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Installing Fedora aarch64 with QEMU and libvirt

These steps will work on both x86 and aarch64 hardware. If running on actual aarch64 hardware, the virt-install commands should automatically request KVM for maximum performance.

Get the necessary bits

  • Grab the latest qemu-system-aarch64, libvirt, and virt-manager
  • Grab UEFI builds for QEMU and AARCH64: sudo dnf install edk2-aarch64

Installing F33 aarch64 from URL

  • This example uses the F33 aarch64 install tree. The virt-install command is:
 sudo virt-install \
   --name f33-aarch64 --ram 4096 --arch aarch64 \
   --boot uefi --disk size=8 \

Installing F33 aarch64 from CDROM

 sudo virt-install \
   --name f33-aarch64-cdrom --ram 4096 --arch aarch64 \
   --boot uefi --disk size=8 --os-variant fedora33 \
   --cdrom /var/lib/libvirt/images/Fedora-Server-dvd-aarch64-33-1.3.iso