0700
+++ anaconda-9.2/anaconda   2004-01-30 10:53:21.000000000 -0800
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@
vncpid = os.fork()

if not vncpid:
-   args = [ root + "/usr/bin/Xvnc", ":1", "-nevershared",
]+   args = [ root + "/usr/bin/Xvnc", ":1",
]"-depth", "16", "-geometry", "800x600",
"IdleTimeout=0", "-auth", "/dev/null"
"DisconnectClients=false", "desktop=%s" % (desktopname,) 

Bash script to global search/replace Red Hat with MyDistro

Use this small script to search/replace all instances of Fedora

for i in <code> grep -r "Fedora" . | awk -F: '{print $1}' | grep -v "Binary file "</code>; do
sed 's/Fedora/MyDistro/g' < $i > $i.MyDistro && echo $i has changed

Check for all files with the .MyDistro extension (Use find -name '*.MyDistro' ) and verify that the changes are correct. There are a few instances of 'Fedora Core' too that you need to look out for. Once that is done, move the files back to the original name:

for n in <code>find -name '*.MyDistro'</code>  ; do
mv $n $(echo $n | sed 's/\.MyDistro//')

You probably want to search for "RedHat" too, especially if you haven't used the other patches to anaconda.

You should also rebuild the fedora-release rpm to change the name in /etc/redhat-release (/etc/fedora-release).

Do we need to change something so grub has the correct name?