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The Fedora ARM Koji build system.

Packaging for Fedora ARM

As part of setting up to be a package maintainer, you should have run fedora-packager-setup from the fedora-packager rpm. That will write secondary arch config files in ~/.koji. To kick off a build for a package you maintain, run:

arm-koji build dist-X "$(fedpkg giturl)"

where X is the branch you work with now - like f14, but user rawhide instead of master

To kick off a koji scratch build, run:

arm-koji build --scratch dist-f13 /path/to/srpm

You can change the dist tag to the dist you want to target.

There is also a separate Fedora ARM Koji Webinterface.

Common ARM Issues

Tracker Bugs

If excluding ARM architectures you need to make the bug block F-ExcludeArch-ARM

to see whats currently blocking visit Bugzilla

If a bug is specific to ARM architectures make the bug blocking ARMTracker

to see not yet resolved issues visit Bugzilla

The efforts for creating Fedora 14 on ARMv5 are tracked as Bug f14-armv5 which results in a nice overview of open bugs.