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This page is used for reference only. A new root filesystem and instructions are available at AArch64 Foundation model Quick Start page.

The Foundation Model is an ARMv8 emulator made available by ARM Holdings, Inc. It is being used for initial bootstrapping of the Fedora AArch64 initiative.

System Requirements

  • CPU: A 64-bit x86_64 system (the model does not run on 32-bit systems). The Model will frequently use 100% of a single core (typically, either 100% or 0%).
  • Memory: 4GB plus the amount of memory assigned to the Model (e.g., if the Model is assigned 8 GB, the total memory allocated on the host is 12 GB; if the Model is assigned 4 GB RAM, the total memory allocated on the host is 8 GB)

Package Requirements

To install the Model on a stock Fedora system, some additional packages are required. These can be installed with this command:

sudo yum install xterm xorg-x11-fonts-{misc,100dpi,75dpi}* telnet bridge-utils

Running Multiple Models on One Host

On a typical multi-core x86_64 desktop system, the amount of available RAM is more of a limiting factor than the available CPU power. If you have sufficient RAM, it is reasonable to run up to (host_cores-1) models simultaneously.

Running the Model on a Laptop

Since the Foundation Model often runs cores at 100% CPU utilization, using the Model on a laptop may result in short battery life and a lot of heat.


As a rough yardstick, /proc/cpuinfo on the Foundation Model typically reports around 200 "bogomips". An x86_64 host will typically report 5500-6000 bogomips per core.